1. joe says

    i’ve always had a fondness for black men…but this man is just unattractive to me…don’t care for his music either

  2. james says

    geez, this is a crap photo. i think kanye is a good looking guy, esp when he’s dressed, and i would have thought he’d look good without a shirt as well, but man, this photo is really bad. i’m sure if he were in say, vanity fair or something like that he’d look much better.

  3. Wayne says

    It doesn’t matter what he looks like because his heart is just plain wrong… he’s still Kanye. Loser.

  4. jimmyboyo says


    His day will not be ruined because of your opinion

    Anyway; I never suspected he had some muscles under his clothes. Now if he would just get a little fraxel laser treatments on his forehead to smooth out the wrinkles…he’d be good to go

  5. mike says

    Oooops!! There go those “Kanye West is gay” rumours again! This time, though, they’re self-inflicted. Whatever, the guy is UNattractive.

  6. Pekemo says

    Leave it to gay men to bitch about a well-meaning ally to our community. Yes, Kanye would be well served by closing his mouth every once in a while but he’s never done our community any wrong so.

    That being said, Kanye is not an ugly man (he’s not the top of my list by any means but it’s not like he makes my eyes bleed) but the lighting in this photo isn’t doing him any good. GQ or Men’s Vogue(rip) would do him much better justice

  7. Giovanni says

    “he’s still Kanye. Loser.”

    Lighten up folks. The venom spewed towards this dude is a little ridiculous. Kanye may be a lot of things but “loser” would not be among them. Personally I think he looks pretty good in and out of clothes. I can’t wait for Leno’s premiere (now there’s a sentence you will never hear from me again) to see what Kanye, Jay Z and Rhianna come up with.

  8. Paul R says

    His face looks messed up. That’s not hating, it’s true.

    I’m sure it was his idea to take off his shirt.

  9. JeffRob says

    Kanye West is an amazingly talented music producer. His positive attributes are thusly exhausted.

  10. Gregus says

    The bigger story to me is the headline – ‘The new King of Pop’.

    Seems a little soon after Michael Jackson’s death to be proclaiming this.

  11. says

    Hmm, Kanye , who has come out in support of Gays and being different gets nothing but Dickweed comments. Guy who kills or beats up Gays gets, “he’s a killer ,but, I’d do him.” Or, “I know I shouldn’t , but, I’d love to share a jail cell with him.”

    Hmm… What ever could be the difference?

  12. proud hater says

    Kanye is the douche to end all douches. Just because he has mild support for the gay community doesn’t give him a pass for his tantrums and ridiculous histrionic bullsh*t. Basically, there’s not much to see in the shadow of his giant ego besides a lot of rants in capital letters.

  13. AJK says

    Kanye definitely had quite a bit of chub not too long ago. Looks as if he’s been working hard. You go girl!

  14. jimmyboyo says

    Seriously? Why are the comments so negative?

    Posted by: SteveH | Sep 3, 2009 3:13:10 PM

    I suspect log cabinites still pissed over “George Bush hates black people!”

    Kanye is anti-homophobia / a friend of our community in an industry that is far from being our friend……and deserves respect for at least that

    I like Him for having the balls to say the truth about douche shrub who fiddled while New orleans drowned

  15. Roy says

    I’m still wondering why he says “no homo” in the new jay-z/rihanna song. Is that an acceptable term for an ally to use, or is he being ironic?

  16. shondra says

    omg there is others hot picture on the website of the french site ( i think kanye is so hot and shouldnt be with amber rose!

  17. tough guy says

    This is SO photoshopped !!! Take a look at some recent photos of
    him on the beach, and you’ll see the REAL Kanye- flab, and love handles. His photos are as phoney as his music.
    His arrogance is the biggest turn-off. He should take a clue from
    Michael Jackson, and at least publicly, show some humility. YOU
    are NOT as talented as you THINK you are, wise-ass !
    Michael took years, and put real artistry,into his craft-regardless of
    how you may feel about him personally. Kanye comes on the scene
    like he’s the second coming-now he’s just a joke, with his Susan Powter lookalike boy/girlfriend.
    Get off your high-horse, and EARN a title-though it will NEVER be the
    new King of Pop. The talent is just not there, and never will be.

  18. says

    Again, racism not only exists in Rethuglican-land, but also in the gay community. Kanye West is an ally to the GLBT community, but look at the response he gets on something an innocuous as a cover photo. But, as someone here noted, if he was a white skin-jead gay basher, y’all would be creaming your panties in delight.

    Again, I was NOT surprised that Prop 8 passed because all you haters walk around with smug attitudes and a sense of lazy entitlement that everything should be handed to you on a stick.

    The bitchy fagot stereotype is alive an kicking in the GLBT community.

    Kanye is a hard-working, good-looking black man who decided to buck the trend in his industry and speak out against homophobia…and his reward? Scathing comments and attacks from the GLBT community.

    You reap what you sow…..

  19. mike says

    This is a tough crowd. I think Kanye is a very emotional, very feeling man whose own intensity is sometimes too much for even him to handle. He’s young. He’s black. He’s successful. He’s rich. I’d say Kanye’s batting a thousand, right? Or, did I miss something?