Boyzone Singer Stephen Gately Found Dead


Stephen Gately (right), a member of the British boyband Boyzone, has been found dead in a hotel room in Majorca while on vacation. He was 33:

"A close friend said it appeared Stephen died after going out in Majorca, where he was on holiday.

'It looks like he went out for a few drinks, then got back, fell asleep and never woke up,' the pal said. Early this morning Boyzone manager Louis Walsh told us: 'We're all absolutely devastated. I'm in complete shock. I was only with him on Monday at an awards ceremony. We don't know much about what's happened yet.' …All four remaining members of Boyzone – who recently reunited – will be flying to Palma, Majorca tomorrow.

Boyzone star Shane Lynch said: 'Me and the boys are flying out in the morning.  We just need to get over to where he's passed and work out what we need to do.'"

The details behind Gately's death have not emerged. He is survived by Andy Cowles (above, left), whom he married in a civil partnership in 2006. Cowles was featured with Gately in the band's video for "Better" in 2008.


  1. Chris says

    Holy damn. That’s sad, and very surprising. Way too young. I feel for Andy. That is sad news indeed. I never really listened to Boyzone, or knew of Stephen Gately, yet I feel sick reading that. My best wishes to his friends and family

  2. JerzeeMike says

    My condolences to Andy Cowles and all of Stephen’s family and friends. Such a tragedy to lose someone so talented so early in life. His husband must be absolutely devastated. God bless and keep you Stephen.

  3. RJ says

    RIP Stephen. Sincerest condolences to all his family and friends.

    Andy, minor correction – Andrew Cowles is not in the “Better” video. That was an actor. It was originally planned to have all the spouses in the video but some of the wives didn’t want to do it so they went with actors instead.

  4. elcamino says

    They’re an IRISH band, not a British one, and he’s universally love there. This is upsetting news.

  5. Erick says

    Wow this is upseting, this is very sad. He was so young and talented.

    The correction about the video is correct, Andy was not in it.

  6. jack says

    i just hate this news. they were back and sounding better than ever, thanks in no small part to stephen’s singing. he was also an eloquent voice in the UK for equal rights. i had been looking forward to many more years of his and their talent on display.

  7. AnotherNYCguy says

    Awful news. I never liked the music of Boyzone, except for Ronan Keating’s voice, but Gately did an enormous lot of good by coming out, helping along the acceptance and “normalcy” of homosexuality amongst younger people in Ireland, the UK, and Europe overall. And I’ve never heard anything bad about his personal character. He always looked so cute, but the latest pics I saw of him made him look kind of “rough”, beyond just looking more mature. I hope he hadn’t started using drugs. I guess we’ll see.

  8. A Ryan says

    Its shocked me to the core to hear of Stephens Passing, Thoughts and prayers with His family and friends.

    On a related note i’m glad to see i’m not the only one annoyed with Boyzone being classed British… They are and always will be Irish Only!!!!

  9. seb389 says

    I am very sad about this news.Unfortunately, I have to agree with Bunker above, though I hope not, but it’s gotta be drugs. The guy was in perfect shape and he was young. They partied the night before and he ‘s found dead several hours later. The autopsy will tell us more, but I got little hope that it will be natural cause of death…:-(

  10. seb38 says

    yes, it is a marriage. In england, you can marry your partner. If you want to break this marriage, you go through a normal procedure of divorce like Matt Lucas ( Little Britain) did.

  11. Colette says

    So shocking. He always seemed so nice, honestly can’t remember hearing any bad stories about him.

    Also, could be some kind of genetic heart problem instead of drugs.

  12. sully says

    Its so sad, he was the sweetest guy. he will be much missed. oh by the way Boyzone was an IRISH boyband not British, that distinction is fairly important to us Irish!

  13. john says

    I am sbsolutely stunned and so sad I have tears in my eyes typing this. I loved his music. Here is his wonderful song from the film BILLY ELLIOTT, “I Believe.” ….. R.I.P. Stephen

  14. Mark says

    UK = Great Britain = British

    Ireland is (an important) part of the UK, but still part of Great Britain, therefore British.

    Isn’t this the equivalent of someone claiming they are Texan, not American??

  15. Patrick Cooper says

    )UK = Great Britain = British

    Ireland is (an important) part of the UK, but still part of Great Britain, therefore British.)

    MArk, go out and buy an Atlas. Ireland is neither a part of the UK nor a part of Great Britain. IT has been an independent country since 1921.
    Boyzone are Irish.
    apart from idiots here not knowing basic world geography, this is shocking and tragic news.

  16. Mark says

    My bad, but at least I was polite.

    The WORLD has lost a strong voice in Stephen Gately, both musically and politically.

  17. David says

    Get over it you idiots. The guy has just died and you are arguing about British and Irish!! And at the end of the day, so what if it was drugs or whatever it was that killed him at the end of the day he is dead. His husband, partner and friends must be absolutely devastated. Stop stop posting crap and have some sympathy. Rest in peace Stephen

  18. knighttowl says

    This is sad news indeed. I love Boyzone and the band will not be the same without him.

    Now time for a geography lesson….

    Britain refers to the island that contains the countries of England, Scotland, and Wales. Untied Kingdom also includes Northern Ireland.

  19. Mark says

    Untied Kingdom also includes Northern Ireland.

    UnTIED – that’s a hoot – Freudian??

    I AM NO IDIOT, and I am a big fan of Boyzone and have most of their CD’s and many videos on YouTube saved to my favorites. The surprise of this loss is felt deeply. THAT is why I was surprised at this animosity over British/Irish. I posted my thoughts, and then voila, some of that animosity was heaped upon me.

    Geez guys, let us ALL grieve this loss without geo-animosity, okay??

  20. Brendan says

    It’s OK if you do’nt like Irish people and it’s OK if you do’nt think much of our soccer team.You must have SHIT between your ears !

  21. FernLaPlante says

    Terrible news.
    @Roger and Bunker, your idiotic comments are not appreciated. Take them over to Perez.

  22. CB says

    Did I access DATALOUNGE by mistake? Who gives a fuck about Irish/English? The guy died. Have some respect.

  23. Rowan says

    Erm, not sure why you don’t know this but his partner was arrested for beating him up. It’s really rude to say it’s drugs as if it’s someone’s fault.

    Why do people end up doing drugs? Because they are so happy and life is full of daffoldils?

    DV between men needs to be made more aware. So sad.

  24. randy says

    For the most part, you are all quite unbelievable. Irish, it really that important in the scheme of things?

  25. CKNJ says

    What a sad loss… I was really shocked to read about this… he was a great singer, cute guy and I am sure that his husband and family must be devastated by this tragedy! R.I.P. Stephen… condolences to Andy and family…

  26. AnotherNYCguy says

    Nobody is belittling Stephen Gately’s death by reminding that he was Irish. If anything they’re praising him. The Dublin-born boy was probably their second most famous gay guy after Oscar Wilde. Popular sentiment would be that enough has been stolen from Ireland over the centuries, so don’t steal our Gately.

  27. Zach says

    A man has died, his partner and many others are in mourning… so of course the best thing to do is get political.. sheesh

  28. Paddy Irishman says

    I dont like people called Roger. as in my life experience they are all twats and racist fruits!

  29. Steve says

    This is really sad. I became a Boyzone fan after Stephen came out. I loved their music and I loved his courage to be who he was. My heart goes out to his family, his partner, the other members of the band, and his friends.

    @Rowan: I’ve scoured the internet looking for the evidence of his partner being in jail for domestic violence and found nothing. If you’re gonna claim this and want to be taken seriously, please cite your source.

  30. says

    Very sad news indeed. Even our former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) expressed his condolences to Andy and Stephen’s family this morning.

    Also, referring to Irish artists as “British” is a sure way to irritate all of your Irish readers, Towleroad. Boyzone is comprised exclusively of ethnically Irish men from Dublin. There’s nothing British about them and it just really look unprofessional to call them “British”.

  31. AnotherNYCguy says

    It’s not that we mean to get too pissy about the Irish/English thing, but it really DOES matter. It would be like referring to an American star as “Mexican” or “Canadian”, but even moreso because of the varied hostilities, more or less, between Ireland and England, which carries over into the U.S., though those in less ethnic American towns seem to sometimes be unaware of it. But let’s not be hostile with each other. That said, I’m still very saddened by Gately’s death. Still a shocker.

  32. Pinky says

    @ Roger, I hate to say it, but your post did make me LOL. Shame on you!

    Now to the topic at hand, Gately was a dignified and talented voice for equal rights in the UK and beyond. The fact that Boyzone’s fans stuck with them completely after his coming out put the lie to the old canard that coming out ruins careers. Hasn’t done Will Young any harm, either, IMHO.

    Gately’s passing is significant if only for this, but of course there’s the music which was the best of its breed (love it or hate it, you can’t deny the basic talent of Gately and Keating, at least).

    RIP, Stephen, and condolences to those you left behind.

  33. says

    So tragic for his husband and family.

    To those saying it is impossible to die of natural causes at 33, that is nonsense. One of my friends dropped dead from a heart condition he didn’t know he had, he was only 20 and seemed very fit and healthy. At this stage, nobody knows what happened, just seems like he died in his sleep.

  34. Toyeen says

    my condolence goes to his husband and also his member. may his gentle soul rest in peace.
    one thing i wnt to ask u guy arguing tht stephen gately is an irish or britain which counntry is nt good ? i wnt u guy to remembet tht evryone w die one day.and tht is the way they w say bad thng abt u guys tht says bad thng abt him or abt irish.
    fuck u bad people. rest in peace stephen gately.

  35. Peter says

    So sad that someone so young and talented should leave so suddenly. Also very sobering for all of us because neither he nor anyone else knew this was coming.

    Regarding the discussion about Irish vs British it’s amazing how ignorant people are….

    Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland. The UK is more formally known as “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. So, the UK includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It does not include the Republic Of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is where Boyzone (including Stephen) are from. People from the Republic of Ireland do not have British passports and are not British Citizens. They have a totally separate government which has absolutely nothing to do with Great Britain or the UK.

    Texas is part of the USA. The Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK, nor is is part of Great Britain.

    The only small respect in which the “geography” lesson is a little bit relevant is the the term “British Isles” is sometimes thought to include the whole of Ireland but that’s irrelevent really. You try telling any Irishman from Dublin (or Cork or wherever) that he is British and see how he reacts. I suggest you are wearing good running shoes!

    I think Stephen would want to be remembered as the Irishman he was but I’m British so what would I know?

  36. jonney says

    dublin is not part of britain or the uk or any other country dublin is the capital of ireland

  37. hmm.. says

    to mark.. typical ignorant americans.. ireland being part of the UK..
    you couldve at least wikid it before exerting the effort to comment.. Tool

  38. Naughty Lola says

    Mark, mo buachaill, Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom and it hasn’t been for nearly 100 years.

  39. Darrell says

    Ireland is a seperate country to the United Kingdom, Great Britian is also a term for the UK, I suggest you Americans bone up on your geography! That is the same as saying Canada is part of the US, NOT! The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and various Channel Islands, The Republic of Ireland has been Independent since 1921, Stephen Gateley’s death is a loss to the community,

    Also ‘Roger you strike me as a binge drinking bigot with a comment that!

  40. LJB says

    It is a tragic situation and my condolences go out to stephens family and friends. Out of respect to stephen, boyzone and all Irish people such as myself who are proud of the boys success you think you could at least get your facts straight they are 100% IRISH.

  41. atheist says

    This is terribly sad. The papers are reporting that Stephen had been drinking and choked on his vomit. If true, God what a waste of a young life. Poor guy.

    (As for the allegation that his partner beat him up; apparently they had a fracas one night after a night out. Stephen laughed it off saying they were tired and worse for drink).

    I feel for him; he seemed like such a sweet soul; vulnerable and sensitive..perhaps too sensitive for the cut-throat business he found himself in.

  42. DTP says


    Chances are the Irish don’t like you either. In fact, this one certainly thinks you’re a wank.

    Fighting Irish

  43. Mark says

    Will the Brits and the Irish EVER stop this fighting??

    Thank you, FRANCE, for helping us “ignorant Americans” get AWAY FROM THESE NUTS !!

  44. Felix says

    He was one of my first ‘social’ idols. I even bought his solo album. God may receive his soul.

  45. Svend Juritzen says

    Thank you for your fantastic voice Stephen
    Thank you for your great personality Stephen
    “No matter what” you will stay in my heart forever Stephen
    Rest in peace

  46. Svend Juritzen says

    I have already expressed my condolences to Stephen’s family, partner and friends.

    As I can see, there is a discussion going on whether Ireland is British or not.
    I must say I agree with “HMM”‘s comment to Mark.
    Mark,have you ever watched the American quiz programme “Not smarter than a 5th grader”?
    I am Norwegian and I am shocked to see how grown up Americans, even teachers!!!! haven’t got a clue about European geography!!
    UK means “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland.
    IRELAND does not belong to either UK or Great Britain! Ireland is a totally independent country!
    I wonder when American teachers will be able to teach their students that the “Alps” are in Europe, not in Asia or Australia? (referring to the former mentioned “Not smarter than a 5th grader”)
    Except from that…Ireland is a GREAT country!!!