Dame Elizabeth A No-Show At Michael Jackson’s Funeral


Elizabeth Taylor, one of Michael Jackson's most famous and closest friends, will not be attending his Staples Center send-off today, apparently partly turned off by the "public whooplah" and partly unwilling to "share my grief with millions of others."


You can follow the legendary 77-year-old actress and philanthropist on Twitter. (Image from 1987's "Leave Me Alone," Jackson's sonic and visual rant against "whooplah.")


  1. Rad says

    Elizabeth Taylor sending out tweets…? No. This is just so… wrong. I can see some lackey Administrative Assistant intern, but not Liz.

    I can hear Liz saying “USE FULL GRAMMAR, YOU VAPID TRAMP!”, as is reflected in the post.

  2. Jack M says

    I think Liz is just in too poor a condition to attend, God bless her. And Miss Ross, you don’t get the kids, honey!

  3. Drew says

    I think the MJ memorial was in bad taste. It was more like the MTV awards. Liz and Diana made a good choice to stay away!