Towleroad Guide to the Tube #521

FUTURE OF BANKING: Depositing checks with your iPhone (begins at 1:00).

HEALTH CARE: Michigan Rep. Dingell gets drowned out at rowdy health care town hall. "Scott Hagerstrom, the Michigan director for Americans for Prosperity —
a group opposing President Barack Obama's health care initiative —
said that after he learned about [the town hall], he sent an e-mail alerting 18,000
members in southeast Michigan."

THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS: The trailer for Heath Ledger's final film.

PSA: 10 drugs you shouldn't take while driving.

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  1. Ed says

    When the republicans held “town hall” meetings they were by invitation only and you had to be a member of the party faithful in order to attend. This insured there were no dissenting opinions.

    Now that the town halls are once again open to everyone they want to end meaningful discourse by disrupting the meetings so no one can hear the other side.

    Positively disgraceful.

  2. Chrissypoo says

    So just an FYI:

    I’ve noticed on You Tube that some wingnuts are quoting page numbers a one of the house bills and misrepresenting what they are really saying hoping that you won’t actually look up the actual bill.

    A simple google of “healthcare bill” will bring it up. If you search the page numbers, you can expose their lies about the content of the bill.

  3. Cj says

    Interesting, I posted a comment on the video of the town hall meeting (basically calling out people for fostering uncivilized and unAmerican rhetoric and discourse in what should be informed and mature meetings). Upon revisiting the video, the comment was deleted. I suppose some individuals refuse to listen to other opinions.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    OMG Americans get dumber by the day. Health care indeed, they are brain dead already.

  5. John says

    I can think of no other country in the world where there are mass protests to ***support*** greedy, unscrupulous insurance companies. We truly are the land of the damned.

  6. soulbrotha says

    They need to have the police posted at these meetings with a paddy wagon. Whoever doesn’t shut up or gets disrespectful gets thrown out. Whoever resists gets arrested and fined!

  7. says

    The insurance companies are just as bad as government either group will bone you as when you least expect it. I understand that insurance companies are greedy whores and care more about shareholder profits and denying care to promote the bottom line.

    I would support making insurance companies for profit illegal, but instead make it where patients would be together as a pool as shareholders and profits would be reinvested towards medical care and keeping health care affordable. Maybe a medical version of the farmers insurance company.

    If controlling health care costs meant slowing down the discovery of cancer and AIDS/HIV drugs would most of you support that? I don’t think so.

    If we are going to work together as a nation, we need to all sacrifice in some way or another. Hold off the lawyers and the insurance companies and medical care will become more affordable.

    I bet there would be not as much opposition or hostility to this bill, if President Obama and the Congressional delegation of the house and senate would have to be under this bill instead of their deluxe health care plan. If the health care plan is not good for Congressman Waxman to personally use, it is not good for me.

    Also middle America does not like it that if you are undocumented you will get free health care, a slap in the face to any tax paying citizen. If I went to France or the United Kingdom I would be expected to pay my fair share, and they should too in the United States.

    At least for the conservatives they are realizing there is no shame in being a community organizer.

  8. Scott says


    Why would HIV med development slow down if Heathcare is reformed? It wouldn’t. Big Pharma and HMO’s are not the same thing. Pharmaceutical companies may not be able to overcharge the government anymore, but they would still turn a tidy profit.

  9. paul c says

    Attention, partisan water carriers! The Obama administration has now said that what is happening at town hall meetings is okay. Disregard what Pelosi has said:

    Slandering half of the American population, who is opposed to the current health care “reform” proposals, seemed to be backfiring, so please update your talking points and practice your new scripts.

  10. John says

    I wonder which “half” of the American population you’re talking about. Oh, that’s right, I remember now…

    The dumbass white trash rednecks.

  11. Drew says

    One CNN segment showed a lady as follows: “My understanding is that we have the best healthcare system in the world and Canadians are coming here to pay (she begins crying) for ours. I don’t want to change a thing! (audience cheers wildly)”

    These dummies are starting to scare me in their lack of COMMON knowledge.

    Seriously, how do you have a logical discussion regarding healthcare when the other side of the table is comprised of people diagnosed with clinical stupidity?

  12. says

    I heard a statistic on NPR in the last day: the US spends 14% of its GGDP on healthcare. The French have the #1 rated health system in the THE WORLD and they spend only 6%. Part of the difference surely has to do with the shitty American diet, why do these troglodytes want the system we have now?

    Social Security: Socialism
    Police and Fire Protection: Socialism
    Medicare: Socialism

    Who’s against Socialism?


    As for scanning checks, I LOVE IT! I have a check scanner for my business account and my credit union says they’re working on consumer scanning. Can’t wait.

  13. says

    Sorry for the typos: it’s dark in here and I haven’t upgraded to a lighted-keyboard MacBook Pro.

    Trying this part again:
    I heard a statistic on NPR in the last day: the US spends 14% of its GDP on healthcare. The French have the #1 rated health system in the THE WORLD and yet they spend only 6%. Part of the difference surely has to do with the shitty American diet, by why do these Town Hall troglodytes want the system we have now?

  14. jimmyboyo says

    Paul C

    claims to be a libertarian but always sounds like a log cabinite

    What? Too embaresed to admit one’s being a repub? Libertarian party = the place where rethugs can hide

    Anyway; the majority of polls show upwards of 2/3 of america on the side of health care reform and a public option

  15. paul c says

    @jimmyboyo – I’m sure many things “sound” different to you than they really are — what with all the voices in your head.

    Two thirds of Americans are for reform, correct. But they are not for THIS version of it. You know, the version that the CBO said will cost FAR beyond what is being claimed? The version that is actually FIVE different versions that haven’t been worked out and agreed upon, even by the crooked politicians themselves? The version that the crooked politicians have tried to RAM through, yelling EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! — just like they did with the Iraq invasion, the TARP bank bailout that is still shrouded in secrecy, and the fake, pork-laden stimulus package?

    Get your head out of your ass and start questioning what proven LIARS (our lovely governemnt) tell you, instead of going along with your party line like a moronic zombie.

  16. paul c says

    “The dumbass white trash rednecks.”

    @ John- Aren’t you just a shining example of elitism? Funny how they’re called the “working poor” when they’re on the same side as the elitists, but when they give their opinions or waver from what they are told to think and say, they suddenly become “white trash rednecks”. Dumbass elitist hypocrite low-life.

  17. paul c says

    “A bunch of racist, uninformed idiots throwing tantrums in the name of insurance companies.”

    Yeah, they were definitely racists. Only a racist would have an opinion that differs from the governments. Only a racist would dare to protest anything in the US. Only a racist would be afraid of losing their healthcare. And they were all in Klan robes and everything, which really made it clear.

    When you make up fake reasons for why people are thinking and acting the way they are, you’re deluding yourself. You choose an excuse that makes you feel better and you move on cluelessly with your life not even grasping the reality around you. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

  18. Jason says

    As a un-abashed recent gay Republican(Paul some of us aren’t embarrassed) I was hoping some kind of health reform would pass. However, the house bill is so filled with big government intrusion that anyone with any understanding of America could predict its failure. We are not Europe or Canada and the U.S. will not accept the level of socialism this bill proposes; we never will. Our country was founded on hatred for centralized authority and that hasn’t changed.

    My biggest issue with a Public Option is simply its cost. There was a recent discussion of the German system; they use a private/public combo. There system has a 75/25%(public/private) split. Basic healthcare for everyone and anyone willing and able to buy other insurance obviously gets better care. The problem is the cost. It is paid for using a 7% tax paid by employer and 8% paid by employee. If we did the same thing, our bundled marginal tax on a person making $100k would be around 56%(12% SS, 15% health, 29% Income Tax). This just won’t fly here. That is an obscene tax burden and would cause violent revolt here in the U.S.

  19. Frank says

    In the German PSA, did I miss the one where smoking pot while driving might be bad? If not, let’s get high on the autobahn!

  20. paul c says

    Jason – I wouldn’t belong to any party, but if I was absolutely focred to choose one, it would be Libertarian. I’ve been registered as Independent since I turned 18…and I don’t think being a Republican is any more embarrassing than being a Democrat. They’re both for suckers.