Casting Call: The Real House-Gays of New York City?

Gayhousewives The producers behind Bravo's Real Housewives series are reportedly exploring a gay version of the show, scouting in New York:

"I'm looking for the hottest young, fabulous gay men NYC has to offer for an upcoming docu-series. These boys need to be living the good life, keeping up with all the hottest shopping, restaurants, and clubs, and preferably have lots of drama keeping them busy at all hours of the day…and night. I'd love for them to be in a relationship, and we're looking for diversity in those relationships – especially younger/older dynamics.

Do any of your friends fit this bill? We all know SOMEONE who needs to have their own TV show, right?"


  1. Dave says

    “These boys need to be living the good life, keeping up with all the hottest shopping, restaurants, and clubs, and preferably have lots of drama keeping them busy at all hours of the day…and night.”

    That sounds like my own personal hell.

  2. Adam says

    Gee, Andy (Cohen), thanks so much for doing all you do to make the gay community look so non-stereotyped. Queer Eye, Project Runway and now gays pretending to be married in a state where same-sex marriage isn’t legal. This show should be great!

  3. RJ says

    With the other RHO shows, they are mostly middle-aged women, but with the gay version the second adjective Bravo uses to describe potential castmates is “young”. Very classy and self-loathing Bravo.

  4. KB says

    Id hate everyone of these people Im sure. Heck, Id gaybash them myself. What about those of use who have relationships, work, friends and dont give a shit about being “fabulous?” Guess Im not ratings gold. F*ck You BRAVO

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    Thank GOD! I was biting my own tongue when I read that. I can proudly say I’ve never watched a single episode of the Housewives of Anyplace, but the blogosphere is ripe with the odor of assassinated characters from coast to coast.

    Props to all of you and I second that commotion.

    “Fuck you, Bravo!”

  6. Jonathan says

    To Adam: Your comment isn’t completely accurate. Gay marriages cannot be performed in NY State but they ARE recognized. You can file a joint NY State tax return if you are legally married in another jurisdiction and live in NY.

    As for the rest: Sounds like they are trying to build a program around the most vapid gay New Yorkers. Young guy, sugar daddy, shopping. YUCK!! I believe a certain amount of wildness would be necessary for this show to succeed and be accurate, (i.e., some partying, at least one couple in a somewhat open relationship, etc.). But what they’ve described is just hideous.

  7. Andalusian Dog says

    Oh dear.

    And here I thought that gay people have plenty of drama, what with all that, you know, election of the most left candidate in several decades who for some reason will not sign an executive order staying the termination of military personnel, and that ever-so-bothersome not-being-able-to-marry-the-person-I-love thing, and the rise in hate crimes, and the rise of HIV transmission amongst young people, and the fact that LGBT people can still legally be removed from their jobs in most states because ENDA has not yet passed been passed; not to mention those troubling issues that concern us all, gay or straight, like, oh, I don’t know, the fact that we are hurtling toward human annihilation with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the very real possibility that we will be destroyed either by natural disaster or the rising ocean levels because of carbon emissions…

    On the upside, Bravo is putting out a new “reality” show about gay men with “drama” wasting money on clothes and partying, and who just “NEED” that TV show…wait a minute. That ideas sounds like no reality I know. And I’m gay. Hm.

    People: get out your letter-writing pens:

    Bravo Viewer Relations
    3000 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 250
    Burbank, CA 91523

    Or to send an e-mail, go to:

    If you are not pissed, as gay men, by being co-opted in this way, there is something rather wrong with you. Get your head fixed. For those who wrote above: yes to everything you said.

  8. Matt says

    I sent off an e-mail to the production company last night as soon as I heard about this. I pleaded with them to reconsider plans to produce such a show. This can only make gays look bad at a time where we need to look NORMAL and be treated EQUALLY. I shudder to think at the ammo a show like this would give to marriage equality foes. This will do nothing but further reinforce ugly stereotypes.

    PLEASE guys, make a stink about this! You too, Andy! Write to Bravo & True Entertainment. Ask them not to produce this series. We can’t afford it!!

    Besides, I’m tired of these “reality” shows profiling & making stars out of awful, shallow people! Enough already! What happened to quality, well-written television?!

  9. says

    Reality TV gets all its energy from narcissistic delusional cast members behaving as inappropriately as possible.

    The more cringe-worthy, the better.

    So why are all of you bitching about how awful the show will be when that’s the whole point?

  10. Matt says


    Because at a time where gay men & women are battling for civil rights, showing “narcissistic delusional” gay men “behaving as inappropriately as possible” on national television isn’t going to do us any good. I think it can only fuel the arguments for the other side, making it harder for us to counter stereotypes.

    I know most reality television is terrible & that they profile some awful, awful people, but there’s something about this casting notice that struck a nerve. I would love ALL these shows to go away fast, but especially this one.

  11. Jon says

    Yea thats exactly what we need a group of young skinny superficial narcissistic pretentious fags showing off 4 the cameras on TV for millions to watch.

    This is why I DONT have a single TV in my house now.I dont watch it AT ALL.

    I watch everything on my computer rather it be online or on DVD.Frasier,Golden Girls,Designing Women,Roseanne,and documentaries on astronomy,meteorology,geography,and volcanology are what I watch now and thats what keeps me going.All this tired reality TV bullshit on that “idiot box” doesnt serve a purpose.

  12. Henry Holland says

    I grew up in the late 60’s/early 70’s reading anything I could find about gay life/gay men. I had this idealized vision of what life would be like when I came out and boy oh boy was I wrong. It was high school all over again: if you weren’t in the right clique, doing the clique-approved things, you were looked down upon something fierce. The fact that I hated female-sung dance music but loved AC/DC and Black Sabbath? Ruh roh….

    It was really depressing to find out how conformist and narrow and conservative the “gay scene” was and still is and the people this show are looking for are the perfect example of it.

  13. shan says

    I live in Baltimore not NY City. My partner and I have full time jobs, keep a nice house and have two dogs and two cats. We dont go out everynight and far from “fabulous”.

    We are not “boys”, we do live a good life but without “keeping up with all the hottest shopping, restaurants, and clubs, and preferably have lots of drama keeping them busy at all hours of the day…and night”.

    Bravo is certainly NOT doing us a favor.

  14. redbearded says

    Dear Bravo Execs,
    I will NEVER watch another show on your network if this show becomes a reality. I will grogram my remote to skip your channel entirely. It’s bad enough that you have a show about trashy women in New Jersey pretending to be high class. But do we really need a show about a bunch of vapid Chelsea queens wearing WAY too much foundation and their french bulldog accessories. BARF!

  15. Cameron Johnson says

    So trashy. So hilarious. It’s going to be, well… horrifying. But if it’s just a bunch of whiteboys giving a master class in vapidity, then I’d rather spend my time watching paint. Not watching paint dry, because of course, that paint would be doing something.

  16. Sargon Bighorn says

    This is fantastic. Shame on you all for tearing it apart. Here is our golden opportunity to watch “Newyorkus Gayeii” In the WILD. This rare and unusual creature that flits from place to place. Honest to Pete the chance for America to study this creature and learn can’t be passed up. I for one will be glued to my TV, taking notes.

    I’ve always wanted to see one in the wild but can’t afford to get the NYC just now. I’m hoping National Geographic will have an entire edition devoted to “Newyorkus Gayeii”.

  17. Martin says

    Good God! How boring!
    My life is real and real enough for my friends, family and myself.
    I dont’ need/watch that shit.

    Please produce “real colonoscopies”!!!

  18. Trog says

    The show could be a delicious guilty-pleasure. I hope they find the most superficial over-the-top messes around (plenty to chose from!).

    But seriously: It’s dangerous to believe that we as a community must put forth a unified, homogenous front of “normalcy” in order to be accepted.

    No one is stating that “Desperate Housewives” or “Rock of Love” represents all heterosexual Americans. Why can’t we be trashy too.

    Get over the relentless conformity; you sound like a bunch of nazi nellies!

  19. says

    Great, an A-List fag show.

    Uh, I actually really like The Real Housewives of ATL.

    Maybe they should do a version of that? “The Real Fab Queens of The ATL.”

    At least there would be a little color and probably someone with some meat on their bones.

    I’m jes sayin’.

  20. says

    Why exactly do they have to be young/old relationships? Can’t they show an actual mix of relationships for Pete’s sake!? Way to affirm another stereotype that older gay men are only after young boys. Grrr.

    And don’t get me started on the “hot shopping”. *Stomps off* Glad I don’t watch that Real Housewives crap.

  21. robert says

    Just what we need in this time of trying to achieve Marriage Equality and broader acceptance, a show about silly, superficial queens parading in front of the cameras for all the world to see. Don’t answer this ridiculous call people. We don’t need a show that depicts us as self involved empty headed fairies.Enough already! If such a show comes to be produced don’t watch it!

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