1. A says

    Forget about the wax cover mannequin and his multimillion-dollar deal (You’re right, Wes)…what about the white headline that runs across his body:

    “Would You Really Be Okay if Your Kid Was Gay?”

    Responsible, Details…way to foreground your own thinly veiled self-loathing.

  2. DW says

    I”m sure lots of snarky comments will flood it, but I’m willing to admit he works harder than me, he’s better at what he does than I am, and he’s thinner, too! :) Well played, Seacrest.

  3. Buster says

    If you believe the rumors, this deal kind of nicely makes Todd Holland’s point in the very next article here. It pays to stay in the closet in Hollywood.

  4. johnny says

    Meh, whatever. I still say he’s easily the most annoying guy on TV now that Billy Mays is gone. Much like the tacky weathermen on local TV, you could easily run the info, graphics and voice-overs without the person on the screen and we would never miss them. Hmm, that’s 45 million saved, guys.

  5. Paul R says

    So it’s homophobic to call people out on their veiled homophobia—say, in their child rearing? That’s homophobic and self-loathing? Is there any way to use the word “gay” in media and not get shot down?

    Not that it matters, but that issue is at least six months old.

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