1. gayalltheway says

    I have never found Zac Efron attractive or hot or sexy.. cute maybe but never hot – shirt on or shirt off.. something about his face …….

  2. Alex says

    His head looks too big for his body (and I’m not talking about the one in the sweats, though speaking of that, I’m not that impressed frankly).

    Nice body…with a different head (or a paper bag), I’d hit it.

  3. Nathan says

    I often wonder this, he’s posted about here a lot. Yes, he’s cute… but… who is this?

    I’ve never heard of him anywhere else but on the T road.

  4. says

    You queens crack me up!!!! Have to agree with the crowd – Eff may be pretty boy fodder, but the guy with the cap and tool-belt really looks like he WOULD be more fun!!!! I like my boys blue collared and mischievous….

  5. deb says

    You guys do know that there is no relation between the size of a penis in its “relaxed” state and the size of a penis in its “excited” state, right? A man can be very large while relaxed and then not get much bigger when excited. A small relaxed penis can grow to be very large when excited.

    He is HOT. I would love to do him.

  6. leslie says

    Jojo – In case this was lost on you, he’s filming a movie. I expect that, yes, he would have makeup on. If you had read the book, you would know that he has burn marks on his chest when the paramedics shocked him and brought him back to life. Also, they may be filming the love scene because Charlie wears sweat pants in that scene.

  7. Ryan says

    The pecs and the abs look good, but I can’t get past his face.

    To each his own..right? So you guys who think he’s all that and a bag of chips can have him.

  8. Otter says

    Zac has really built up his body. that takes a lot of work, if you have the genetics to get there. Good for him.
    Altho, I’d rather see the tool belt guy and the guy kneeling together. give me a normal guy any day.

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