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Sam the Australian brushfire poster boy Koala has died.



Uncle Donald's Castro Street, one of the best sites for archival SF Castro 70's material and history, has just added a gallery on photographer Efren Ramirez.


Guess who's filling in for Paula Abdul on American Idol?


Gay cop settles harassment suit with Millville, NJ for $415,000: "As part of the deal, Robert Colle has resigned from the Millville police force. He had been on leave since August 2007. Colle sued in October 2007, claiming he was ridiculed by the man who was then chief and other officers because he's gay."


Empire State Pride Agenda endorses Christine Quinn for City Council re-election.


Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal hit with DoS attacks.


Could next British PM be gay? "The formation of British governments and their dissolutions is
something few Americans understand, but there is growing buzz in the
press that Peter Mandelson, the openly gay First Secretary of State in
the Labor Party government of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, may
be positioning himself to take the top job should the increasingly
unpopular Brown step down before the next national election."


Tiger Woods fart-gate scandal explained.


True Blood stars getting married.



Ben Tousley, the graphic designer behind the band Grizzly Bear, talks shop (warning – site possibly nsfw).


Gay Florida sheriff's deputy accused of preying on illegal immigrants: "Jonathan Bleiweiss, 29, allegedly targeted the
immigrants because they were afraid to go to the police, the South
Florida Sun-Sentinel said, citing the records released Tuesday. Authorities
say he scared at least eight different men he pulled over during
traffic stops into performing sex acts with him, and demanded their
phone numbers and contact information."


Brendan Tapley: Hate crimes, and the coming masculinity.


British photographer Matthew Lewis takes his own life.


Hillary Clinton offered 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea Clinton's hand in marriage.



Sam Worthington worthy of Esquire's September cover.


Police investigating hate crime in Seattle: "The first victim suffered two black eyes, a laceration to the bridge of
the nose, and a bruise on his lower back from his right kidney area to
his hip. The second victim was listed as having sustained a deep
contusion to his chest. The victims were able to provide partial
descriptions of the three men and two women."


Stay in the lines: a Grey Gardens coloring book.


Bill Clinton used "vast web of financial and political contacts" to secure release of journalists from North Korea: "In the case of the detainees, Clinton tapped wealthy business people to
execute a mission that, without a special federal waiver for the
aircraft to travel to North Korea, would have been illegal."


Gay ex-Mormon is Paris Hilton's new BFF.


REPORT: Gay man assaulted at abortion clinic in Akron, Ohio. "Charles Wright, a 50-year-old gay man and former vice-president of
Cleveland’s National Organization for Women, regularly escorts women
into the Akron Women’s Medical Group, along with his partner, Tom Reke.
Women seeking care are often confronted by hostile right-wing
protesters opposed to a women’s right to choose. But on July 18, things became violent when Wright was physically
assaulted by one of the right-wingers, who broke six of Wright’s ribs.
The assailant, whose name is unknown, is a member of the extreme-right
religious group Jericho Riders Motorcycle Ministry, which regularly
preaches homophobic and anti-women rhetoric."


  1. NYCGuy says

    Sam the Koala was actually a girl. That is a sad end to such a sad story. I had actually thought of that picture with the firefighter a couple of days ago. Poor little thing.

  2. Dave says

    Interesting. A gay man escorting women to an abortion clinic. I’m gay, not a christian, and not particularly pro-life. But, I think the gay community really needs to rethink their position on abortion. Do some research on planned parenthood. It was founded to give women a choice. It was founded to by Margaret Sanger and a few other social conservatives to ensure that undesirables were limited in their ability to populate the country.

    Currently, that means minorities of a different skin color or economic status. But would it be that big of a stretch, if genetic markers for homosexuality are identified, to use abortion as a way to exterminate gay men and women? It all depends on which groups are in charge of the government.

    I also have to wonder if it serves our interests for those who desire to have families. Two of my very dear friends adopted a brother and sister 2 years a part. The mother made some mistakes, yes. But the resulting beautiful multiracial family with two dads speaks volumes about our ability to pursue positive change in our communities.

    Just as stated in the article, the same people who stand in front of those clinics preaching are also vehemently anti-homosexual. Its not too much of a stretch to imagine them changing their mind about abortion if it can eliminate another scourge in their eyes from the planet.

  3. THC says

    The Empire State Pride Agenda should reflect on their endorsement. The problems they are focused on in Albany are the results of years of smoke-filled room politcal complacincy. Christine Quinn threw away the term limits and should not be rewarded with another term. Just becuase she happens to be lesbian, does not make her a champion of LGBT causes. One needs just look at the party favored council staff to see the problem politics as usual brings.

  4. 24play says

    I am generally a fan of ESPA, but I must condemn their endorsement of Christine “Bloomberg’s Buttplug” Quinn.

    Since becoming speaker, Quinn has done nothing but repudiate the progressive ideals that she had previously at least paid lip service to.

    • She signed off on the NYPD’s revised permit regulations that make it illegal now for more than a few New Yorkers to assemble without a permit.
    • She presided over a City Council which took a longstanding, secret slush fund and not only dramatically increased its funding but got creative and made up fake names for nonexistent community groups—in a desperate effort to hide the fact that they were squirreling millions and millions of taxpayer dollars away to be doled out at councilmembers’ sole discretion.
    • And finally, she predictably dropped her longstanding opposition to a repeal of term limits (a law with which I do not agree, but which was affirmed by NYC voters twice) when she herself was about to be term-limited out of the council and saw a golden opportunity both to steal herself another 4 years in office and crawl the rest of the way up Mayor Bloomberg’s ass.

    Chris Quinn needs to be shown the door. No progressive New Yorker should ever give her another vote.

  5. says

    “But would it be that big of a stretch, if genetic markers for homosexuality are identified, to use abortion as a way to exterminate gay men and women?”

    I’m having a difficult time understanding your comment exactly, Dave–you seem to be taking several positions at once–but are we supposed to “rethink” our position on abortion because at some future time genetic markers for homosexuality MAY be identified and some bigots MAY use abortion as a means to avoid having a gay child? Actually that does seem like rather a big stretch and not a valid justification for depriving the women of today of the right to choose whether or not they have a child. I’m not sure how abortion could be used to “ensure that undesirables were limited in their ability to populate the country” unless women were forced to have abortions against their will, which is hardly the case now. (In fact it’s becoming more and more difficult for low income women to have access to abortion in this country.)

    As far as I know there is no one position on abortion in the gay community. Some gay people are anti-abortion. When I’ve stuffed envelopes for and contributed to Planned Parenthood I’ve done so because I believe in their work. It has little to do with the fact I’m gay. These guys were simply doing something they believe in and were targeted by religious fanatics who want control over both women’s lives and our lives.

  6. says

    Dave has apoint about Sanger and abortion. Abortion “rights” were origianlly a by product of Eugenics theories. You know what that means according to the classic disco anthem “There but for the grace of God” don’t you? “A place with no Blacks, no Jews, no Gays…”

    Btw, I’m beginning to understand that there are NO Gay actors you can perform the “Daily Beat Off” to, but really, are their NO actors of color you find even remotely worthy of these posts? Or, maybe for that”model of the week” thing you do? Any?


  7. Joseph says

    Tried to send you a tip, but it timed out so I don’t know if you got it or not. Anyway, the Fish/Kyle kiss occurred on One Life to Live today and not only was it terrific (if brief) but the drama leading up to the kiss was truly gripping television, marvelously written and acted by Scott Evans and Brett Claywell. Here’s the video:

  8. PM says

    It would be great for Mandelson to get the PM role, though more for the history books than for his politics (I can’t say I associate him with any agenda beyond obtaining power).

  9. David C says

    “Wright was physically assaulted by … a member of the extreme-right religious group Jericho Riders Motorcycle Ministry.”

    What’s the big deal?

    If you don’t believe in assaulting abortion clinic escorts, then don’t assault one!

  10. DaveB says

    Do any of you know anything about Peter Mandelson — the cabinet minister who, somehow, rather conveniently didn’t realize that someone else was paying his mortgage for him? The man is a sleazy, power-mad low-life. Hardly the front person that the gay community needs. Anyways, the UK has already had a gay Prime Minister (several, actually) so it’s not like it would be a first.

  11. what says

    @ Dave, I’m sure you mean well but I don’t give a fuck about what “serves our interests”, in this regard. See, I’m principled and I believe that women (like any other individual) have the rights to their own bodies. It has nothing to do with what others want or what serves their agendas. This is a personal matter. It seems US citizens are obsessed with issues that have nothing to do with them… and I say this as a US citizen.

  12. JT says

    I’m pro-Choice (legally), but anti-abortion (emotionally) , which is, I think, the position of most Americans. But I think the Ernie guy is correct- I don’t think there’s any one position on abortion in the gay/lesbian communities.

  13. David C says

    What: “I’m principled and I believe that women (like any other individual) have the rights to their own bodies. … It seems US citizens are obsessed with issues that have nothing to do with them.”

    The problem with this, uh, What, is that those citizens you accuse of not minding their own business also believe in the right of a human being to this own body. In their case they are concerned with that right being respected for children in the womb.

    Asshat pro-choicers like you do your cause no good by completely ignoring the entire point of the opposition.

  14. says

    “Asshat pro-choicers like you do your cause no good by completely ignoring the entire point of the opposition.

    Posted by: David C | Aug 7, 2009 8:19:21 PM”

    David, your post simply reinforces what you say about the other side.

    Btw, I’ve taken two women to get abortions. Please no that they both hated what they had done. They really didn’t see another option for themselves. I’m positive neither of them ever got themselves into that situation again and regret it to this day. Having said that, I would never remove the right of a woman to decide what to do with HER body. If what they do is a sin, God will handle it later.

  15. Dave says

    Interesting comments above…..

    Some people seem to have forgotten that us gays have been accused of having an agenda and recruiting children for years. If the right people were to find themselves in positions of political influence, it isn’t too far a stretch to imagine a line of decision making progressing towards the abortion of fetuses with gay genetic markers. There is enough evidence in history to justify this is a plausible situation. I guess no one thought the Taliban would be running portions of the Middle East either.

    In my comment, i never said a woman didn’t have a right to choose. The moment intercourse is begun, a choice has been made. If you aren’t using available birth control, what other outcome do you expect besides the possibility of actual conception?

    Here is something to think about. In some places, if a child in the womb is killed during the act of a crime, the person committing that crime can be charged with murder. Why is that? Why is it ok to have an abortion and end a life but not ok to kill a fetus during a criminal act?
    I don’t think it makes a lot of sense but some people will argue that its different in some manner because of circumstances.

    I only took one position. Abortion is not birth control nor should it be used to cleanse the population of people others find undesirable. It comes back to the rule of unintended consequences. The permitting of abortion could one day allow those who so desire to eliminate people with many different and unwanted traits. Homosexuality could easily be among them.

    We have already seen the right wingers say gay marriage should not be permitted because the whole purpose of marriage is procreation. Its a weak argument but only so long as no one makes a law supporting such a scenario. I think everyone understands there are more idiotic laws than that on the books.

    We are living in strange times. The very social fabric of this country teeters back and forth on a balance while we watch and hope that the right side will win out. But, there is no guarantee. A political party desiring dominance will not hesitate to grab onto what ever issue they can to galvanize the most voters for their agenda. We scoff at places like China and the one child rule along with other human rights violations, but our record on such issues is not without tarnish.

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