Is This What Sarah Palin Resigned to Take On?


Australians plan mass slaughter of camels in the outback, via helicopter:

"Government officials plan to wipe out 650,000 of the feral population in the remote Outback area of the country.

The creatures were first introduced to Australia in the 1840s to help explorers travel through the Australian desert.

There are now about one million camels roaming the country. Besides sending in sharpshooters in helicopters and on foot, officials are planning to turn many of the creatures into camel burgers and other treats."

And regarding Palin, it's been rumored she's been looking for real estate in the Hamptons.


  1. says

    I had camel meat in Cairo and it really wasn’t half-bad at all.
    As for Palin buying into the Hamptons… East, South, whatever… just as long as it’s not Bridge!

  2. says

    I find this kind of sad. I’m sure, since camels aren’t naturally a part of Australia, they’ve had some bad environmental and ecological impacts…… but killing 650,000 for being in the wrong place at the wrong time seems a bit harsh. i guess it’s probably necessary…

  3. Bryan says

    The only thing more ridiculous than Palin herself is journalists who just can’t let go of her.

  4. Andrew W says

    While looking at this story an Ad for “Genuine Steaks” from WalMart was playing. Funny. I’m sure it was beef. Well, kinda sure.

  5. richard s says

    I live near Valley Forge Pa. we have a serious deer problem. The only real problem is hitting them as they are dumb as shit and very tame, as they never get shot at.I love animals as much as other people but sometimes you need to draw the line. I feel terrible if I hit any animal. Even a squirrel. These camels are Kudzu environmentally speaking I’m sure. Good luck we haven’t had any.

  6. says

    This is totally unnecessary. Most of the camels are located in remote areas of the outback… why not use the money to restructure homes and water sources to prevent further damage, and then take some responsibility for bringing the animals to your country in the first place?

  7. Paul (Aus) says

    “Most of the camels are located in remote areas of the outback” So what, does that means they’re doing less environmental damage? Hardly!

    They destroy the habitat of endangered native animals, and like all feral and non-indigenous animals us dumbass Europeans have introduced into Australia should be eradicated. Now onto the pigs, goats, dogs, cats and those fucking cane toads…

  8. says

    Message from the resident Queer Aussie Entomologist:

    Camels are one of the least destructive of Australia’s feral animals, but they still do untold damage to our flora and fauna. True, since they’re a desert animal and Oz is largely desert, their feet don’t tear up the plantlife like those of feral goats, pigs and buffalo, but they do an excellent job of out-competing native animals (particularly kangaroo, wallaby and emu) out of resources- especially water.

    They need to be removed. Then maybe we can start to tackle the Unholy Trinity of Aussie Ferals- Cane Toads, Rabbits and Cats…