News: Tyra Banks, Seattle, Bee Gees, HPV, Jim Verraros, Austin

RoadMinnesota Congressman Tim Walz called "f*cking faggot" on conference call: "The Mankato Democrat wasn't on the line to hear the anti-gay slur; in fact, he ran about five minutes late to his own availability, following a trip to Afghanistan. Before Walz came on the line, someone said, "Come on Walz, you f—ing faggot," according to his staff and two reporters who were on the call.

Cattrall RoadSamantha Jones collides with Dee Snider.

RoadBirther to rebut Obama's health care speech tonight.

RoadDavid Beckham visits Ellen Degeneres, shows off his Ellen undies – video.

RoadCNN: Gay Latino Americans "coming of age".

RoadMore than two dozen men arrested in undercover sex stings in Seattle park: "Over five days, investigators have arrested 28 men. Three arrests
were made Thursday. Those arrested live in Pierce, King and Thurston
counties, Troyer said. The activity is taking place during all hours of
the day. 'If we had the manpower, we could have arrested 100,' Troyer said. 'They have created their own trails off the main trail.' Investigators have taken the names of others found in the woods." Savage: How is this not entrapment?

RoadLady Gaga rumored to appear at OUT magazine fashion week party.

RoadGay men continue to account for most new cases of HIV in Australia.

Caster RoadSouth African runner at center of gender debate gets femme makeover.

RoadAustin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival kicks off: "This year we received about 400 films in the mail
that we had to go through and determine what we were actually going to
show. We accepted only 100, so
it's very interesting to see what themes come up every year, for
example this year we've got a lot of lesbian-themed interest films,
whereas normally we only get about 25 percent, this year was closer to

RoadSpirits having flown: Brothers Robin and Barry Gibb to reunite for first time since Maurice's death.

Road6,000 attend 20th anniversary of Pride in Calgary, Canada.

RoadGay couple adopts in Bakersfield.

Thiago RoadImages from the 2009 Mr. Gay Brazil Contest. And the winner is…Thiago Silvestre.

RoadFDA weighs approving HPV vaccine for men: "We're supportive in general of
giving vaccines to boys for a number of reasons. Clinical
trials have shown it's pretty effective — 90 percent effective in
preventing genital lesions [in boys]. Trials in a subset of gay men
also found the vaccine to be effective in preventing external lesions,
so the signs are pretty clear that it works in guys."

Verraros RoadJim Verraros and hubby Bill Brennan wedding photos.

RoadAfterElton talks to Glee's Matthew Morrison: "I think from my Broadway days and now doing this show,
some people are calling this the gayest show on TV — it's gayer than Ellen
Degeneres. Yeah, I definitely have a ton of gay fans, which I'm happy with."

RoadMika buys drinks for hundreds of his Twitter followers.

RoadTyra Banks reveals her real hair in season opener.

RoadKevin Smith's next film may be inspired by Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps: "It's certainly not Phelps
himself but it's very much inspired by a Phelps figure. And to me, too,
the notion of using a Phelps-like character as a villain, as horrifying
and scary as that guy can be, there's even something more insidious
than him that lurks out there in as much as a public or a government
that allows it and that's the other thing that I'm trying to examine in
a big, big way."


  1. Mike says

    As far as the sex in the Seattle Park, I say lock them all up!! And if the HIV + freak wasn’t using protection and didn’t inform his hook-ups, then jail him for attempted murder. It’s a shame these old & desparate trolls think it’s their right to get off wherever they want. You want to go to the park to meet someone and then go home, then more power to you…. but don’t get in on there… it’s sad and desparate!!

  2. says

    Let the prudes weigh in again to support the homophobic cops!

    The cops even admitted “They have created their own trails off the main trail.” In other words, they’re keeping out of sight. These sting operations are always about stigmatizing gay sex and what’s sad is to see the chorus of gay people who play right along.

  3. Mike says

    I grew up with my back yard facing a public park where gay men lurked in the bushes looking to hook up. As a kid, I was soooo scared.. not at the gays, but the constant lurking and sneaking around. It’s not normal.. and it’s not right. I’m sure that KevinVT does his best “work” when nobody can see his face, but that’s not the case for most.

  4. says

    At first I wondered why the gay adoption bit was “news”, then I looked again, ahhh, Bakersfield! That explains it.

    Good luck to the new family! And come up to Seattle if you need to go somewhere friendly.

  5. DR says

    To address the not-lawyer Dan Savage’s concern that the sting could be entrapment, no it isn’t. Entrapment requires proof that the police somehow coerced you into doing something you wouldn’t normally do (that’s the simple version). If Mr Police Officer places an ad on Craigslist looking for anonymous sex in the park and you’re dumb enough to go have anonymous sex in the park, it’s not entrapment, it’s stupidity.

  6. Bayley says

    Where is the sting to get lying, perverted Politicians who are cheating on their wives with the baby sitter? Where are the cops to go after them?

    These cops sound like a bunch of nerds who were picked on in school and now became cops to exert some type of authority on others to feel special in this world.

    At the root of these sting operations is a mission …”Get the gay man off the streets” and if you don’t feel it’s rooted by blatant homophobia, I’ve got property in the North Pole I’d like to sell you. Call me.

    P.S- stand up, speak up, show up, email, write, start face book groups, protest and be heard…even when it comes to police. Otherwise, change will not be made for us.

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