1. DaveFL says

    It does bother me that the Obama White House messes up on details – and did not reference her LGBT Activism.

    …and the Bush White House would have fared better? Would Billie Jean King or Harvey Milk even been so honored?

  2. brooklynite says

    Ummm.. it’s hardly getting “the facts wrong”, Billie Jean. Clearly they meant grand slam singles titles, which is the main statistic everyone measures in terms of tennis greatness. Doubles is nice, but it’s hardly an embarassing error.

    But of course Politico and Andy Towle look for every trivial opportunity to make the Obama White House look bad.

  3. Penetration says

    Billie Jean has done an immeasurable amount to help women edge closer to true equality in society – She was instrumental in pushing for more equitable pay for women in sports, and in pushing for opportunities for girls to play sports.

    However, she’s really not done anything significant in terms of LGBT activism. It would be disingenuous for the White House to highlight the nonexistent.

  4. says

    Thank U Brooklynite. It seems the Gay (male) media has found a new way to generate hits to websites and magazine sales, Obama Bashing. It’s the same w/FOX and every conservative outlet. There’s nothing wrong with it, this is business, however, it’s rather easy and the sign of a “hack”. Dan Savage has reinvented himself on the back of President Obama. He and others have tapped the MotherLode. The same one that Limbaugh and Beck have found.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    Most people only include singles titles, as Brooklynite points out.

    Billie Jean King was an accomplished doubles player (maybe the best doubles player of all time, though John McEnroe might have a word or 2 to say about that) and she takes pride in that. As does Martina Navratilova (who never did break Billie Jean King’s record of total Wimbeldon titles).

    And some would argue that John McEnroe was an even better doubles player than singles player. But doubles doen’t get the glory, singles does.

    But, again, the swipe at Andy is unnecessary.

  6. David B. 2 says

    again, journalism is about facts, awards are not.

    The Obama staff is referring to her excellence — in interviews with the journalists she has to set the record straight — the press has to have correct factual information. It may not have been her instinct to do this …. she just did not want to perpetuate the misinformation.

    She is a delight and I will claim her anyday!

  7. JT says

    Derek Washington : How would supposed “Obama-bashing” articles generate more readers for Towleroad? I would guess the majority of gay males are disappointed with Obama, and some disappointed enough where they just don’t even want to read the criticism. (Some gay blogs have just dropped the subject of Obama completely, rather than deal with what’s going on). I agree with you on a lot, and admire the work you do, but I think you’re wrong on this one. I think Towle is just finally being honest (or at least a little more honest than he’s been in the past).

  8. Paul R says

    Derek, I completely agree with you about Dan Savage. He’s always had a tendency to spout off without knowing all the facts, but I always enjoyed reading him. Lately, though, his Obama-bashing is egregious and seems to be written (often by his own admission) when he’s at bars.

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