1. Sargon Bighorn says

    One of these days, just one of these days, we’ve got to read about a gay guy and his buddies turning around and beating the hell out of their attackers. Why are we never hearing about these events? At some point Gay men are going to have to learn to walk prepared for an attack. Should the have to? You know the answer. WILL THEY HAVE TO? Yes.

  2. Bayley says

    You know those gay friends you have who just don’t care?….who just don’t care about “gay marriage” or “the cause” or “our agenda”…..they will face a day when they realize, it’s NOT an option to care or not to care, to protest or not to protest, or to be passionate or not. It’s a matter of standing up not only for our rights, but the happiness and SAFETY of the next generation of gays who are depending on us to pave theway for a road full of equality. It’s our responsibility as every gay person in this world to be active….great or small, any way we can, to influence, educated and create positive change TODAY.

  3. Gary says

    i am with Sargon Bighorn. i keep thinking the same thing. one of these days, someone or a group is finally going to have had enough or will be prepared and it will not be pretty.

    that or a riot will break out. there seems to be a sudden rise on raids and attacks on gay people, gay bars. If and when someone fights back, i will root for them. there is only so much anyone can take.

  4. John in Boston says

    1500? That’s quite a turn-out. You’d be hard-pressed to get that even in a big city, let alone Thunder Bay. How many were from the Thunder Bay ‘community’ and how many were ‘outsiders’?

    Sorry to be so cynical.

  5. Eric says

    That’s an amazing turnout for a city like Thunder Bay.

    What would I do if I was attacked? I’d call the police. I’m not sure what Sargon Bighorn is trying to say, but it smells vaguely of vigilantism. And yes, let’s all root for riots. Those always turn out well. I understand that things like this make the gay community angry (and it makes me a bit angry too, I’m not a complete robot) but violence is obviously not the answer to violence. I’ve thought about doing terrible things to the people that mugged me but if I ever saw them I’d rather carefully make sure they went to jail instead of going all Kill Bill on them.

  6. David says

    Thunder Bay is geographically isolated. It is four hours away from Deluth, a good days drive away from the Toronto area. So what you see in the video are pretty much all northern Ontarians.

    All I can say to the vigilantes on this threat is why not listen again to the speakers. Vigilantism is not what Jake Reynard wants.

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