1. john says

    Couldn’t Corey or Dan have said at some point, “Well, Anderson, as a gay man yourself you know….”

    Guess that will never happen. I can dream, though, can’t it?

  2. Ricco says

    Watching, listening to Corey Johnson on Anderson’s 360 made it clear to me why I rely so much on for hard-hitting news and entertainment.

    He is eloquent as one might expect, and a joy to listen to. What is unexpected is the respect he showed Dan Savage in not interrupting him. He listens. One so seldom sees people on these news panels who show that ability to listen, who can then follow up with additional comments that are enlightening and interesting.

    I hope to see him sometime on a panel with an adversary, and see ow well he holds his own in that situation. I am sure he would do well.

  3. tweedle says

    I am at work and cannot watch the video, but that Corey is way cute, and Dan is not hard on the eyes either.

  4. Chris says

    Tweedle – agreed, as well as being very eloquent and on-the-ball Corey’s extremely cute. Sorry for the shallow moment!

  5. says

    Well done Corey. I am glad to see we are framing our overall struggle for full equality in this fashion. I have had the same nagging concerns about DADT being “cover” for the Obama administration. As much as he is “dithering” on DADT I do fear that it’s the only “gay issue” on his radar, and that when there is movement on it he’ll consider his job done.

  6. daftpunkydavid says

    why does no one even mention ENDA? these are 2 well informed individuals. they could have talked about it. great job nonetheless.

  7. says

    Anderson asked an interesting question on generational differences inside the glbt community — and if that’s what seperated the people inside the HRC/Obama speech and the people protesting outside. To Anderson, I would have answered that it was a *part* of the differences, but I think a difference just as large (or larger) is class. The people on the inside of the HRC room are the wealthy donor class who, as evidenced by Solomnese, they think they know better than we do… even though their way of doing things has been a failure.

    Those people will point to this one thing as a success now, but it’s too late in the game for them to claim a big victory out of this, with far too little in return — bottom line is this was a great thing to happen, but repealing DOMA, DADT and passing ENDA will be the real victories, and the current HRC tactics won’t get us there. We, as a glbt community, need to stay angry and aggressive and need to keep pushing for our rights if we are to win them.

  8. RJP3 says

    Ryan — as for your post — YAWN

    Nothing but posting masterbation.

    This is a huge thing. Try to appreciate good things when they happen — because real awful things happen to each of us every day…. and in the end.

  9. Mr Chris says

    FUCK Dan Savgae that racist bastard for the shit he in part caused the day after election day with Prop 8 in our community….

    Now on the other hand KUDOS to Corey!

  10. nick says

    They both did a great job. I’m really glad to see Corey on TV. He’s a great spokesperson for us as Dan has been for years.

  11. Brian says

    Nice job to all three of the gay guys on this interview! Dan, great as always. Corey, a fresh new face on the television. Anderson, love you.


  12. says

    You’re right, daftpunkydavid. Hate Crimes statues are all well and good but losing your job or your housing because you’re LBGT is SO much bigger a deal.

    As things now stand certain cities (and you know which wins) have job and housing protectiosn for its LBGT taxpayers. Everywhere else — you have to cross your fingers and hope against hope.




    As for Anderson Cooper the fact that he can’t live his life like Elle, NPH, Chris Coler and so many others speaks to CNN’s job policies — and his own lack of cojones.

    He’ll fly to Dafur in a New York Minute but he won’t come out.

  13. patty says

    i am glad anderson didn’t put some idiot from the other side on.

    both corey and dan did a great job telling anderson the concerns of the LGBT community. well done!


  14. clayton says

    leave it to three intelligent and respectable gay men to have one of the most civil and eloquent discussions i have ever seen on cable.

  15. stephen says

    history gets re-written, always. Jimmy Carter, originally would not appear in a photo with Harvey Milk because he was afraid of the Nat’l media. Obviously he’s come around.

    I think I’ve become a huge Dan Savage fan- articulate & well informed.

    End the Gay Apartheid!!!

  16. johnosahon says

    clayton | Oct 23, 2009 10:09:16 AM

    wtf are you talking about?

    the last time i checked anderson has not said he is gay.

    he is such a hypocrite, he brings people who says the president is weak while he himself cannot even come out, PLEASE.

  17. Christopher says

    I love Dan Savage for so many reasons, not the least of which is his weekly sex column that consistently shows straights how much they have to fear from the same reich-wing bigots who would strip gays of our rights. That said, the man’s neck is a pillar of ivory–so munchably adorable.

  18. MCnNYC says

    Good job overall….

    But Curious that none of them mentioned
    ENDA…..and as Rachel Maddow so plainly has said…DADT is really ENDA.

  19. says

    No mention of bisexual or transgender rights, or that the legislation is also named for James Byrd. How disappointingly typical.

  20. DR says

    Will people please stop WHINING because the damned act didn’t turn into an alphabet soup!

    The act now covers race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, etc. You got what you wanted in the definition of “sexual orientation” which includes “gender identity” and protects trans folks.

    Why can’t that make you happy?!?

  21. B says

    Great job! Congrats to Corey and Towleroad. It’s refreshing to see an honest, intelligent representation of the gay community other than that clown/farce cocktail party hostess Joe Solmonese

  22. says

    If Corey has a boyfriend, that guy sure is a lucky man. Excellent work, Corey; it’s great to see you doing so well in your growing journalism career. Looking forward to seeing more.

  23. Davey says

    It is literally killing Dan Savage to have to say anything positive about Obama. He simply hates having to thank “the black guy” since he his racism was revealed following Prop 8. You can just see the seething hatred in Dan’s eyes. And this whole idea that the gay community delivered the presidency to Obama is just plain narcissim. The gay vote was not critical in the election and that is a fact. It remains to be seen whether Corey becomes another angry white gay guy lashing out at the minority president, but I’m optimistic that he can think for himself.

    This is a victory, no ifs ands or buts about it.

  24. says

    As someone who’s been an “activist” for over three decades, I need to say there is an element of truth in almost every comment here.

    But I also need to say that our “leaders” only have as much power as we do as a community. And that reality is, we have virtually NO power in this country, where we have more power than most countries on earth where our kind have no power at all.

    Instead of picking each other to death (easy thing to do), we need to refocus on the real problem, the power structure of wealthy, (mostly white and straight) people in this country (who are mostly Republicans), and the constant mantra of fear they chant endlessly.

    Why aren’t we angry at them? For that matter, why aren’t we angry at anyone who messes with us? We’d rather make excuses for homophobic behavior in our daily lives, than say “enough is enough.”

    My favorite example of this are the bible thumpers who come to our “Pride” events, parades and such, with their bull horns and banners, telling us we’re going to burn in hell. What would happen if a bunch of KKK types showed up at an MLK Day parade? The black folks would probably beat them to death. That’s respect, and we have no respect in this country because on some internal, twisted level, we must think we deserve to be treated like shit. We constantly made excuses in our daily lives in order to survive, and hope that someone else will come to our rescue.

    The criticism of Anderson Cooper is an example. How many of us have demanded the networks have OPENLY LGBTQ persons on the air? Are we content with LOGO? If Anderson is gay (and “we” all know he is), why are we not complaining to CNN that it (and other news outlets) change the long standing expectation that journalists keep their “private lives” off the air?

    One of my best friends, one of the first women on television news (in the 1950s) had her career destroyed when she came out on her afternoon TV show in Los Angeles announcing she was a Lesbian. It was 1977, during the Anita Bryant campaign. Her show was cancelled, her career destroyed, and leadership in our community did not cover her back. Instead, she was derided as having done a stupid thing. What would happen to Anderson Cooper if he came out on TV? He’s be gone, and it would be the end of his career. As Tupac said, “Nothing ever changes.”

    We’ve been telling ourselves for over 40 years that if we just ignore overt homophobia, it will eventually go away. Well, it hasn’t. If anything, it’s worse.

    So before you go attacking Dan, or Corey, or Anderson, or the president, or any other individual who is doing the best they can, ask yourself, what do we do as a collection of individuals, to DEMAND RESPECT ?

    We’ve been spending the last 40 years trying to get people to accept us. It is now time to get people to respect us, and that begins with each individual in our community. No outside force can bequeath that, it has to come from within us.

    In the meantime, we just pick at each other, and complain, and criticize our “leaders” because they don’t do what we’d like them to do, when all too often, the real issue is, we don’t do what we would like to do in our own lives.

    I’ll be watching this years “Pride” season to see if anyone decides to let the bible thumpers know, once and for all, they are not welcome to crash our parties anymore. Won’t THAT make for some good press?

    Personally, after 30 + years and several friends murdered by thugs, and hundreds of friends murdered by the (made in a lab somewhere) HIV virus, I’m tired of being polite to people who hate me. I’ll be glad when some of the rest of us come to a similar conclusion.

    Action equals life, Silence equals death. Picking at each other is just another form of silence.

    Regards, Edward Garren, MA, LMFT
    Psychotherapist, Portland, OR

  25. Sargon Bighorn says

    I want to commit a thought crime! Hummmpppp dang, I just can’t think that much.

    Two great spokesmen, thank you Dan and Corey.

  26. POG says

    Anderson does what he feels he can. Segments like this prove it – he gets the right people in and if even 1 person is influenced to help the GLBT cause afterwards then it’s a step in the right direction.

    He has a right to be as out or as ‘nondescript’ as possible.

    Corey and Dan did great. Intelligent, thoughtful and to the point analysis.

    Plus – er- corey is cute. i’d marry him….

  27. Ann says

    I am so proud of you. The LGBT community is so lucky to have you speaking on their behalf. I’m so lucky to have you as my son. You are an excellent speaker,very articulate. I love you!!

  28. Dave says

    The legislation won’t protect you preemptively. It will just give harsher sentences to bashers after they kick the crap out of you.

  29. John says

    Those who don’t see this as a victory underestimate the importance of momentum in politics.

    As we’ve seen with health care reform, momentum is everything in this game. The Republicans had it coming out of the summer recess. They pulled out the old playbook and brought out the gun-toting protestors again. By the end of August, it looked like the 1993 “Hillary Care” disaster all over again. But the Democrats reclaimed control with Obama’s big speech. And now they have the momentum going into the home stretch.

    Notice how Cooper glossed over the Republican point of view – mentioning it only briefly – and didn’t even bother to invite a nutjob on to say that it criminalizes the Bible or similar nonsense. We’ve no where close to this level of mature reporting and lack of sensationalism with same-sex marriage. Which is why Congress shouldn’t take that up right now.

    But the good news is whenever there’s a win on one of these “less controversial” pieces of legislation, it pushes the momentum in the right direction for everything else. The fact that the reaction to hate crimes has been reasonably positive and the backlash muted will embolden some of the Democrats still sitting on the fence with regards to ENDA and DADT.

  30. Chris says

    UMMMMM To DR You said:
    Will people please stop WHINING because the damned act didn’t turn into an alphabet soup!

    The act now covers race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, etc. You got what you wanted in the definition of “sexual orientation” which includes “gender identity” and protects trans folks.

    Why can’t that make you happy?!?

    Posted by: DR | Oct 23, 2009 12:48:19 PM

    At least Matthew was in one piece. Would you like me to tie you to a post and drag you down the street while alive for 5 miles and watch your flesh fall while I’m driving?

    That’s what happened to James Byrd. And they should read the name of the Bill appropriately. You stupid fuck you and your damn conservative comments give me gas!