Fear of Outing Led to Murder of Sailor August Provost, Sister Says

A fellow sailor fearful of being outed shot gay Sailor August Provost multiple times and lit a fire to try and destroy the evidence, Provost's sister tells the Dallas Voice:

Provost "Rose Roy, of Beaumont, the sister of Provost’s father, said in a phone
interview Tuesday, July 14 that she’s 'not at liberty' to identify the
source who provided the information to the family. But Roy said the
source told the family Provost had a heated argument with the suspect a
week before his murder, and that the sailor now being held as a person
of interest by the Navy has a history of mental illness. 'This guy went the extra mile to make sure that my nephew would never
be able to speak about his [the killer’s] sexuality,' Roy said. 'My
nephew died for reasons other than what the military is saying.' Neither Provost’s other family members nor his partner, identified as
Kaether Cordero of Houston, could be reached for comment this week. Roy’s latest statements marked a departure from previous assertions by
her and other family members that Provost’s murder was an anti-gay hate
crime. Provost complained about being harassed because of his sexual
orientation in the months prior to his death, his family has said. Some
LGBT activists have speculated that Provost’s murder is tied to 'don’t
ask, don’t tell,' the ban on gay servicemembers that could have
deterred him from reporting the harassment to superiors."

Provost was buried last week and a vigil held near Camp Pendleton in his honor. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has called for a Congressional inquiry.


  1. xyz2 says

    Sorry Rose Roy, there is no interest in the death of your poor nephew. The attempt to seek answers to he’s untimely death matters not. Perhaps if he were cuter, a half naked gymnast, or ever Jim Carrey someone would here would care. No need to tell the story if no ones asked about it. Ta Ta Dear.

  2. sonofabutch says

    …just because not many have commented doesn’t mean they have not read the story or are not interested ….I read posts all the time and don’t comment…thanks for a wide range of news and events Andy…keep it up…!

  3. elg says

    “Perhaps if he were cuter, a half naked gymnast, or ever Jim Carrey someone would here would care.”

    You left out the MOST important reason for the lack of interest. He’s not WHITE.

    When I began reading your comment I thought you were going to be brave and go “there” but you didn’t. I decided to just call a spade a spade. So to speak.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    Nothing said on this thread should have offended anyone unless they are very SICK indeed. As for the mothers of ELG and Dupree. Their mothers obviously raised them to be clear thinking, brave, and honest enough to speak out. How did yours do?

  5. xyz2 says

    Hey guys, Its not what you say but sometime what you don’t! My point obviously hit a nerve as intended. To “Lateisha Green in Syracuse and Robert Hanna in D.C.” (My sincerest apology for missing your stories.) The universe blesses you and all the stories of the untold and invisible.

  6. Darian Zam says

    Part of the reason these types of things keep happening is because of the total apathy of the community to fight for rights, to challenge them. As exemplified here by purported lack of interest by Towleroad readers in stories covering hate crimes.
    What really amazes me is the complete lack of outrage or even any commentary in news reports on the Defense Provocation used that downgraded the sentences of the murderers of Leteisha Green and Tony Randolph Hunter to manslaughter. Now THAT is an outrage.

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