1. andrew says

    the misinformed spreading misinformation. spreading the message that special interest groups are feeding them. well joe, my special interest group is the liberal, democratic, “sick and tired of it” population.

    the american people are tired joe. wake up.

  2. Paul says

    Wow, that’s just plain funny to watch. I couldn’t even concentrate on his sad efforts to excuse and then promote himself, I was so busy watching his eyes dart back and forth as he read from the teleprompter. Not sure how he ever got elected if that is his best attempt at public speaking.

  3. Olive Yurdich says

    I think it would be a bad idea to go to his website and type in “fuck you” as your donation. It would be another bad idea to mail a dog terd to the donation mailing address on his website.

  4. says

    I’m afraid just repeating your republican racist lies about health care for illegals (brown people) does not amount to an apology. “I choose life….” Well so do I, but not to endure your naked bigotry disguised as caring for Health Care Reform. We all know what you are; a southern racist confederate supporting asshole… are disgraced forever.

  5. Baby Jane says

    I’m so glad we have soothsayers, truth tellers like Joe to protect us from liars. We can count on Joe the Yeller!

    Republicans truly are representative of their constituency, the same people that have been disrupting peaceful, town hall assemblies. It’s all the sound of a crumbling political party, much like the sound of a glacier melting and falling apart into the ocean.

  6. David Craig says

    he thinks people above the mason-dixon are immigrants. if you listen carefully, you can hear the theme from Deliverance. And he’s proof that ebonics is not a great method of teaching.

    Jokes aside, his failure to even acknowledge that Obama was NOT lying about that issue is contemptible. Forget apologies. Willfully spreading misinformation and partisan, baseless accusations to thwart ANY healthcare initiatives is shameful.


  7. says

    To me, the word “illegals” is just as offensive as the word “coloreds.” It has such a negative connotation and makes people who come here in search of a better life sound like criminals hell bent on destroying America.

  8. David D. says

    “Hello. This is Joe Wilson and he is an asshole. I mean, *I* am an asshole.”

    If anything, he’s just prompted another $500K in donations for his opponent.

    And though the word ‘liar’ isn’t usually used in Canada’s House of Commons, Patrick is correct when he says that the Prime Minister being called a liar is an almost daily occurrence. And that’s because the lies that the Prime Minister tells are an almost daily occurrence.

  9. John says

    The “House of Commons” analogy doesn’t exactly hold up. Harper is only the Head of Her Majesty’s Canadian Government. He’s the chief minister exercising power on behalf of the sovereign.

    Obama isn’t the Prime Minister. He isn’t even a member of the House of Representatives. And normally would not be allowed in the chamber for debates. To maintain this legal fiction, the Speaker must formally invite him to address the joint session.

    But in this instance, his role is the same as the Queen or Governor-General. Albeit with more power. And you don’t heckle the Head of State.

  10. Patrick says

    In one of Michael Moore’s films a French citizen said, “In America the people are afraid of the government, but in France the government is afraid of the people.” I can’t say its necessarily good policy for all occasions, but oh I do like to see a government official who has behaved badly, show the fear in his eyes the way this guy does!!

  11. Chris says

    Patrick, you’re wrong on that one. If a member were to call the PM a liar he would be forced to withdraw the remark and apologize to the house or face suspension until he or she did. Tommy Douglas, however, once got away with saying “The honourable member has as much regard for the truth as a tomcat has for a marriage license.”

  12. peterparker says

    Careful with thos donations to Rob Miller. It is my understanding that he is a social conservative who does not support marriage equality and thinks DADT is a reasonable way to keep gays out of the military. I’m not saying to withhold donations because he is clearly the lesser of two evils…just know where your money is going.

  13. says

    Exactly how is government taking control of medicine a gay issue? Considering how badly the federal government treats gays in legal status I would think the last thing we want is more state control of a field as vital as medicine.They control Social Security and we get screwed. They control the military and we get screwed. They control immigration and we get screwed. So why give them more control over medicine?

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