Daily Mail Writer Pens Homophobic Screed About Stephen Gately


Jan Moir, a columnist for the right-leaning British paper Daily Mail, has penned a disgusting homophobic opinion column about late Boyzone star Stephen Gately, whose sudden death over the weekend was announced to be the result of natural causes.

Moir Moir has come under fire for using the occasion of Gately's death to slam the gay "lifestyle" and the "happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships". Writes Moir:

"Something is terribly wrong with the way this
incident has been shaped and spun into nothing more than an unfortunate
mishap on a holiday weekend, like a broken teacup in the rented
cottage. Consider the way it has been largely reported, as
if Gately had gently keeled over at the age of 90 in the grounds of the
Bide-a-Wee rest home while hoeing the sweet pea patch. The
sugar coating on this fatality is so saccharine-thick that it obscures
whatever bitter truth lies beneath. Healthy and fit 33-year-old men do
not just climb into their pyjamas and go to sleep on the sofa, never to
wake up again. Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a
natural one. Let us be absolutely clear about this. All that has been
established so far is that Stephen Gately was not murdered. And
I think if we are going to be honest, we would have to admit that the
circumstances surrounding his death are more than a little sleazy. After
a night of clubbing, Cowles and Gately took a young Bulgarian man back
to their apartment. It is not disrespectful to assume that a game of
canasta with 25-year-old Georgi Dochev was not what was on the cards. Cowles and Dochev went to the bedroom together while Stephen remained alone in the living room. What happened before they parted is known only to the two men still alive. What happened afterwards is anyone's guess."


  1. Matt says

    I kind of agree with her on the first section but not at all on the second. It is kind of odd that they are saying natural causes at 33.

  2. stephen says

    I think they should find out what happn’d, but just for the record, Jan, my 37 yr old brother died of natural causes and all it was… was sad.

    Tell me, are you still smarting from some unrequited gay lover? Why not focus on your own life?

  3. Jim in MN says

    I really find it more than a bit disturbing that in the U.K., you can obviously become a forensic pathologist simply by writing a conservative column in a conservative paper.

  4. dizzyspins says

    Heath Ledger
    Brad Renfro
    River Phoenix
    John Belushi
    Chris Farley
    Jimi Hendrix
    Jim Morrison
    Elvis Presley

    all straight people who died early from excessive lifestyle.

    Its not being gay that puts you in the danger zone, but being a celebrity, where drugs, booze sex and everything else is handed to you.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    you did it again. That hairdo is pure 1966. Actually, she’s what I imagine one of our favorite Towleroad posters looks like in drag.(one that you and I had a run in with the other day). I mean that as a compliment…I swear I do.

  6. jimmyboy says

    I don’t agree with her on the first section. Yes 33 yr olds have heart problems. Hell 19 yr old high school athletes drop dead from undiagnosed heart issues.


    On the 2nd part……sleep around/ pick up tricks OR be in a relationship

    Those who try to do both tend to be too weak to be on their own on the nights they don’t have a different trick.

    dicking around with tricks is dicking around with tricks………….being in a relationship is being in that relationship with that person only.

    They were pathetic. They should have either remained in an uncommitted fuck budy deal and picked up tricks or committed to a real relationship which means 1 on 1

  7. Liam says

    So people who are relatively healthy don’t ever have undiagnosed conditions that can potentially be fatal? No defects in the heart, or circulatory system, or unknown allergies which can go undetected? What an ass. >.>

  8. says

    What happened within Stephen Gately’s relationship is nobody’s business but his own. People get away with making broad judgments about gay relationships based on what? Sketchy facts about two gay celebrity couples. Yet would she make the same judgments about straight marriages based on facts from, say, Whitney Houston’s marriage, or Phil Hartman’s, or Ted Demme’s, or fill in the many blanks . . . ? Of course not. If marriage/partnership rights were stripped away from a whole group because of the misbehavior of a few couples (and who gets to judge what constitutes misbehavior in a private relationship?) then straight people would have been prohibited from marrying a long time ago.

  9. says

    Thanks, Derrick. You’ve advanced from applauding when others point and laugh at me to doing it yourself. That’s who you are. That’s why it’s ridiculous when you climb onto your moral high horse.

    And I’m not nearly so young or pretty.

  10. Mike says

    Jesus, how many idiots do we have on this planet? People die every single day from natural causes, and death isn’t age discriminating. Lifestyle is NOT sexual orientation. In addition, what does how somebody lives their life have to do being able to marry? Who decides which lifestyle is deserving of marriage – I’m sure alot of straight couples would tell her to f#ck off. The whole article is an unbelievable, ridiculous rant. What is it about these wingnuts – they always do the same thing, throw a bunch of shit out there and hope that something sticks.

  11. Rovex says

    Anyone would think that every straight marriage is perfect, and that no straight couples ever have threesomes, or partner swap. To say its a gay only issue, and as a result we dont deserve marriage (which is basically what she said) is very homophobic and delusional.

  12. Zach says

    “Those who try to do both tend to be too weak to be on their own on the nights they don’t have a different trick.”

    That’s been my general experience.

    “They were pathetic. They should have either remained in an uncommitted fuck budy deal and picked up tricks or committed to a real relationship which means 1 on 1″

    That’s uncalled for. Relationships entail negotiation and contradictions. I would never engage in an open relationship, and I detest arguments that insinuate that it’s somehow more enlightened, but we shouldn’t define or judge a relationship simply because it deviates from a monogamous pattern.

    Communication and honesty are far more important. If a couple commits and discusses having an open relationship, then I see no problem in that. The probability of long-term success is minimal, but that’s true of most relationships.

  13. Walter says

    I sent this to the Daily Mail… if I could only send this to Moir herself in a pretty envelope.

    Open letter to Jan Moir,

    You are entitled to an opinion of Gately as a singer or as a public figure, however tone deaf you may be. But you are not entitled to expel your vicious imagination in an obvious attempt to vilify him. What you have done is perpetuated the notion that homosexual men and women must surly ‘party enough to suffer in the end.’ Your biased generalization is demeaning, insulting to the LGBT community and insulting to your intelligence.

    At the same time, your use of the scandal-thirsty media as a source for your vile opinion puts your motives into question. Instead of constructively differentiating between fact and ‘alleged media blitz,’ you take it all in to feed this fantasy of yours where Gately’s death must have been because of infidelity, substance abuse and decadence. I have yet to read a substantive report that proves your alleged ‘seepage’ of a dangerous lifestyle that he followed. Also, what makes you so certain that Gately was healthy and fit? There are plenty of diseases and conditions that do not manifest until it’s rather advanced or too late.

    It’s horrific how you claim to seek the truth when you are feeding the public misinformation and scandal. Your far-from-journalistic approach to seeking truth has left you with a hate letter that uses soap-operatic controversy and scandal as allegedly ‘de facto’ reporting for a published opinion.

    Your column marks you clearly as part of that horrific system of sick people that spins stories around to sell newspapers or feed lies and scandal into public opinion/ideology. I hope the Daily Mail has good, honest and hard-working interns that need some publishing space soon… because as I see it, this hatemongering shouldn’t stand long.

  14. Graham Anderson says

    Its worth noting that almost all advertising has been removed from the article, due to requests from the advertisers. I called Marks & Spencer – who had ads running on the story earlier – and their statement was that “they reject discrimination in any form and requested that the Daily Mail remove their ads from the article”.

    The Press Complaints Commission – the toothless industry body that is supposed to regulate newspapers – ended up with a crashed website. Replies to complaints that did get through state that the PCC can only accept complaints from directly affected parties – i.e. they will do nothing unless the family & friends complaint to them.

    So it goes to show, if you want to fight inaccuracy and injustice in the UK press, you’re better off leaning on the advertising budgets rather than expecting any just recourse from the PCC.

  15. Sean says

    I am disgusted at this article. I don’t care if he had a bareback orgy inside of a pinto…that doesn’t need to be discussed nor be a commentary in an article about a man’s death.

    Now she is trying to say that she supports civil unions and meant that they are just as troubled as marriages. BAH! She is trying to salvage herself.

  16. James says

    Jan Moir was not completely wrong. Though I do not agree with most of the things she wrote, some of her questions are valid and needs to be addressed. It is not particularly homophobic to ask what was a third party doing in their vacation home. Won’t we ask the same question if they were a straight couple? When we (gay people) ask to enter the same relationships as striaght people (i.e. marriage, civil partnership) we should be willing to be held at the same standard. Maybe what we want is affirmative action — where we are judged by a different standard? There is nothing wrong with that as long as we call it by its name. So what do we really want?

  17. sandra says


  18. Leo says

    There has been absolute outrage about this article in the UK. It was the lead story on News at Ten on ITV (the main commercial network in the UK).

  19. JT says

    It’s a British paper. It’s going to be anti-Irish to begin with. (No offense to my fine British friends).

  20. says

    Anyone who is the slightest bit influenced by this archaic diatribe probably was never much of a gay rights supporter to begin with. But it is rather telling that she has rabidly jumped to so many conclusions. This is a really hateful article. Jesus.

  21. Daniel says

    So, should we use Anna Nicole Smith as an example of why heterosexuality is so bankrupt? How about Kurt Cobain? The list could go on and on. Also, she drawing her conclusions from assumptions and rumors–she has really dubious reporting skills.

  22. says

    @ Daniel: I think a part of the problem is that there are so few openly gay celebrities so that when something like this happens, rightly or wrongly, the event and the person involved come to represent an entire demographic. Twice in 30 days a British gay celebrity has died and many people are assuming Gately died under suspicious circumstances because the autopsy results are so vague. I mean, what does “natural causes” mean exactly? I have to say, I’m dissatisfied with the official story which only gives room for nasty speculation.

  23. John says

    I’d guess the majority of people in Ireland would view the opinion of a right-wing British tabloid as worth ‘less than nothing.’

    If Ms. Moir’s intention was to influence the debate on civil partnerships going on in Dublin, I don’t think anyone there will take her seriously. Ireland will have civil unions by the end of the year whether the English Tories like it or not.

  24. Lubin Odana says

    How lovely that the only person who agrees 110% with Jan Moir, also does CRAZY-CAPS.

    I’ve been following the Daily Mail’s homophobia for some years, and have published a chapter on it in a book I wrote, after analysing hundreds of its articles on homosexuality. Based on my analysis, this is the list of 10 “rules” that the Daily Mail journalists have to adhere to if they are to write about homosexuals. Jan Moir managed to get most of them…

    1) Gay relationships don’t last
    2) Gay is not a proper identity, it’s just filthy sex
    3) Being gay will lead to crime and violence
    4) Being gay is something to be ashamed about
    5) Beware – many gay people hide their gayness for some reason – making them liars and morally dubious
    6) Despite (5) many gay people are “obvious” and/or “shameless” so they won’t shut up about being gay – and we don’t want to know!
    7) Gay people are promiscuous
    8) Gay people are everywhere – they are many and they are strong
    9) They want to infect your children with their ways
    10) They are strident, loud and militant. They will never stop demanding “rights” they don’t deserve.

  25. says

    I think SANDRA may be sending her post via a teletype machine, because in the time her views come from there are no computers.

    I still find it scary and disgusting that some (supposedly) gay men buy into the straight crap that’s meant to keep them in their place. Sad. Think, people. We used to have to do that on our own, but now that some people accept us, it’s apparently OK to go through life unconscious, just swallowing homophobia and spitting it back up.

  26. says

    I think SANDRA may be sending her post via a teletype machine, because in the time her views come from there are no computers.

    I still find it scary and disgusting that some (supposedly) gay men buy into the straight crap that’s meant to keep them in their place. Sad. Think, people. We used to have to do that on our own, but now that some people accept us, it’s apparently OK to go through life unconscious, just swallowing homophobia and spitting it back up.

  27. says

    I think SANDRA may be sending her post via a teletype machine, because in the time her views come from there are no computers.

    I still find it scary and disgusting that some (supposedly) gay men buy into the straight crap that’s meant to keep them in their place. Sad. Think, people. We used to have to do that on our own, but now that some people accept us, it’s apparently OK to go through life unconscious, just swallowing homophobia and spitting it back up.

  28. Leo says

    @ JT This article had nothing to do with the British press being anti-Irish (the Daily Mail actually has a successful Irish edition), it is pure homphobia on the part of the Daily Mail.

  29. says

    Tracy Turnblad is a whore.

    Having said that, there is a club near my house called the Green Door. It is for straight couple (mostly married) to go have sex with strangers. I am sure there are drugs involved often AND it’s open very late. In my opinion, it’s icky. But, do I think straights shouldn’t be allowed to marry because of places like the Green Door? No.

    Gay unions will probably mirror straight ones to a T. There will be happy 50yrs ones and messy adultery filled divorces. I don’t see how anyone can think Gays will make anymore of a mockery of marriage that straights already have.

  30. says

    When I was 14 (early 1980s), my mother’s cousin died in a car accident. From the hushed conversations that the adults didn’t know I overheard, I was eventually able to piece together that he died returning from seeing a mistress or female one-night-stand. It turned out that he and his wife had an understanding that on Friday nights, she would stay home with their young children while he could go out and “play around.”

    This was around the same year when I discovered that two friends of my mom’s, a straight married couple with young children, would occasionally bring in another woman for a three way.

    The point is: many couples, including straight legally married couples, work out different parameters to their relationships. And if those paramters are safe and consensual to everyone concerned, it’s no one else’s business.

    Lots of people (including a lot of LGBT people) say that if gay people want to get married, they should ACT married, which is code for monogamy. And don’t get me wrong, monogamy works for quite a lot of them. But one nice advantage to being gay is that in having to re-invent our relationships, we’re allowed to figure out what works for ourselves. Strict monogamy? Non-monogamy only in the context of 3-ways when both partners are present? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell but only when one parter is out of town? Other approaches?

    A marriage license or civil union imposes certain rights and responsibilities regarding caring for one another and being responsible for each other. But the civil documents (separate from any religious dogma, which no longer has no legal weight) say nothing about monogamy, 3-ways, and the like. If straight couples can work out different arrangements — and they can, and do — gay couples should be able to as well.

  31. says

    “When we (gay people) ask to enter the same relationships as striaght people (i.e. marriage, civil partnership) we should be willing to be held at the same standard. Maybe what we want is affirmative action — where we are judged by a different standard?”

    She put out the bait, and you took it, James: pure internalized homophobia. Straight couples are held to no standard. None. Any straight couple can marry, no questions asked. Straight couples can be unfaithful, invite any number of extras into the relationship, die in natural and unnatural circumstances–still, no questions asked. Straight celebrity marriages that end tragically never make anyone call into question whether straight couples should or shouldn’t be allowed to marry. That is the double standard, James. The idea that any self-respecting gay person could not see the homophobic leap in logic she makes is mind-boggling. Whatever happened inside Stephen Gately’s relationship–and certainly she doesn’t know–should have no impact on whether gay people deserve basic human rights.

    And, Sandra, darling, you don’t sound any more intelligent when you use ALL CAPS, quite the contrary.

  32. John says

    The only country that has legalized both same-sex marriage and polygamous marriage is South Africa.

    And has it changed the fabric of society forever?

    Not in the slightest.

    Marriages might be important to individual parties involved in them. But as an institution, it simply isn’t that important a vehicle for social change. Economic changes are far more wide reaching.

    And what has happened is both the religious nuts and progressives have been suckered into caring a lot more about this than they should by the very people who stand to profit most from it. Simply being gay or anti-gay is a multi-billion dollar industry in this country. Talk about paying top rate for low skilled workers.

    So, yes, it should be legalized. But it also should not come at the expense of everything else that needs fixing. The system of governance in America needs a major renovation in general. California’s spectacular voter-approved implosion is ample proof of that. The Golden Dream has gone from being one of the world’s largest economies to the verge of being labelled a failed state.

  33. seb london says

    why adding more guilt on Andy’s shoulders? Why adding humiliation to pain ? Why inflicting more suffering on Stephen’s family? This article made me sick and I complained to British Press watchdog. Andy and Stephen were famous, were in love and had the life , the needs and the journey every lambda citizens have. They decided to share that with someone else that night? So what? Big deal. What disgusts me even more are the comments from the certain persons here , from our own community. That make me sad, but I ‘m not surprised. I wanted to watch on skynews his funeral today but it was way too sad for me. Stephen was a beautiful person and his husband Andy loved him very much. all my thoughts are going to him and stephen’s family. There will always be people who want to inflict pain because they don’t know how to react about other people lifestyle. It’s part of the deal in life I guess….

  34. Neil Tovey says

    How ignorant – Everyone on here should boycott the Mail – even if she gets sacked still boycott it because her ignorant, insensitive editors agreed to it. For the record I am 100% hetrosexual and know people who were like me and HAVE died in their sleep for no reason. This woman has no heart and will do anything to get her name in lights . Please boycott this ghastly paper

  35. seb london says

    How dare anyone agree with what has been said in this article. Have you lost your mind? did some of you become forensic expert overnight? He died of natural causes , alright? What he did , it’s nobody fucking business. Stephen ‘s dead, his parents and his husband are devastated and the world lost a beautiful soul , why some of you wants to inflict more pain that the one existing already. Nobody drinks here? Nobody fucks? everyone is so fucking perfect? I don’t think so. So shove your judgemental attitude up your ass and let people grief in peace!!!

  36. atheist says

    I would implore everyone to read this article by Charlie Brooker to discover why Moir’s rant has disgusted so many people.


    Will people here -you YOGCHICK – stop implying that its all a bit fishy. He died of natural causes – pulmonary oedema probably caused by a heart attack. Exactly the same thing happened to the brother of someone i used to work with – he was in his late 20s. apparently 12 people a week (in the UK) die from undiagnosed heart conditions so shut up already about it being all so suspicious. This is nothing to do with him being gay fer gods sake.

  37. sandra says

    I agree 110% with moir’s article, and i will shut my pie-hole if you shut your ass-hole, i am entitled to my opinions and no one can change that,AND I MAKE NO APOLOGY FOR THAT

  38. John in Boston says

    His objectionable ‘life-style’ had more to do with his wealth and fame than homosexuality. There are PLENTY of heterosexual ‘celebrities’ in the arts, sports, business, politics, who lead what she would find objectionable life-styles.

    Why does she stereotype all homosexuals over the ‘wild’ life-styles of a few, when she doesn’t do like-wise regarding heterosexuals over the life-styles of a few?

    She’s a classic fucking bigot.

    Ironically, EVERYONE regardless of their station in life, described Mr. Gately as an exceptionally nice, decent man. That’s FAR MORE important than what this nasty bitch is yapping about.

  39. Zaihan Kariyani says

    Dear Sandra,

    Please, continue sharing your pie hole filling with us, and we’ll share our asshole fillings with you.

    Your rights are our rights. Thank you for that clarification.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that the strabge fascination that people have about the homosexual lifestyle is what often causes them to spout nonsense like Jan Moir. Some secret part of them is excited and aroused, but they are suppressing it so much that shit comes out of the wrong hole.

  40. says

    Poor, Sandy. It’s a stretch to consider agreeing “110%” with someone an “opinion.” Opinions involving formulating words into comprehensible original thoughts, and clearly you haven’t mastered that art yet. But you have learned to type, more or less, and you have discovered the ALL CAPS KEY on the keyboard, so congratulations on your progress!

  41. Tom says

    Oh, Sandra, when’s the last time you got laid, honey? Perhaps you should concentrate on your own no-doubt dreary life before casting your ill intentioned aspersions on the lives of others. Miserable cunt.

  42. Jason says

    Come on, 33 and natural causes? He was sleeping on a sofa in his own home whilst his civil partner was elsewhere. He either choked on his own vomit or just died of alcohol overdose. Why the bloody cover-up. It happens if yr gay or straight. One of those things. U pay yr money and u take yr chances. I read the DM but found the article inflammatory (as usual). Still, guess it sells them papers! I never believe a word they say personally but he was a young guy who whooped it up and paid the price. It could’ve been anyone but because he’s famous, I guess it sells papers and fills news slots. I FOUND IT ALL HIGHLY INTRUSIVE and frankly nobody’s business. He was talented and will be missed.

  43. freddyg says

    Good for Jan Moir…she’s just got the guts that most hetrosexuals don’t have in speaking their minds………….whether your hetrosexual or gay the fact remains the circumstances are more suspicous than a nun doing squat thrusts in a cucumber patch!