1. White Label says

    Thanks for posting this, Andy.

    Very relaxing. Makes me wish I could go scuba diving again.

  2. The Phoenix says

    OHM, that’s just breathtaking. It reminds me of when I went to the Andaman Sea.

  3. crispy says

    Dave, that flawless design is the result of millions of years of natural selection. If there’s a higher power, he fucked it up multiple times before he got it right.

  4. elizyum says

    why does there have to be a higher power to enjoy nature? it can be just as beautiful and amazing without something ethereal and spiritual creating it. i don’t understand.

    the sad part about this video is how we are decimating the oceans by pillaging them to feed us fish. there are some great movies out there, Darwin’s nightmare, SharkWater, End of Line if you want to learn about how we destroy our oceans.

  5. gr8guyca says

    Doesn’t the huge fish in the upper right corner sort of look like a
    747 or some other jumbo jet?

  6. Trace says

    This just put me in a great place.. so peaceful and beautiful! Lets not muck it up with theological and environmental arguments.. there are other places for that..

    Dave: The Ray, IMO, is the most amazing, graceful fish out there!

  7. says

    Beautiful and meditative. But the presence of whale sharks disturbs me. These majestic creatures are much too large to be held in captivity. I remember reading in Australia about this aquarium, and the huge controversy when they captured whale sharks for it. Conservationists were up in arms. There are enough opportunities in nature to see (and swim with) Whale Sharks in their natural ocean (Nigaloo Reef for one). My only hope is that the presence of Whale Sharks in such a beautiful aquarium in Japan will highlight to the Japanese the cruelty and unnecessary whaling trade.

  8. says

    Yes, quite odd that they have a whale shark. I didn’t think they lived long in captivity.

    I swam with one in Mozambique, it was just incredible. They’re so huge!