Levi Johnston Fine with Being a Gay Pin-up Boy

Said Johnston: "I think it's great man, um, I like my fans. Just another person." When Cohen asked Johnston if there were any gays in Wasilla, Johnston responded, "Oh yeah. We got gays in Wasilla, Anchorage, they're all up here."


  1. Adam says

    Did you see how big Levi’s eyes got as Andy asked that question? LOL!

    Can’t stand Andy….

  2. William says

    The notion that “the gays” (infering that it’s a huge movement, trend or percentage) are fawning over Levi (who is a dime a dozen and NOT that cute or interesting), or Zac Efron, or whomever is irritating and juvenile. Whether it be Andy Cohen or towlerod saying it, it simply isn’t true and continues to perpetuate the stereotype (fear?) that all straight guys are lusted after by “the gays.” Frankly, you give these straight guys too much credit, and “the gays” that you speak for, not enough credit. Plus, last night Andy must have slammed down the bourdon + ginger ale more than usual. It was embaressing fo all.

  3. Wes says

    Actually, I think its helpful to have a straight, hunting, country boy like this talking to clearly gay men and speaking directly about his comfort with being found attractive by them.

    It shows that you don’t have to fly off the handle into gay-panic to prove your masculinity or heterosexuality. I’ve read that Levi has had his homophobia issues, like most straight men, but I see his evolution as a positive thing.

  4. says

    Come on…

    He spent a week with Kathy Griffin… If he was homophobic after that experience, there would be no hope for the gay world.

    As a pawn in Palin’s political playbook, he seems to be holding up pretty strongly. Seems like a good kid caught in a battle that he didn’t want to be apart of.

  5. Wes says

    Regardless, I think it sets a good example for fellow average heterosexual male rural types.

    You don’t always have to counter homosexuality with homophobia to retain your manhood.

  6. cd says

    at least he didn’t talk about having Andy Cohen’s “jewish babies.” He’s very cocky, i thought he would say they couldn’t afford to see him nude cause he charges by inch.

  7. paul c says

    The person who thinks he’s so sophisticated and worldly shows that he’s really the ignorant one with questions like “Do you have gays in Wasilla?” and “Do you have Jews in Wasilla?”.

    It reminds me of when white people ask black people “Can I touch your hair?” or when straights ask gays “Who is the man and who is the woman?”.

  8. Wes says

    Paul C, I agree that those questions from Andy were very condescending, but I saw nothing wrong in any of Johnston’s answers.

  9. JonJon says

    He’s cute and innocent and a redneck. He better get those photos fast, cause with all his beer consumption, he’s gonna shortly have a fan club limited to chubby-chasers. Hunting is not exactly a fabulous weight control sport.

  10. RJ says

    I love the quick look of shock and fear at the question.

    The questions about nudity scared him too.

  11. JT says

    Paul C. : You’re right. Again we see how people in other states are so much more sophisticaed than those in Manhattan. The whole country has undergone a role-reversal.

  12. sd619guy says

    Andy is a hottie but can be annoying. Did you see Andy’s package…WOOF!!!
    Levi is a fame whore…good luck with that!!

  13. Alex says

    “Dumb is not hot.”

    Neither is assuming because someone is from Alaska, likes hunting and doesn’t want to go to college (and has an accent) means they are dumb. What the hell do you know about him? You’re a dick.

  14. Wes says

    “Again we see how people in other states are so much more sophisticaed than those in Manhattan. The whole country has undergone a role-reversal.”

    How about we not generalize either group?

  15. JT says

    I just meant generally-speaking, Wes. And that only from my own experiences with both. I understand what you mean, though.

  16. JT says

    Alex : You’re yelling at Christopher M. without knowing if he meant “dumb” to describe Levi or Andy Cohen!

  17. g says

    I like this kid. I hope he does well, but he needs to be careful and have good people around him.

  18. Beef and Fur says

    Oh jesus. Just come to my town. Stop at any 7-11. These dumb rednecks are the norm around here. Take your pick. Maybe after a few beers they will let you blow them and not get a beat down afterward.

  19. says

    yes Andy, lgbt folks exist in the trenches of rural America, fighting the good fight every day of our lives

    maybe he meant well by that question, but he came off as more obtuse than Levi at that moment… made me cringe a bit

  20. says

    Andy Cohen and Levi Johnston had a conversation and I listened to it.

    Last week, I clicked a button on my Tivo that said, “OK, change the channel at 3:04 AM.”

    I cannot decide which of these two things is more pathetic.

  21. Ray says

    Andy, can we please stop posting about that idiot Bravo exec Andy Cohen. He must be the most annoying pseudo-celebrity since Paris Hilton. Seriously, he thinks he is witty and funny, while in reality, he’s obnoxious and annoying. God knows how he landed that job at Bravo–I love the fact that as the programming exec, he is now stuffing his banal talk shown down the viewers’ throats.

  22. andrew says

    i liked andy towles question… and levis response…

    but i thought andy cohen just kept asking several awkward questions… and i thought it looked like levi ended up feeling more uncomfortable about that interview than his mdeia blitz with kathy griffen… lol

    i know its only a 30 minute show, and andy c is new to this live format… im waiting for him to get a little more polished.

  23. says

    He’s simple … but I’m glad he gave a somewhat dignified response… Even though he’s still probably not a fan of the gays.

  24. ladybug says

    i think he’s a sweet young man, trying to behave himself and ride out his 15 minutes. i bet he’s a great lay. the best part of the interview was hearing him say “my pleasure.”

  25. Chitown Kev says

    Levi came off pretty good in this interview, esp. when compared to Andy Cohen. Cohen was not only condescending but he came off as stupid.

  26. bud says

    Levi is very likable. There is an honesty and vulnerability that is almost charming. The interviewer is an embarrassment; he comes off as ignorant, snide and stereotypical.

  27. willie says

    God I despise Andy Cohen… and his type of pretensious gay kind. The worst.

    What a repulsive man. His display during this interview was really really childish and vapid.

    It is really sad that this man has become a force — and no surprise that Andy and he are buds.

    UGG …

    Obnoxious monied pretensious gay men like this idiot are NOT gay culture they just want to control it… they are not any more gay culture than Rappers represent Black Culture. They are just what corporate America wants to sell. The vapid low end base.

    Did I mention I can not stand Andy Cohen.
    To have to be in his company seems like hell – poor Levi – who did real well.

  28. willie says

    WES how about we DO generalize and realize this young man frow Wasilla is much cooler than well balance than that pretensious fool Andy Cohen.

    He is a fool.

  29. Let'sFaceIt says

    I think Levi put that over-cologned creep in his place. (Anybody named Cohen should know you don’t mess with a guy with an Old Testament name).

  30. Liberace's Love Child says

    I’m enjoying this ritual humiliation of the dumb, homophobic, redneck straight boy as much as the next gay–I mean guy–but I wonder where it will take Levi in the long run?

    He has no education to speak of and is unlikely to set the modeling world afire. I doubt his shelf life as a gay pinup boy would last long, after the novelty wore off (i.e., after everyone gets used to seeing Levi’s johnson).

    I think Kathy and the rest are just exploiting a naive, lazy boy who sees quick, easy cash in front of his face. Or maybe he can find a ninety-year-old sugar daddy/mommy like Anna Nicole, who will set him up for life? Kathy is a bit young for that role, how about Joan Rivers?

  31. says

    Why should this kid get any publicity at all? Big deal, he was Sara Palin’s almost son-in-law. Does he have anything important to say?

  32. Chitown Kev says

    @Liberace’s Love Child-

    I just had a horrible thought.

    Sarah Palin herself as Levi’s sugar mamma, in true Jerry Springer fashion.

  33. Drew says

    I really like him, but he seemingly has very little sense of humour or is so nervous it doesn’t come out…? In any case, he’s ‘all the way up in Alaska’ and unless he moves to the 48 contiguous states, his 15 minutes are almost up.

  34. Liberace's Love Child says

    Chitown Kev,

    I think there is a lot of sexual chemistry between Sarah and Levi, it’s like Sandra Bullock and her studmuffin in The Proposal. And he obviously just knocked up Bristol to get to Sarah. And what do we think these “marital troubles” between Sarah and Todd are about, anyway? Why, her hots for Levi obviously! Sarah’s a cougar, roawrrrr!!!

  35. nic says

    let’s take him at his word. if he has no problem with gay men, why should we have a problem with him?

  36. ian says

    “Again we see how people in other states are so much more sophisticaed than those in Manhattan. The whole country has undergone a role-reversal.”

    How about we not generalize either group?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA loves it…seeming I’m a midwesterner in New York now…

  37. Liberace's Love Child says

    Did you see the look of startled horror on his face when he was asked about his gay fans? Some gay men sure can deny the obvious. This boy does not like gays, but is getting desperate for cash, I think. He’s not getting the modeling offers he wanted (modeling is hard work, Levi!), so now it’s straight to gay for pay? It’s like those straight porn actors who act like they are making such a big sacrifice to let themselves get blown for dollars. That’s nothing to fawn over or thank them for, in my opinion

    Though, sure, I’d watch too. It’s too bad Levi isn’t in college, he could masturbate for us on fratmentv. Couldn’t he get into a college on an athletic scholarship? Ice hockey maybe? I suppose he would need to actually graduate from high school first though. HAs he done that yet?

  38. Contrarian says

    Please explain to me why it is OK to call an undereducated working class white male a “redneck” or a homophobe, while such vitriol would never be used by the posters here against the even more homophobic hip-hop/gangstas/home-boys in the inner city?? I’d take my chances in rural America before I’d walk down streets in many urban areas. Hate is worthy of condemnation wherever it takes place. Stereotyping rural whites is not the answer.

  39. JT says

    Contrarian : In fairness, I think most posters on this site DO criticize inner city Af.Am. homophobic culture. (And most of the posters here seem to be, rightly, supporting Levi as looking much smarter than that Andy Cohen character).

  40. Liberace's Love Child says


    Perhaps I was watching without rose-colored glasses, like about half the rest of you. This whole chasing after the homophobic straight guy thing is a teensy bit on the pathetic side, when will gay men ever get past this particular fantasy. If you want to see him naked, great, just don’t kid yourself he likes you. He’s just in it for the money, come on.

  41. nic says


    you presume too much. why do you say that he is homophobic? what proof do you have? the fantasy is all in your head, friend. i repeat, you said, “startled horror”. where does this come from? i have no desire to see him naked. you are watching with heavily tinted lenses. you are as delusional as your “name” suggests.

  42. Scott says

    I see Levi is doing his best to derail what is left of Sarah Palin’s political career after she has finished speaking.
    I say good on him. He is doing the US a service.

  43. CHAD says

    ANDY! Less of this please! Just look at these comments! How fucking BORING! I don’t want to hate myself, but after posts and responses like this/these, I have to remind myself that I’m okay. That’s not what you want, is it? IS IT? This guy is NOT A STORY. NOT A STORY. End.

  44. Anonymous says

    I moved back to Chicago after 10 years in New York City because I could no longer stomach being surrounded by legions of insufferable pseudo-sophisticated gays like Andy Cohen. I literally felt like I was suffocating in their presence. I don’t understand why Levi Johnston is getting any attention whatsoever, but I thought he was at least dignified compared with that pretentious tw-t (fill in the blank with an “a” or and “i” according to preference) interviewer.

  45. Huh says

    Levi J. doesn’t do much of anything for me as a sex object, but he sounds pretty cool as a guy. Sure, he’s a small-town straight guy. Nothing wrong with that. But unlike many others, he’s not any sort of homophobic basher at all.

    And I don’t think he’s as dumb as some people here seem to believe. He picked up on Cohen’s condescension and politely shut it down. People ought to lose their attitude about the guy.

    One other thing: Has anyone stopped to notice that of all the people surrounding the Palins, Levi J. is the only one who has told the plain truth and let the chips fall where they may?

  46. Josh says

    I would have more respect for Andy if he had gone to Alaska to interview Levi on his home turf. I think it would have been more entertaining to see that, too. Unfortunately, Andy seems like the type who’s terrified to leave Manhattan, let alone for someplace like Alaska. I do love the Bravo line-up and I respect Andy for what he’s done with the station’s programming (which is pretty fabulous IMO). But I agree with the other posters that he can come off as condescending. In contrast, I thought Levi was as adorable as always in this interview. He has a realness to him that’s charming and endearing, and if he does pose for any mag or website, I’ll be buying, whatever it is.

  47. Jase says

    I love how so many of you fags are defending Levi and calling him “charming” and praising an interview just because he met the bare minimum standard of not sounding completely illiterate. Why don’t you guys just admit that you think he’s hot (because you worship any halfway decent looking “masculine” straight guy) and that it never mattered at all to you what he felt or thought or did. He could come out against gay marriage tomorrow and you’d still wanna bury your faces in his buffalo ass. So pathetic.

  48. MasterAdrian says

    The vid is NOT available in my region… Amsterdam, the Netherlands…

    Availability would be appreciated…