Golden Retrievers Pant for Shiny Moncler Jackets


Cutest ad I've seen in a while, but probably the most expensive coat your dog would ever wear.

Moncleer2They're custom made for a Moncler campaign shot by Bruce Weber, which also features a self-portrait of Weber himself, along with his other fetish — a cadre of shirtless male models in a Sisyphean exercise.


The NYT's Cathy Horyn writes: "The shoot was done at Golden Beach, Florida, where Mr. Weber and his
partner Nan Bush have a home. As charming as the self-portrait is, with
Mr. Weber appearing to snooze amid the tools of his trade, I liked how
he incorporated his sense of play into the images. He had Moncler down
jackets made for his golden retrievers, and he had a giant ball made
from a bunch of coats, which some guys are seen pushing up a gravel
pile. At the same time, the absence of an overt fashion message is
interesting, and, of course, effective."


  1. Blurgle says

    If you’re going to try to sell down jackets, do you really want to send the message “so flimsy that they won’t warm up a thick-coated dog in Florida”?

  2. paul says

    I just want to say how lame it is that Towleroad is now censoring comments and posting controversial posts without a ‘Comments’ sections. Very right-wing.

    Apparently the Chastity Bono post got some negative response. SO WHAT! It doesn’t matter how vicious it is, ideas should be aired so they can be countered. I also don’t want to see this site complain about censorship ever again. Coffee Bean is banning Towleroad, but Towleroad is banning ideas it doesn’t agree with. HYPOCRISY! If you aren’t going to allow comments, than don’t post about Chastity Bono or transgender issues at all. Either that or stop complaining about other people censoring.

  3. says

    For over twenty years Bruce Weber has refused to shoot people of color. When all other forms of advertising have fully embraced diversity, the fashion industry STILL refuses to acknowledge the beauty of Color. The man went to BRAZIL (!) and didn’t manage to put any Blacks in his book!

    It’s people like the leering quasi pedophile Weber and ALL the editors at every fashion magazine who keep this crap up. I personally find it offensive every time I see some slathering over his hackneyed “work” The person who wrote the commentary about the photo shoot is really living in a NYC 7th avenue bubble of dumbass proportions.

    I am sorry for the rant, but, the continuing promotion of this racist , self hating, pig just burns me up!

  4. says

    Moncler was a hot “must-have” more than 2 seasons ago, it’s now shark-jumped after so many feeble copies by lesser labels and the over-exposure on backs of crass fashion victims.
    Unfortunately Moncler’s gone to the dogs..

  5. paul c says

    I don’t understand why someone would get fired up about Bruce Weber not photographing anyone of color. I’m not entirely up to date on what he does, though he seems to be sort of a one note johnny as far as I can tell…everything looks the same. So he loses relevance as an artist.

    Everyone and their mother has a camera, and they’re free to photograph whatever they like. Why would you get offended by one man’s personal taste, however redundant it’s become? If he’s only taking pictures of white frat boys, there’s a massive opportunity for other people to put their vision out there and photograph other types of people.

    If he owned the only camera in the world and wouldn’t share it, then I could see being irked. So go out and show him that you have something better in mind than what he does.

  6. jimmyboyo says

    Paul C

    My favorite Cheney psychophant

    You claim it is weber’s right to take what pictures he wants and others should just go take what pictures they want.

    Well, that covers your bitching about people bitching.

    If you don’t like it, then go start your own web site where you can wax poetic about the beauty of lily white skin 24/7 365 and only white skin.

    I hope you see the hypocrisy of your own post

  7. Paul R says

    Paul, can you explain what you’re talking about?

    Derek, I agree that Weber is tired and mostly shoots the same type of guy, but that awful series of “greeting cards” that Andy posted a few weeks ago did contain a few men of color. So he’s not entirely “refusing” to include them. He’s just, as you say, a repetitive, lecherous old closet case.

    BusyTimmy, his wife funded a lot of his early projects. I too was shocked to learn he has a wife, but it’s obviously a farce.

  8. paul c says

    Actually, no Jimmyboyo, I don’t see hypocrisy in my post…but I do see lots of feeblemindedness in yours. As usual.

    If anything you ever write starts to make sense to me, I’m afraid I may give up my will to live.

  9. Q says

    Paul R, I have to say that one lousy greeting card with Black twins on it does not make a case for Webber in the least.

    BTW, did you notice how the writing on that card was across their bodies while the cards with white models had the words carefully placed around them so that the view was unobstructed? Hmm…

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