1. scar2 says

    He seems to have beefed up a little bit. Maybe that’s why he’s underperformed this year. He was one of the fastest guys in tennis but guys like him tend to lose some speed when they get bigger (Chang & Hewitt are good examples). Glad he’s still a clown though.

  2. sonofabutch says

    …Please…Serena Williams “serves” much more BODY and BOOTY than that…! Plus she’s even more a man than Novak, lol…NO, just playing, I love tennis and the both of them to death…I’m currently enjoying the U.S. open series leading up to the Grand Slam in New York…GO USA…p.s. Nole IS phoine…

  3. Kyle Sullivan says

    Landis…he’s just a kid who doesn’t think and comes from a VERY anti-gay world, so all he needs is a bit of — oh, shall we say? — discipline? And I know just the person to do it. (hee-hee)

  4. robbie williams says

    i agree with kyle. i hope landis is wrong. i think nole has had enuf s**t thrown at him by the press this year wot with andy murray taking the no.3 spot off him. lets give him a break. hes still a great player and i wish him all the best 4 montreal.

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