Florida Gay Basher Arrested, Charged with Hate Crime

One of two men who assaulted another man while shouting anti-gay epithets outside the Westend Package Bar in Newberry, Florida, near Gainesville, in early September, has been arrested and charged.

Bracewell According to the North Florida Herald, "The Gainesville man, a 31-year-old white male, was
badly beaten after several people questioned his sexual orientation,
[Officer Steve] Maynard said. Two men punched the victim in the face and then
broke a beer bottle on his head, according to the police report. The
men proceeded to kick the victim once he had fallen down and was
unresponsive. The attack was unprovoked, Maynard said. Initial
reports, which include interviews with eyewitnesses, show that two men
jumped on the victim and beat the man while calling him derogatory
names related to being a homosexual."

Police arrested William Dennis Bracewell: "Bracewell was arrested at his construction job in Gainesville and
charged with aggravated battery that caused great bodily harm or
disability, as well as a hate crime charge…Bracewell has posted bond of $50,000 and is out of jail, said Art Forgey, Alachua County public information officer. Forgey said that hate crimes charges are not common in the county."


  1. Jake says

    A bond of only $50,000 after being charged with aggravated battery AND a hate crime charge! I don’t think the judge has much compassion for the gays and the seriousness of this crime!

    I bet Bracewell flees.

  2. Jhon says

    Such cowards. Why can’t these losers beat up someone by themselves? They always have to have two or three to one. Pathetic mental cases. To my gay brothers and sisters. Be prepared to BASH BACK. Take some defense courses and learn to beat the shit out of these animals.

  3. Chris says

    WOW…He’s not Black. I thought the Gay community was under the impression that African Americans are the homophobic ones who attack, beat, and kill?

    I guess not. Hope his ass rots in hell while in jail.

  4. Joe says

    I have reflected on my comments and think my state “shut up fag lovers!” was wrong and I now say I am sorry to anyone who may have been offended. I know for a fact this story is contrived to instigate hate towards others. It was a stupid fight over nothing. You people are hoping he rots in jail? and you do not know what really happened? You don’t want folks pointing out your flaws but you sure cast a lot of fingers towards others when you think you have a personal forum that allows you to do so. Grow-up!,being Gay does not give you any right to wish bad things upon people. Dare they wish it upon you would you not lose your mind? Watch where you cast ill will that it don’t come back on you. Karma is a Bitch! Peace

  5. John says

    Oh yes…..I had a mohawk, mohican, spiky hair, long and tied back, short, buzzed, skinned (my favorite) rat-tail, but nothing as bad as this dude. He looks like a piece of work.

    And every conceivable facial hair configuration. I miss my teenage fuzzstache.

  6. Scooter McGoo says

    @Joe First of all Ur comment can not be taken back, this is not preschool where that rule applies. This is the everyday world in which we live and interact. Having lived in Central Florida for eight yrs I have come across this type of situation before, too many times. Where I can understand that to much alcohol can loosen the tongue, verbal abuse is usually how it starts. I remember in Tampa, there were three young gay men walking along Channel Side when five straight men started verbally accosting them w/ no response from the three. I guess that was enough for the five to physically attack the three but to their surprise, the three were defensive and put the five on the ground. When the police showed up, the five started telling how they got beat up but made it out that the three attacked first. I know I always start a fight when out numbered, but I think it was more embarrassing that they were put down by gay men.
    I guess that Karma does indeed come full circle, so my friend since U were there, I would give this advice. Hang out with this individual & his group and U might find one day that someone who U can define as gay does react in the same manor. I bring no ill will towards others but if someone lays a hand on be, all bets are off who will walk away and who will not. This bitch does not fight fair, I will simply break Ur leg, then I will step aside and wait for the police.

  7. Bear says

    It does not matter wether the victim were gay or not. The attacker(s) used language that indicated they perceived their target to be so. Therefore it is a hate crime. Anyone who attacks another regardless of the reason is guilty of a crime.

    To the rest of you:
    Many of you other “posters” have declared that the victim should fight back. Agitated attackers do not fight fairly in any manner. They rely on numbers, they rely on fear tactics and they wait for an oportunity to strike and strike hard. No matter the training a person has when assaulted, especially where alcohol or other stimulants are involved, reaction time is stilted. Almost all persons when attacked attempt defensive action, such action is not possible in many situations as the attacker(s) are relentless. So, in answer to your fighting back; are you saying the victim should become the attacker?
    The answer is not for the victim to so much fight back as it is for the observer(s) to step in and take control of the situation by seperating the parties, allow no one to leave and wait for the authorities to arrive. Only when the observers take control and stop being a crowd that suddenly dissapears, or claims no knowledge, when the authorities arrive will these crimes even begin to lessen.

    Sitting behind computer keyboards and damning the victim while making remarks about the assailant does no good for anyone. We all need to step forward, put a stop to the action while it is happening and report all we have witnessed. Only then will people think twice about their actions.

    Too many of these bullies have learned and gotten away with being bullies all of their lives because not one individual has taken the steps to report and act as witness. It begins in grade school. Teachers need to listen to the other students and not tell them to “mind their own business” when they report of inappropriate actions of others. The same goes for parents.
    The bullies know they can get away with it and it becomes a lifestyle for them. I’m not blaming just teachers but all adults who take no action. All adults who do not listen to the children and what they have to say. Stop stopping the children from speaking out. Those little “tattle tales” generally speak for a reason. When a child speaks, listen. Then watch and observe. It does not take long to see who the instigators are, nor does it take much to correct the behavior. It is when the bahavior has been allowed to progress unstopped for years that the behavior modification becomes difficult. Enough said.

  8. Norm D Plume says

    And what’s sad is that there are still mentally challenged lgbt people that insist that Obama is on our side… He’s not. He’s on the side of the gay bashers. If he were on our side, he would immediate sign an exectuvie order to stop all investigations and discharges under DADT. He would sign an executive order extending all federal benefits to same-sex couples. He would speak out forcefully and loudly against attacks on lgbt people in this country and against anti-gay legislation and in favor of the repeal of Prop 8. He could do a lot of things. He chooses to do nothing. It speaks a great deal about how low the expectations of the lgbt community are when we cheer when the president utters the word “transgender” but does NOTHING to advance equality.

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