For What It’s Fort Worth


Via AfterElton: Above is a chart showing crimes committed in Forth Worth the same day as the alleged public drunkenness happening inside the Rainbow Lounge the day it was violently raided, including theft, assault, vandalism and burglary. Police Chief Jeff Halstead sure knows how to allocate his resources.


  1. Smokey says

    Um. If these all occurred the same day, then I’m sure they would have been reported and investigated by the police accordingly. It’s not like an entire police department becomes dysfunctional whenever a raid is planned. After all, only a small portion of the force is allocated to conduct a raid, with the remaining officers carrying on with their regular duties.

  2. Wheezy says

    @ SMOKEY,

    Even one officer is one too many to waste on hassling law-abiding folks. They need to stop wasting time, money, energy harassing law-abiding queers and go arrest *real* criminals.

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