1. Paul R says

    Wow, she’s not even being subtle. Basically echoing what Depak Chopra has been saying: Jackson has been a raging drug addict for years.

    Some of my best friends have been raging drug addicts, so I don’t take this point lightly.

  2. alguien says

    makes sense seeing as the death of judy garland, the stonewall riots and gay pride all fall within the same time.

    it’s been said that it was garland’s death and a depressed population of gay men who’d finally had enough that brought on the stonewall riots.

    regardless, it’s only right that liza would participate in the 40th anniversary proceedings.

  3. Yes I am Chris says

    UMMM Paul R while I don’t condone drug use at all. There is a difference between a pain killer and heroine.

    And personally FUCK all those idiots doing these interviews and throwing him to the wolves.


  4. Dairyqueen says

    Oh Liza. Stonewall happen only 40 years ago not 50. You would think she know when her Icon Mother died. I guess to many “spoons” @ Studio 54

  5. Paul R says

    Actually, Yes I Am Chris, there are substantiated reports that Jackson was using Oxycontin (known as “hillbilly heroin”), morphine, and Demerol. All three are powerful opiates—just like heroin. So, no, not much difference actually except Jackson had a coterie of doctors willing to supply him with the legal drugs…all supposedly because his hair caught fire shooting a Pepsi commercial 25 years ago, which is an unbelievable excuse.

    Has it occurred to you that his friends were extremely concerned, are now extremely upset, and hope that by being honest it discourages others from following his lead?

  6. wetcnt says

    @Yes I Am Chris and @ Paul R – It’s time we stop making glib moral judgments about what is at least a psychiatric condition, and for most addicts is an actual, measurable brain abnormality. Addiction is increasingly being shown to be a medical condition, not a failure of personal character. Take a look at the Addiction Project for more information:

  7. Paul R says

    @WetCnt, where was I being glib, exactly? I’ve suffered addiction, I’ve had tons of friends suffer addiction. I’ve watched the HBO series. I said, “I don’t take this point lightly.”

    I don’t blame Jackson for having an addiction, but he did have resources to deal with it that most addicts don’t have. If he was addicted to opiates, he should have gone on Suboxone (which blocks the effects of opiates) and hired doctors trained in treating addiction, not enablers who shot him up with whatever he wanted. He should have hired a dietitian to make sure he was eating properly. And he damn sure should have ridded himself of his leech family members and hangers-on who didn’t intervene because he was their meal ticket. The few people who tried to help him were dismissed.

    Some people call addiction a slow-motion suicide. I don’t think there’s any doubt that he was tired of living, and I don’t take any pleasure in that. He was anorexic, riddled by anxiety, and unable to think clearly. I would never be glib about that.

  8. Taradash says

    thats not her,.she was feeling sick and the guy from vegas who imidates her filled in

  9. says

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