1. Gary says

    i got to 1:38 on the vid. I was so uncomfortable, and embarrassed for that guy that I wouldn’t continue.

    A wealthy, in-the-spotlight, dumb as a brick man like this–who has agents and press relation folks on his payroll needs to be advised to STFU.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I think he’s adorable and brave, and the craziest HipHop (maybe down low) brotha’ out there. He gets bashed not only for his moments of lunacy, but also for his honesty. And I understand that his moments of public craziness are offensive and intrusive to some folks. Tough shit.

    Weren’t there some Rock stars like him back in the 70s and 80s–known for their outrageous behavior on and off stage.

    I find him charming and wild.

  3. Bayley says

    Grrrr. Why does the one gay friendly Hip Hop artist have to be such a douchebag to everyone else? It’s easy to see him as likable after quotes like these, hard to feel the same after MTV stunts like the recent one behind.

  4. Giovanni says

    Without a doubt he can be a jackass but I still dig him and hope he continues to publicly plod his way through to enlightenment. It’s entertaining as fuck! Btw name another hip-(p)op artist that is as (albeit akwardly) gay positive as Kanye. Haters hate on.

  5. Bayley says

    Wait a minute….UHM…excuse me….did the bitter queens above calling him a jackass ass actually LISTEN to the interview?

    Did you hear him say how there needs to be more acceptance of gay people in the black community, more acceptance of gay individuals in the hip hop community, that calling someone gay is not a diss because he knows many gay people and the gay people he knows are the most genius and creative in the world, that he would go out to dinner with a gay man because his comfortable in his sexuality. Did you all listen to that part before or after you decided to tell him to STFU and peg him a jackass.

    Kanye IS a jackass. For what he pulled to Taylor Swift. NOT for the interview above.

    The interview above almost….ALMOST makes me completely forgive his antics and meltdowns.

    He’s the only ally we have and ever had in the hip hop community and an outspoken one at that.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “…I don’t stand next to or go to dinner with assholes.”

    JOHN M, do you realize that with that statement you just made yourself game for every sharp tongue queen who reads this blog…note “sharp tongue”.


    we see how important he is in helping certain communities accept gay people, others don’t. Gay people are divided, and after 5 years on these gay blogs, I now know that that is normal.

  7. Jeff NYC says

    He’s the stupidest celebrity currently speaking out. He makes Paris Hilton seem intellectual. I would prefer he avoid the gay issue entirely.

    I agree with President Obama that he’s a jackass.

  8. JeffRob says

    He’s so absurd, and I hate him so much, I almost kind of love him for it. I almost kind of love him for how easy he makes it to laugh at him. For making laughing at him a treasured new national pastime, I almost kind of don’t mind Kanye West.


  9. Wayne says

    Kanye has always been a jackass. His music sucks; even Kris Allen did a better version of his song than he did. His time was over 10 seconds after it started. He deserves every piece of ridicule he’s been getting in the past week. Disappear Kanye. Just Go Away.

  10. says

    Okay he was a drunken douche to Taylor Swift (though i agreed with him). plenty of people are drunken assholes sometimes. Big deal.

    I just don’t see how so many of you bitter queens can hate on him for ALWAYS saying he has no problem with the gays. He’s the only rapper out there who says that. You can make the argument all you want that his words don’t mean anything, but honestly none of the other rappers would say this. I have to give him props for that. His audience is made up of impressionable teenagers and young people, and I for one am not so quick to dismiss someone who’s “on our side.”

    Save the vitriolic comments for Eminem, please.

  11. ben says

    that said, his statements about acceptance and loving gay people are really powerful. you just flat out don’t hear that from rap artists right now. so this is very brave of him, and we defintiely need to recognize that. all “jackass-ing” aside. reaaaally.

  12. Chitown Kev says

    Ok, I know that Kanye is gay positive and may be gay or bi himself but still…

    Is it too much to say that I go through a cultural cringe everytime he opens his mouth?

    Help a brotha out y’all.

    And Kanye…I’ve noticed that your jackassery has increased a little since your Mom died. Just…seriously…rest up and take the time that you need.

  13. Brian in Texas says

    All of you people on here criticizing him are totally missing the point…his heart is in the right place. Some of the stuff he says sounds kind of uninformed and ignorant, but he has a voice, an audience, and he is using it in a positive way here. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  14. says

    God, I love Kanye. The man has many emotional issues, but he’s a badass, a genius who has pushed popular music more than any other artist this decade.

    He’s also gay friendly, and makes it quite clear time and time again that overcoming his own homophobia is one of the reasons why he’s able to be such a powerful influence on our culture. He can be a jackass, and he probably needs a hug, but this is a rather disingenuous post that suggests that Kanye is insecure in his sexuality rather than secure in it. He’s saying he’ll wear a pink watch and have dinner with gay guys because the vast majority of hip hop artists simply wouldn’t do such a thing.

    And as a black person, maligning him in such an off-base way seems just a bit racist to me…

  15. Chitown Kev says


    I thought about that too until I went back and looked at the various comments on some Madonna threads, they were waaaaaaay worse than these. Or some of the Rupert Everett threads. I couldn’t find many Elton John threads, but I have seen plenty of vitriol thrown there.

    I think that the large majority of the comments at Kanye…this time…is that it is so soon after the VMAs and, let’s face, he can be a jackass sometimes. A gay friendly jackass (and most people here acknowledge that) but still a jackass.

    Is there some racial animosity lurking underneath among a few posters. Maybe. But not much, if there is.

  16. Chris says

    Why does Kayne think that women can be bisexual but men can’t be? I’m am a gay man myself, but bisexual men aren’t mythical creatures. What a truly ignorant comment

  17. Ted says

    Derrick @ Philly, after 3 years of reading Towleroad, I have finally found something to disagree with you on. While KW said some good stuff in this piece [notably use of word “acceptance” rather than “tolerance”, but he is so self centered. It’s one thing to be outrageous and outlandish, and have moments of lunacy as long as he is not hurting other people in the process. He regularly shows disrespect for other people’s opinions and that makes him no better than the far right and far left political commentators who fill the airwaves with their rancid, poisonous crap. He’s a big man but talks like a teenager. Grow up KW!

  18. rara says

    yeah, so parts are wretched. but like
    a. mainstream gay magazines / gays often assert there’s no such thing as male bisexuality.
    b. give me any other name in big hiphop who would say that, hate on him all ya want, but you’re just hating on one of yr best shots in reaching out to hiphop. hes saying gays are dope / brilliant as hell, what are you crying about?
    c. unfortunately, we DO still live in a country where many, if not most straight men probably wouldn’t admit to going out to dinner with a gay dude.
    pick your battles Andy Towle, Kanye’s on your side….

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