City Paper New York Blade Suspends Publication

Following yesterday's news that New York's nightlife local HX was sold to an undisclosed buyer, another casualty: the New York Blade has now suspended publication:

Blade "The Blade, a biweekly paper with a free circulation of 22,000, was left with an uncertain future. 'It
doesn’t have an issue scheduled until a week from Friday.' [CEO Matthew] Bank
said. 'There are a lot of things that can happen between now and then.' The
decision to suspend publication comes at a particularly active period
for journalism concerned with gay issues: the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the gay pride parade on Sunday, the proposed same-sex marriage bill in the State Senate and discontent over the Obama administration’s performance on gay-rights issues."

Added Bank: "Everyone was let go, but the people on The Blade know that they may come back if The Blade is coming back."


  1. Qjersey says

    The NY Blade hasn’t been worth reading since Bank bought it.

    As for HX, the streets of NYC are littered with former HX staffers that were screwed over by Bank.

  2. Julius Barr says

    I remember reading The Blade when it first came out and quickly determined the editor was a Log Cabin Republican and never touched the rag again.

  3. Will says

    Bank is a loser, and not just in the business sense. His business failed and I’m sick of hearnig all this spin. He had to sell HX, had to close the Blade (which wasn’t even fit for a bird cage) and next I’m sure we’ll hear all about the new and better gay expos that will be happening now that the already scheduled expos have been canceled.

  4. JTlvr says

    After months of dealing with late pay (for freelancers) or no pay and no health insurance (for most of the staff), the staff of HX were kicked out on their asses this week. No notice, no info, just “You’re not needed anymore.”

    HX needed a better Editor, the articles had gone from bad to unreadable, and Matthew Bank needs a better business plan. I’d say right now, he’s persona non grata on the NY gay scene.

  5. SFORiot says

    It is heartbreaking to know that David Unger and another one of the publications he’s touched has gone under. David Unger and Avalon Equity poisoned HX and the New York Blade. I am sorry that Unger and Avalon Equity ever came to town and ruined our community. Any loss to the LGBT community is just that, a community loss.

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