1. LD says

    Sadly, Wilson has also benefitted from this situation. He’s raised a great deal too, from the idiot squad. Anyone have any idea how their donations stack up?

  2. MikeMick says

    They’ve expanded my vocabulary. I never knew that “passionate” is a synonym for “ill-mannered cur.”

  3. Chopsie says

    The last count I heard for Wilson’s fundraising is $200,000 — but I’m sure his idiot brigade has upped that. He also has gotten $400,000 from lobbyists to fight health care reform.

  4. says

    “Joe Wilson is under attack. Click here. You can help. Paid for by Joe Wilson for Congress.” An ad right here on Towleroad. We can help poor Joe!

    What a schmuck. He yells out completely inappropriately. He was wrong (i.e. he was the liar, not Obama). Yet suddenly he’s the victim needing everyone’s $. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he’s being rewarded for it in these crazy days.

  5. says

    Yes, the ads appear contextually. In many cases there is not a lot we can do about them. You may have also seen ads for the Mormon Church on our site. We have tried and tried to block them but those placing them are very crafty and difficult to pinpoint, as they’re coming through the Google ad network. I trust (and hope) our readers are smart enough to avoid them. Apologies.

  6. Jake says

    His wife’s comments are nothing more than a publicity stunt to save his career. If you’ve been following this as I have, Wilson said himself that his son said to him, “you were just having a town-hall moment”. This demonstrates the mindset of his entire family that this behavior is acceptable.

  7. Ben says

    they met where? “Teenage Republican Camp” WTF is that? I love how the republicans accuse gays of recruiting young kids – yet they have a teenage camp! Do we have one of those?

  8. patrick nyc says

    Wilson is known to be a typical southern bigot, I’m sure his wife and kids are the same, no wonder she is proud of that tool.

  9. BC says

    I’d really like to see how much of that $1 million came from people in SC. I think it is BS that people from other states can buy elections for either party. Campaign donations need to come from the person’s constituents, not some rich person who doesn’t like someone else.

    Would it have been more appropriate for Joe Wilson to yell “BOO” at the meeting like the democrats in congress did to Bush? In both events it was very childish.

  10. Latebrosus says

    Is it “passionate” if I call someone a Nazi? Or carry a machine gun to a public town hall? Or associate homosexuality with pedophilia? Yay for the USA!

  11. says

    Yeah, BC. I agree. So that means that the fucking Mormon freaks can no longer bankroll anti-gay legislation in other states? That the Vatican can’t send money to anti-gay initiatives in the US? That national right-wing organizations can’t fund state initiatives against us?

    Right wing bigots are pussies. Big talk, and then as soon as the worm starts to turn they start claiming that they’re the poor, trod-upon victim. Fuck you.

  12. BC says

    Milkman – thank you for the civil conversation. I honestly believe that state candidates/issues should only be financially supported by people in that state. National issues/candidates should only be supported by people in that nation. So yes, for UTAH Mormons to fund Prop 8 – it was WRONG. California Mormons – they can do what they want.

    And where did I say ANYTHING about victim? All I pointed out was that all you lefties screamed at, yelled at, threatened, Boo’d and everything else at Bush for 8 years. And again I AGREE that Joe Wilson was out of line IN THAT SETTING. But the beauty of America again is that we are allowed to say what we want. But there is a way to be respectful.

  13. MikeMick says

    What’s the matter BC, can’t handle liberals who throw a good overhand right? The only time you conservative weenies whine about civility is when you’re getting your ears slapped back.