Sam Worthington Shows His Muscle in Clash of the Titans


Anybody else have vague homoerotic memories of Harry Hamlin as Perseus  in Clash of the Titans in 1981?

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Now the remake is underway and these first shots of Terminator: Salvation's Sam Worthington's Perseus looks fairly drool-worthy though he's clad in a lot more armor. Said Worthington of the skirt: "We're trying to make it as manly as possible."



  1. John S. Hall says

    Like my fellow posters, I too have vivid memories of Mr. Hamlin and his scanty toga!

    In fact, after Wesley Eure, I think that Perseus/Harry was one of my stronger boyhood crushes.

    My older sister had cable before we did, and I remember CLASH being on HBO all the time. Happy memories… >:-D

    Cheers, JohnH

  2. Rad says

    I wanted to be Harry Hamlin when I was a kid. I wanted to do Harry Hamlin as an adult… especially after “Making love” came out.

    Maybe he can have a cameo…?

  3. nic says

    leave ir to CRISPY to bring up Bubo. hahaha. i’m with JIMMYBOYO on the armor shizz. and, RAD, i remember “Making Love”, but i was way more into Michael Ontkeane.

  4. Matt says

    “we’re trying to make it as manly as possible”? ugh why does accuracy have to take backseat to the fragile identity of the heterosexual male? Sick of it. The original Perseus was hotter.

  5. Ivana says

    Sam was cute in Terminator, but other than that, he does absolutely nothing for me. That being said, I’ll probably go see his movie anyway.

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