1. Lucrece says

    Nah. Soldier in general definition. A soldier is by all means someone who fights for a cause.

  2. deb says

    Wrong Lucrece, we are soldiers, airmen, seamen and marines. Spending 21 years in the Air Force, when anyone refers to me as a soldier I am quick to correct them. The German language makes no differentiation, but the US English language and culture does.

  3. Kyle Sullivan says

    He seems like an intelligent young man who would have been a credit to the Navy, but them being assholes incapable of putting the good of the country ahead of their own personal hate, he’s no longer assisting in this nation’s defense. So far as I’m concerned, the people who drove him out of the military are traitors and should be treated as such.

  4. johnny says

    Hey, let’s get all bogged down in the terminology instead of seeing the main point here. Sound like fun? OK!!!

  5. RAMEX says

    YES well the “deb’s” ALWAYS have to be right and have the last word it is SOOOO important to them. I agree with Kyle.Our military is so backward in this respect > We have lost a lot of good Military personnel both male & female . All of the gay Arabic linguists come to mind [right we when we needed them ] . I would like to hear some abuse stories from Hetro panic military personnel who were rolled in dog shit then forced to perform some sort of juvenile straight sex act . all at the hands of an all GAY company . Oh I forgot gay people are not hatered driven by nature

  6. says

    I want to be sympathetic, but this seems like the kind of hazing that goes on in these specialized service units for every recruit/new team member, in an effort to get soldiers to buck up or drop out…

    No, its not pretty, but the hazing I received at band camp was worse than this and I wasn’t even out yet…

  7. F, Willard says

    WOW Tuff band camp! ! Rolled you hog tied to a chair across the camp and left in a dog house full of shit did they ?? Now that is impressive for a bunch of Marching band geeks
    COOLEY HIGH 1986 ?

  8. Retired Navy says

    I love how everyone who is cowardly and never fought for the military and has no clue what goes on has an opinion!!! Those so called traitors are fighting for your rights to spea out, show some respect before you give your opinion. And, oh by the way, did they pick on him specifically or did everybody get the hazing? Did it actually happen like he says? You dont know, you are taking the word of someone who quit the military and has a good reason to lie for money and fame. Who know!!!

  9. Rocky says

    @ Retired Navy

    Dont go defending these homophobic douche-bags

    Btw these people arent superman or spiderman.They are NOT superheros

    They volunteer and are ordered to blow people up and kill people for a living.And knowing how many of these military personnel are homophobic bigots,I wouldnt be so quick to walk on egg shells for them.

    I dunno what it is about some of you navy men,I wonder if all the killing and blowing up you have seen and done traumatizes you or what,but you are always so quick to brag and act like a hero and try to get out of paying your way through life and want everything handed 2 you on a silver platter,just because you went and blew a few people away.This just in,YOUR NOT A HERO.

    And in some cases yall are hypocritical lothsome creatures who turn out to be closeted queens who put down gay men who are open about their orientation.

  10. jon says

    Oh jeez, here we go again with the only i can know the truth about what goes on in the military because i served in the civil war…really, can we not have a debate or a discussion? I got let’s all shout really loud over the person trying to make a point in an attempt to immediately devalue their opinion. Barack Obama and George W. Bush -allegedly – never served a day in their lives but they made and continue to make decisions that affect the lives of those serving.
    To put it another way, I never belonged to the Klan nor did I ever lynch anyone, but I certainly can read about both things and i have an opinion on them.

  11. johnny says

    I think a lot of the reason for this level of abuse is due to his size and the color of his skin, as well as his perceived sexual orientation. Don’t get how this makes men tougher, to me it would get pretty confusing as to who the enemy was after that kind of treatment. What happened to bonding with your team, watching each other’s back and treating the people in your command with respect? That’s a military I could be proud of and feel are heroes, not these idiots.

  12. says

    Boy, the bitchy sarcasm…

    Yes, USC Marching Band Camp. Typical of any elite group, uses the hazing process to see if they can get you to run home before they embrace you and it can be particularly intense with the sections that are all male. Everyone that applies is an adequate musician, so they think this weeds out those that won’t be able to take the grueling schedules and workouts.

    Let’s face it, the entire military structure is set up to haze first, embrace second. From boot camp on up. But the hazing rituals are particularly intense and outrageous for these specialized units. I’m not saying I agree with it or condone it, but it seems to produce results for them. Unfortunately with the military, they’re always unwilling to try or consider alternatives that could produce the same outcome.

    Just from what we know of tailhook and all the other military scandals of the last 30 years – it would not be a surprise to me if every applicant to this squad went through the same thing, which quite frankly sounds kind of mild when compared to the seals and some of the CB units.

    That doesn’t mean I’m not sympathetic to Rocha. That particular hazing ritual with a gay person was a really bad combination and I can totally see why Rocha feels it was personal and debasing.

    I wonder if Rocha was a ROTC and went from college into the service missing a lot of basic training and those hazing rituals. If so, I wonder if that’s why he found this so shocking…

    Like I said, I’ve gone through worse… I’ve heard of worse done to pledges in frat houses…

  13. says

    David: he was 18 when he enlisted, so he wasn’t in college. He entered the Naval Academy AFTER his service in the Middle East.

  14. Jeff In Boston says

    He needs to ditch the ’70s porn ‘do and go back to the military short cut. With all due respect.

  15. SFshawn says

    Why anyone would volunteer to be in an organization that promotes,encourages and rationalizes the mass death,destruction,dehumanization,violence and hatred of fellow human beings on earth is beyond me. The US Military and organized religion have so much in common. Avoiding both of them can save your life.

  16. Kyle Sullivan says

    Some of the people saying that this was just a hazing being done on this kid seem not to have noticed he was in the military for 28 months, did a tour of duty in a war zone and was accepted to the Naval Academy. Hazing only goes on for a little while; harassment is non-stop and neverending.

    On top of that, he is NOT THE ONE WHO FILED THE COMPLAINT; another sailor did.

    So guys — he WAS taking it. He WAS manning up and accepting it the “hazing,” as you seem so determined to call it. But that’s not the point. The point is — it was STILL GOING ON after he’d been in the Navy for 28 F**king months!

  17. DR says

    First off, anyone who compare band camp to basic training or any other aspect of the military really needs to have his ego checked. Sorry, no comparison.

    Anyway. This guy was subjected to harassment for TWENTY-EIGHT months. Not a couple of days, not a couple of weeks, almost two and a half YEARS. That’s harassment, not hazing.

    Yet another problem with DADT. Can’t report the harassment, has to just take it and resign or hope it ends.