New Gay Foreign Minister and Partner are Germany’s ‘Power Couple’


The German daily Bild is feting the likely new foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle (right), and his partner Michael Mronz, as the nation's new "power couple" following Angela Merkel's election win.

The AP reports: "The ringing endorsement for the 47-year-old Westerwelle, who is
widely expected to be tapped for the high-profile post of foreign
minister in Chancellor Angela Merkel's new government, in the Bild
daily also highlighted his personal life in a way he rarely has. 'His
man makes him so strong,' Bild wrote about Westerwelle, declaring that
his 42-year-old partner Michael Mronz was not only his most important
adviser during the campaign, but also 'gives him security and …
supports him when he suffers a setback.' Despite eight years as
leader of the pro-business Free Democrats, Westerwelle's homosexuality
has generated relatively little discussion. But with his party set to
become kingmaker to Chancellor Merkel's conservatives and him foreign
minister, it has been thrust into the spotlight."

Said Westerwelle to German gay magazine Siegessaeule: "I can only tell all young gays and lesbians to not be disheartened, if
not everything goes their way. This society is changing for the
good in the direction of tolerance and respect … though slower than I
would wish."


  1. Michael @ says

    The poisonous fly in this PR ointment of “gays can be political power brokers, too” is that “Democrat” in Germany does NOT mean the same as it does in the US. Neither is his party, the FDP, nor he, “liberal” in the American sense but in the rarely-heard-here “classical liberal” sense which has become almost the direct opposite of “liberal” here.

    In short, while I don’t disagree with all of his positions [his belief that nonMuslim women such as Merkel should not have to don Muslim drag when visiting Muslim theocracies is delightfully ballsy], in the US he would be, at best, a “SOCIALLY ‘liberal’ Republican”…supporting civil liberties but less in the humanitarian sense than the libertarian “no-rules-for-anybody” sense and as rabidly “let corporations do whatever they want/slash taxes for slashing taxes sake/anti help-those-who-can’t-help-themselves/anti union” as George Bush fils. And, not to forget, he apparently thinks Afghanistan is a “good war,” too.

    He’s been called a Thatcherite and that is NOT good news for progressives in Germany or anywhere no matter whom he sleeps with.

  2. Freddy says

    Here’s proof once again that there can be TRUE diversity in gay politics. And thank goodness Germany and the rest of Europe (as the NY Times points out today) are rejecting the regressive, socialist policies that Obama still insists on inflicting on the USA.

  3. Michael @ says

    From fly to cockroach…. I’m a certified critic of Obama but your puerile nonsense about “regressive, socialist policies” makes you more Kreuger than Freddy.

    Or would you like to sign that affadavit swearing that, upon retirement, YOU’LL never accept any SOCIAL Security benefit nor Medicare AND that no one in your family does now?

  4. Martin says

    “He’s been called a Thatcherite and that is NOT good news for progressives in Germany or anywhere no matter whom he sleeps with.”

    Yeah, by well-known bavarian homophobe and all-around douchebag Ludwig Stiegler (Social Democrats). Westerwelle’s Party is far from “moderate Republican”, by American standards they’re (slightly moderate) libertarians (pro-choice, pro civil rights, pro gay rights, but also for less government and lower taxes).

    I don’t know whose cool-aid you’ve been drinking, but dude, you seriously need to check your facts.

  5. Michael @ says

    First, Martina, someone who doesn’t know the difference between “cool-aid” [sic] and “Kool-Aid” and “bavarian” from “Bavarian” shouldn’t be pontificating about “facts.”

    “Less government and lower taxes” is Repug Speak for “We’ve got ours—fuck you and yours.” Sit next to Fredricka, but bring your own tea bag.

  6. says

    I don’t think it is fair in the least to compare the FDP to Republicans. First of all, the homophobic, right-wing “Christian”, and xenophobic elements are COMPLETELY missing.

    Second of all, the status quo here in Germany – universal healthcare, a strong social safety net, etc. etc. etc. is further to the left (in those respects) than most US DEMOCRATS even dream of, and no one in the FDP is suggesting dismantling those systems the way, say, Bill Clinton did.

  7. John says

    Yes, but the only reason the fundamentalist Christian loonies are “missing” from the FDP is because they’re in the CDU/CSU. This is especially true of the Bavarian CSU.

    Although Merkel herself couldn’t care less about his personal life, Westerwelle will have to deal with some coalition partners who doesn’t think very highly of him or homosexuality in general. And I wouldn’t expect any progress on same-sex marriage during the lifetime of this government. Most of the pro-gay reforms, including repealing the ban on gays serving as officers and enacting civil unions, took place during the SPD-Green government that was in place from 1998-2005.

    The right wing is still right wing.


  8. Martin says

    Sorry, Michelle (are you a homophobic left-winger?), but with all due respect, you are a moron. Someone who cannot distinguish conservatism from libertarianism and mistakes statist for “progressive”, thus shows a complete lack of any historical and political knowlegde, of course has to seek petty victories in correcting typos.

    Why not instead be honest? Admit you despise libertarianism, and that you prefer the strong hand of top-down socialism. That’s a valid opinion and I will not chide you for that. But f*ck that Orwelling crap, trying to mislabel something as conservatism that clearly isn’t.

  9. Hank says

    He’s from the right, so to compare with the situation here, that would be like George W. Bush having appointed a gay person Secretary of State…oh, wait, an OPENLY gay person.

  10. Max says

    The CDU, which builds a coalition with the FDP has tried to strike every move towards equating registered same sex partnerships to marriages before the law down, even suing against it.

    They have made very clear that they will not change their mind on that subject, yet this is what the FDP wants to achieve.

    Should be interesting.
    Or not, Westerwelle will just forget about his sexual identity and kiss Merkels posterior.

  11. John says

    “Westerwelle will just forget about his sexual identity and kiss Merkels posterior.”

    Which would be no different from the so-called Libertarians in the United States. They vote Republican most of the time. The actual U.S. Libertarian Party never gets more than 1% of the vote in a national election. But then they get all indignant and outraged when Democrats call them out on their voting patterns – proclaiming that they’re not (and never were) socially conservative.

    At least the religious nutjobs have the courage to stand up for their convictions to the bitter end. Libertarians are little more than political opportunists. They’re good little Republicans whenever it profits them. But whenever the Republicans lose creditability or are out of power, they’re suddenly “Independent” again.


    Call yourself an “Independent” if you must. But who are you kidding? We know you’re going to kiss that Republican ass – and do whatever they want on abortion, gay rights, secret prisons, defense spending, torture, and the rest of it – whenever that’s a corporate tax cut proposal in the offering. Libertarians have sold out their principles to the highest bidder so many times, one wonders why they even bother with this ridiculous pretense about not being part of “the right” anymore.

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