1. says

    Good lord what I wouldn’t give to be kissing that hot muscled sailor. Ugh, I need to go to the gym after seeing his shirtless picture hotness though.

  2. Tralfaz says

    Good catch Scott. That guy bugged the shit out of me a the Tony’s.

    And HELLLLLLOOOOOO SAILOR!!!!! Nice guns!

  3. Dan says

    What is up with that double-jointed weird pose? It looks dumb on the poster – and in person.

  4. says

    The ‘double joined weird pose’ is a voguer from the Federation of Ballroom Houses. Sounds like someone needs to go back & refresh himself w/ a certain Madonna video –

  5. Tom says

    Nothing like exploiting gay history to sell theatre tickets to a show that has nothing to do with it save for use of the word faggot.

  6. Derek says

    The “weird” pose is to show the participation of the house communities in this event-the joining of the two (muscle chelsea boys and houses) together in love……get it?

    That is a vogue pose and actually pretty cool. Wuuuuuurk! Do a little reading for yourself and these things might be clearer.

  7. legreencrayon says

    There is a lot of hate in this feed for a time that is supposed to be about coming together to be proud of queer life – in whatever shape, size or form.

    There is enough of that elsewhere.

  8. Paul R says

    Scott and Tralfaz, they made fun of that guy pretty viciously on The Soup last week. Here at first I thought he was the guy giving the peace sign behind the kissing sailor (top photo), but then I realized, no, he’s even more prominent.

  9. Kevin says

    Scott, Tralfaz … please, never ever distract my eyes from that sailor again. Thank you.

  10. says

    Quelle surprise, Towleroaders only can see the “hot” guy. The Voguer, on the other hand is some sort of “distraction from the “hot” guy. Please. You units are so predictable sometimes. Bet you the Voguer lives a much more pro-active LGBT life than the “hot” guy.

  11. astounded says

    Or it COULD be a clever reference to Eisenstadt’s famous VJ day in Times Square photo of the sailor kissing the nurse.

  12. Paul R says

    I don’t think there’s even the faintest doubt that it’s a reference to the sailor-nurse photo. If people didn’t catch that, well that’s just plain sad.

  13. nic says


    when i saw that photo, i immediately thought: sailor kissing nurse. end of WW2. it may have been impromptu, it may have been planned, or it may have been serendipitous. still, the double jointed arms of the smaller guy give me the willies. all in all, great picture.