News: Outrage, Eric Brewer, Crocs, Serbia, Mark Foley, Germany

RoadSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized, released


RoadDear Harvey: Play about Harvey Milk opens at San Diego State.

RoadEric Brewer, Mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio, in women's lingerie photo scandal.

RoadKept: Reality show about NYC gays to be a reality.

Outrage (see my write-up here) is coming to HBO on October 5.

RoadUK gay man targeted in blackmail scam: "The 49-year-old had arranged to meet a man in the town through a known gay social networking website. But when the victim arrived he was approached by men posing as police officers who demanded a 'fine' and took his bank card. It
later emerged £200 in cash was taken from the man's bank account, which
was used to buy a mountain bike, alcohol and cigarettes."

RoadLondon, Ontario 'football hero', allegedly responsible for gay bashing of modeling agent Brandon Wright, has been arrested at the airport.

RoadRabbi: No Crocs on Yom Kippur.

RoadThe Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks to one of the gay brothers on this season's Amazing Race, which premieres on Sunday.

RoadBrad Pitt joins Bill Clinton's Global Initiative.


RoadMark Foley hits the airwaves in South Florida.

RoadMysterious "lump" spotted forming around nearby star.

RoadMother of Ryan Keith Skipper speaks at Florida Hate Crimes Awareness Summit: "You may relive your pain, but you also relive your love. It keeps Ryan's memory alive and to me, that's an important thing. I
don't want his death to have been in vain."

RoadReese Witherspoon ring sparks whispers of Gyllenhaal engagement.

RoadBrokeback Mountain actor arrested for skipping out on hotel bill.

RoadCarrie Prejean: Scantily-clad Halloween costume model.


RoadUK teacher suspended after students found photos of him posing on a gay porn website.

RoadOpenly gay man tipped to be Angela Merkel's Foreign Minister in Germany. "[Can] a gay man, who sometimes takes his partner on
official overseas trips, can function as a foreign minister. Could there,
for instance, be snubs from President Ahmadinejad (who, after the execution
of two gay men, told a Western audience: “We don’t have homosexuals, as in
your country.”). Or jokes from Silvio Berlusconi (whose supporters recently
used homosexuality claims to get rid of a critical editor)?"

RoadSerbian prosecutor calls for ban on hate groups that caused cancellation of Belgrade's Pride parade: "Serbian authorities withdrew approval for gay activists to hold a
rally in central Belgrade on Saturday after soccer hooligans and the
extremist groups Obraz (Face) and Association 1398 threatened to attack
the parade. 'The two groups were identified as those which must be outlawed
immediately,' prosecutor Slobodan Radovanovic told B92 television."

RoadHillary Clinton on international violence against LGBT people: "We are starting to track violence against the LGBT
community, because where it happens anywhere in the world, the United
States must speak out against it and work for its end. Through our
annual human rights report, we are documenting human rights abuses
against LGBT communities worldwide. And we are seeking out partners at
the United Nations such as Brazil, France, Sweden and the Netherlands
to help us address these human rights abuses."