1. says


    We know….we know….we know…

    Less talk and interveiws and more WORK and ACTION PLEASE

  2. jason says

    Dean was in a powerful position for years and yet failed to do anything about gay marriage rights. Now that he and the Democrats need our votes, they’re sucking up to us yet again. Go away, Howard. We’ve woken up to you and your ilk.

  3. Mike says

    I certainly appreciate the fact “it appears” the democrats are finally doing something – but how hard is this…. instead of a repeal, we are talking about a moratorium on DADT? And Harry Reid supports a permanent moratorium? Jesus! We aren’t talking about something which is a major controversy. The vast majority of Americans think the policy is a joke. My concern is if they don’t have the political will to do DADT how in the hell are they going to get the balls to tackle DOMA? The single payer fiasco is another example. Most people want it, but it is languishing. The DEMS need to stop trying to placate the right wing… the republicans aren’t going to give us any votes anyway.

  4. david ij iowa says

    Quit bitching!!! Yes the Dems and Howard are not moving as fast as we want. NO surprise there. Our President remained silent as numerous states moved toward full marriage equality. And I am still pissed off about the DOMA brief and DADT foot dragging.

    But it took the feminist movement 15 years to move the issue of rape away from sex and how a woman dressed to convince people rape is a crime of violence and humiliation.

    And there is H Dean doing more nice, almost kewl stuff….ahaha, getting tough to hate him. Altho his performance during the primaries was vile.

    What did Doris say, “Que sera sera”

  5. nate says

    Wasn’t Gillibrand previously denounced by some gay rights activists for not being a strong supporter? At the time, Gillibrand explained that her positions were governed by her conservative congressional district that had been traditionally Republican.

  6. says

    Seriously, I cannot believe some silly gays are still being so harsh on Gillibrand. She is a fantastic ally, and she is backing up her wonderful and important rhetoric with action. She’s better than Hillary Clinton was on this issue by a country mile.

  7. says

    @ WOLF: you’re too funny. Just what is it you think politicians do? They talk, that’s what they do, that’s how they generate support for their bills and get them turned into law.

    Did you miss your civics class last week?