1. Olive Yurdich says

    How about we gays get together and create a fund (kind of like CrimeStoppers) to pay for tips on the mistresses of two-faced hypocritical scumbags like this guy? With his outspokeness againt gay marriage, it’s only a matter of time before he is running to Argentina to visit his whore.

    Sanctitiy of marriage, my ass.

  2. rock says

    Allowing them to exist????
    Who the fuk is he, to even be allowed to say that??
    I am so over these right wing nuts who think they are more righteous and morally correct then anyone else.
    Lets stick these buttchunks in say…. a Muslim country and see how they get along! Maybe if they were part of a minority and had a religious organization targeting them they would have a little more insight, and compassion.
    This is why I can’t stand fu**ing religions of any kind..

  3. David in Houston says

    This homophobic bigot needs to be recalled. Senator Eichelberger needs to have someone explain to him that he represents ALL the citizens of Pennsylvania, not just the religious straight ones. I am sick of this crap going on in 2009. Enough already!

  4. Jon says

    So tired of this… if the comment were directed toward African-Americans, it would be ALL over the news, a retraction and formal apology would have already been made, and he likely would have been pressured into resigning.

    I’m weary of being the ‘n-word’ of the 21st Century. Equality NOW.

  5. mike says

    This ass-wipe will never apologize, so the only revenge is at the ballot-box (although I am very partial to Mike K’s suggestion and I volunteer). We just have to keep calling these bigots out and confronting them. Visibility and confrontation are our weapons. Keep the good fight going and let’s vote this SOB out-of-office next election.

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