1. Mo says

    God bless you Michael. You will live in our hearts forever, but like all great artists you were taken from us to soon. :(

  2. JeffNYC says

    Actually, some great artists live to ripe old ages.

    It’s nothing more than a silly romanticization of substance-abuse and mental-health issues to say “ALL great artists die young.”

    It’s just not true.

  3. maxx says

    the father seems like a piece of work and the rest of the family knows this. janet didn’t even address him once

  4. peterparker says

    I *cannot* understand the outpouring of sadness and grief over the death of Michael Jackson. He was accused multiple times of child molestation. He appeared on camera in a documentary holding the hand of an 11 or 12 year old child as though he was his boyfriend (that child later accused him of molestation). He admitted inviting pre-pubescent boys to share his bed with him. And he had another hallmark of a pedophile: he preferred the company of children to adults. Now, I know all the MIchael Jackson fans/apologists are going to come to his defense saying that Michael was “just eccentric”. So let me ask you: when was the last time you invited someone else’s pre-pubescent boy to share your bed? When was the last time you held hands with someone else’s pre-pubescent child? Liza Minelli is eccentric. Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

  5. Bobby says

    PeterParker, you’re clearly a victim of the sensational news outlets and rag mags. Nothing was EVER proven, that’s why Michael never went to jail. Michael was an easy target. The boy that accused him in the early 90’s is now saying he lied because his father asked him to. Michael should have NOT even been around those kids without other adults around, but I don’t believe for a second he molested them. He was a meal ticket for dishonest evil assholes who probably think as you do, say it and they’ll believe it.

  6. sonnie says

    @PETERPARKER, you are a heartless, insensitive soul. How can you type those words after seeing that video?? PLUS, Michael was accused, NEVER convicted!

  7. Wes says

    I never thought either of the two accusations made against him were credible, and there were countless people who vouched that he never did anything inappropriate. One man who knew him said he was such a good father, it made him ashamed. Everyone close to him seemed to echo this sentiment. He is probably one of the most tragic, mysterious and misunderstood figures in pop culture history.

    I remember watching the news every day during the that trial. They almost went to any lengths imaginable to bring this man down. They even created an awful exception just for him, which allowed “prior bad acts” to be admitted as evidence in court for an unrelated case, regardless of if you were ever actually charged with anything (which he wasn’t). So the DA brought all these disgruntled ex-employees and whatnot to come give their flimsy hearsay testimonies, and showed absolutely no interest in corroborating the accounts with people who were actually accused of being molested. For instance, the DA found one guy who suddenly remembered witnessing Macauly Culkin being molested by Michael Jackson, so immediately put him on the stand to testify. Shockingly, he didn’t even bother to attempt to contact Culkin himself, who had to actually come to court to defend himself and Jackson by stating, no, actually I was NOT molested. Jordy Chandler, who was the boy involved in the 93 accusation (made primarily by his parents btw, who he has now been estranged from for many years, probably because they used him for money), had the opportunity to come testify against Michael Jackson in 2005. He chose not to. I would think if someone who had been molested by Jackson finally had a chance to put him behind bars, and prevent anyone else from experiencing the same, they would.

    The entire ordeal was surreal and unprofessional to an amazing degree, but regardless of all the crazy allegations and paper-thin evidence they could dredge up, from every available source they could find after numerous raids of his property, he still came back with unanimous NOT GUILTY on all counts by all jury members. Remember, much of the previous accusations WERE finally aired in court in 2005. All the cards were put on the table, and to those who were actually required to examine the evidence, no convincing case could be made. If anything, taking a closer look at the evidence makes one realize how victimized Jackson has been in the entire ordeal.

    I understand why most people think he’s guilty. It seems almost a no-brainer. Obvious. Freaky weird guy obsessed with childhood and childish things, loves kids, gets accused, etc. So I get it. But most people don’t really bother to actually look closely into the accusations, because it DOES seem so obvious. And thats why Michael Jackson was accused in the first place IMO. He was the perfect target. No one would question an accusation against him. Extremely rich, extremely weird, obsessed with childish things. And yet countless children enjoyed his company, even remaining friends into adulthood, and always vouched that he was like just another kid to them hanging out. Trying to be normal in some way. Out of those many people he befriended, two ended up involved in accusations against him, both heavily driven by their parents, and both quite incredible upon closer examination.

    Good article on the 93 case:

    And this book is supposed to be a great account of the trial and circumstances surrounding it (although I have not read it yet), written by a journalist who was convinced of his guilt until she investigated and completely changed her mind:

  8. sonnie says

    Some people are born to be CRUEL. Even in the gay community. Such is the world we live in. You’d think we would know better. Coming down on Michael Jackson now, serves no purpose nor has it ever.

  9. chasmader says

    Michael Jackson did not deserve to die painlessly, at home.

    He was a sick, twisted child molester with a lot of money and fame to buy people off.

    Michael Jackson should have died in prison, where he belonged.

  10. Mark says

    Jamie Foxx ruined the whole thing by, again, talking too much. Just shut up and sing Jamie. It’s NOT about you.

  11. Brandon T says

    Anyone who has anything negative to say about this man at this time is truly an unhappy and negative individual. Find some joy in your life and maybe people will celebrate you when you pass on. Rest in Peace MJ!

  12. sparks says

    Right on Wes!
    (By the way, I’m unable to post using Firefox 3.0.11 – had to use IE)

  13. soulbrotha says

    Thanks jimmyboyo. One of the saddest stories I’ve read so far. If true, I hope the power players at AEG and the Nation of Islam get jail time.

  14. peterparker says

    @Bobby: I’m a licensed psychotherapist. As part of my training I worked for two years with sex offenders, specifically with adolescents who molested pre-pubescent children. I have clinical experience working with sexual predators and professional knowledge about the subject of child molestation. I am not a “victim of the sensational news outlets and rag mags”.

    Bobby, pedophiles engage in an activity called ‘grooming’ in order to gain the trust of the child, and the child’s parents, so the sexual abuse can begin. Grooming behaviors include taking potential victims on special outings, giving them gifts, showing lots of attention. Another way pedophiles groom their potential victims is by acquiring objects such as toys, video games, etc…that are age-inappropriate for the pedophile, but which a child would love and then inviting the child to use the object of interest. Now would be a great time for me to remind you that Michael Jackson built a giant amusement park and petting zoo on his estate (which he named “Neverland”–as in the place where little boys never grow up!) in order to entertain his child ‘friends’. He is shown in documentary footage taking a kid (who later accused him of molestation) on a shopping spree at FAO Schwartz. It is all behavior that strongly suggests Jackson was grooming these, and likely other, kids. And please don’t say “Well, he was rich. Taking the kid on a shopping spree was nothing to him.” There are loads of rich people in this world–many of them wealthier than Michael Jackson–but they don’t run around taking other people’s children on shopping sprees.

    Also, pedophiles target children who are vulnerable. The child in the documentary, the one who later accused Jackson of molestation had cancer when Jackson met him (Jackson paid for his medical treatment). During the time the sexual abuse allegedly took place, the child’s parents were going through an acrimonious divorce with the father unable to see the children because he had been charged with spousal abuse and child cruelty. If that’s not a vulnerable child, I don’t know what is.

    Regarding your statement “Nothing was EVER proven, that’s why Michael never went to jail.”: Yes, and O.J. was acquitted at trial which means he had nothing whatsoever to do with the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

    @Wes: No one “…created an awful exception just for (Jackson) which allowed ‘prior bad acts’ to be admitted as evidence in court…” California Evidence Code 1108 allows prosecution to demonstrate a pattern of behavior by introducing ‘prior bad acts’ as evidence only during trials for sex crimes. This was in place before the Jackson trial.

  15. Wes says

    “I had started my investigation convinced that Jackson was guilty. By the end, I no longer believed that.

    I could not find a single shred of evidence suggesting that Jackson had molested a child. But I found significant evidence demonstrating that most, if not all, of his accusers lacked credibility and were motivated primarily by money.”

    This has been precisely my experience. There IS a reason 12 white jurors from a conservative area unanimously found Jackson not guilty on all counts. When you actually examine the evidence, it becomes clear that not only are the accusations not credible, but they are clearly motivated by a desire for money.

    The Arvisos were laughably unbelievable in court. I remember they came out with an entire timeline of claims, and when it was shown to be impossible due to other circumstances, they simply changed it. They changed their story every day. The events, the timeline, everything. They added things as time went on. They were, by the end, more of a joke than Jackson seemed to be at the beginning.

    I’m actually glad in a way that it all went to trial in 2005, and that they put all their cards on the table. To me, it was closest Jackson ever came to being completely vindicated.

    Jackson did have an obsession with regaining his childhood, hence his obsession with the Peter Pan story and ‘Neverland’ theme park. But that is not evidence that he’s a child molester. We all know he was insane and a ‘freak.’ That does not make him guilty. When you examine the cases, the evidence is not there, aside from the circumstantial “oh he’s weird and likes kids” stuff.

    Has anyone here ever been accused of something they were innocent of, but everyone assumed they were guilty because of other circumstances and no one cared to look at the actual evidence? Its a truly awful feeling.

  16. Derrick from Philly says


    how common is it for the pedophile to want to “be a child” himself? Is that a rare type of pedophilia? In the accusations against Michael Jackson was there ever evidence that actual sexual contact took place between him and the boys? There have been great artist (Charlie Chaplin, Roman Polaski, Woody Allen) who have been denounced by many for their sexual attraction to underage people. Some have been punished, some haven’t. We may find their private behavior dispicable, but they are still admired for their artistry. And in Michael’s case, it seemed only Americans were concerned with his alledged “crimes”–and it wasn’t unanimous condmenation here.

    I hadn’t been a Michael Jackson fan since the 1970s, but I believe he was a genius and one of the most important artist of the 20th Century. If his family and fans mourn his passing then so be it.

  17. joren says

    Aside from comments about his father, I don’t get how anyone can sit and judge how the other members of the family are “emotional” or “unemotional”. Have YOU ever lost a close family member and then have to go on TV and make a statement? But then again, alot of people are heartless. My Dad died and I spent 24 hours getting home – arrived jetlagged and completely out of it emotionally – only to have someone that I “thought” was a close friend give me shit because I hadn’t called an ex about it before running to catch a plane.


  18. sonnie says

    NO amount of PSYCHO BABBLE CRAP is going to convince me that Michael Jackson was guilty of child molestation.

  19. mike says

    @PeterParker: you’re wrong, of course. It was generally commented on widely at the time of the 2005 trial that the judge made an unprecedented ruling that allowed the earlier accusations to be admitted as “evidence”, even though no crime was committed, Jackson was never arrested nor brought to trial and the original, alleged “victim” recanted. The earlier accusations were hearsay, which is NEVER permissible in court if they cannot be substantiated. Contrary to your erroneous statement, there was no “pattern”. Of course, you’ll regale us with your claims to be a “licensed psychotherapist”, which I will assume is your way of shutting off all arguments against your ridiculous comments because you are an AUTHORITY. I’m a licensed driver but I’m no authority on cars so, please, give all of us a break. Michael Jackson was not a pedophile and no amount of “authoritative” parsing will change that.

    @Wes: you got everything right.

  20. Matt says

    Whether or not Michael ever sexually molested these children, he was very inappropriate and creepy with them. It was still wrong. There are rumors on the net that Jordan Chandler, MJ’s first known victim, recanted, but I have yet to see any proof that he has actually recanted his story.

  21. peterparker says

    @ MIKE: First of all, my mentioning the fact that I am a licensed psychotherapist who has worked with sex offenders is NOT my way of shutting off argument. I’m simply establishing that I have formal training in the treatment of sex offenders who molested their victims as well as two years of experience treating that population. In addition to treating these clients, I was also part of a team that advised the courts regarding whether or not each client was rehabilitated and ready to end their probation. As a result of my training and experience, I have more knowledge of the issue than most mental health professionals and certainly more than the general population (who, I would assume, make up 99.99999% of the other people who post here on towleroad including you, Mike). Like any professional, I am simply stating my qualifications prior to offering my opinion. Anyone, including you, is free to disagree with me, but I would hope that you would have more to back up your argument than ‘gut feeling’.

    Regarding my comment to Wes: please go back and re-read it.

    Wes wrote: “They even created an awful exception just for him, which allowed “prior bad acts” to be admitted as evidence in court for an unrelated case, regardless of if you were ever actually charged with anything (which he wasn’t).”

    In my response I did not weigh in on whether or not the judge was correct to allow the evidence into court, nor did I describe a pattern of previous events on the part of Michael Jackson. I simply stated that no exception was created for Jackson because Evidence Code 1108 had already been on the books before the Jackson trial and that the wording of CA Evidence Code 1108 allows prosecutors in sex crime cases in California to introduce testimony regarding previous behavior as evidence in order to establish that a defendant has exhibited a pattern of criminal behavior prior to the offense for which they are being tried. In fact, CA Evidence Code 1008 was enacted in 1995, ten years prior to Jackson’s trial. It was upheld by the CA Supreme Court in 1999. The fairness of the law is debatable (it seems prejudicial and unfair to me), but the simple fact is that it was already in place and had been implemented in an earlier trial against a different defendant (and later unsuccessfully challenged) prior to Jackson’s trial.

  22. says

    I have to believe in life that people are innocent until proven guilty. Twice, major allegations were made. Twice, the state put out all the stops to bag themselves a celebrity. Twice, despite all their efforts, funds and tricks, they failed. It wasn’t for lack of effort.

    Now, obviously, Michael Jackson had some issues that were different from the experiences of many others. In many ways, that made him a great artist. In other ways, it made him a great target. I was never an especially great fan of his work, but his contributions to music and even equality (what African Americans were on MTV before Thriller?) are undeniable. I’m glad that it seems the PeterParkers of the world are the clear exception, because Michael Jackson should be remembered

  23. erinisgay says

    Jordy Chandler never recanted his story. It was done in a fake Twitter from one of Michael Jackson’s fans. What people will do to cover up for a pedophile. It’s disgusting.

  24. Mo says

    John Lennon, shot dead!
    Marvin Gay, again shot!
    Big Momma Cass, broken heart!
    I should mention Tupac, but then again most of the stuck up asses here probably think he got what he deserved.
    Oh for all of you bitter queens calling MJ a pedophile here is some food for thought, what do you think the age difference was between Michelangelo and David was?

  25. Tony says

    My last statement to these bitter old homos stills stands.The only sick people here is YOU.NOT Michael Jackson.

    I always wondered why there are any gay people who can be so damn rude,obnoxious,thoughtless,insensitive,douche-bag pricks.

    And all this time I thought str8 guys were the problem.

    I dont care how old any of you bitches are,you aint mature until you grow a brain and treat others the way you want to be treated.

  26. GregV says

    “Grooming behaviors include taking potential victims on special outings, giving them gifts, showing lots of attention…acquiring objects such as toys, video games, etc…which a child would love and then inviting the child to use the object of interest.”

    Peter, everything you just described would just as easily apply, for example, to tens of millions of beloved grandmothers across America. But a more “normal” seeming person, especially if female, gets a free pass.
    It is much easier for most people to jump to conclusions about an odd man with weird facial features, a skin disease, a childish voice and mannerisms and eccentric behaviors, whether or not that man’s intentions may be the same as those of millions of grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, church leaders, volunteers, etc. who do those same things.
    I can hardly think anything that would be more boring than spending 24 hours with a 10 year old playing with toys in the daytime and telling spooky stories and having pillow fights at night. Those things were fun for most of us when we were 10 years old with others of our own age. But the story of the typical adult was not Michael’s story and no one should jump to unsubstantiated conclusions.

    I recall a long drive one night during the accusations against him. I was switching channels on the radio and landed on one of those national shows hosted by one of the right wing nuts. The outraged callers were saying things like, “Throw him in jail forever! He doesn’t even deserve a trial; you just know he’s not right from the moment you even look at his weird nose!” I found it literally sickening. There was a total absence of compassion. The lack of ability of so many Americans to evaluate the facts objectively seemed like what I might expect in a backwoods village in Afghanistan or toward blacks in 1950’s Mississippi.
    He was a very strange person, of course, but it is not a crime to be strange.

    What kind of parent sends his or her children to a strange (in every sense of the word) adult’s house for days at a time unsupervised? Most responsible parents would not even think of doing so. When that strange adult is vulnerable to rumors and is well known to be one of the richest people in the world, it should be obvious to anyone that that there is not just one obvious conclusion.

  27. says

    I have a sort of inside information on this subject that I won’t elaborate on, other than to say that I have a friend who worked closely with Michael at Neverland. This friend was one of the nicest, most honest and trustworthy guys I’ve ever met. And he once told me that if he believed–even for one second–that Michael was guilty of those charges, he would have quit on the spot. Instead, he worked there for the better part of a decade.

    This friend is absolutely devestated by Michael’s death. My friend changed my perspective, and convinced me that the charges were baseless. It’s very interesting when you know details of a story long before it hits the press (like Lisa Marie), and get to see how it gets distorted in the gossip rags, later.

    I know this sounds like “friend of a friend” urban legend stuff. But for me it’s just one degree of separation. And I trust my friend.

  28. Yes I am Chris says

    May he rest in peace!


    Some of these comments are idiotic at best and you girls who are spewing these assinine comments can’t understand why heterosexuals think we’re fucked up?

  29. kaj pica says


    I am not a psycho-therapist, but a father of a child and reading the protocols of the attorney’s interview of Chandler I know this is real. Above – who would pay millions of hush-money to a family, if he would not be guilty!?

    Jackson was a pervert and a child molester and although I find his music great – for the sexual abuse of children he should rot in hell, just as the parents which behaved like pimps of their own children.


  30. Bach says

    I believe that Michael did NOT touch those kids in a sexual way. I suspect he was a castrato…look it up on-line. He did NOT go through PUBERTY and remained child like. NOW does it make sense. Castrati come out looking tall & lanky…sound familiar? This is because the hormone testosterone STOPS the LONG bones from growing, so in a Castrato there is LESS testosterone.

    And to Mr. Authority/Iknow pedophiles, DID YOU consider this possiblity??? It answers alot of questions. So google
    “Castration does it make a man taller”
    & Michael Jackson CASTRATO
    You might come up with a few answers.