1. beb says

    As much as some on this site bash her, I’m happy to hear that we have another ally in our corner. Lady GaGa has the attention of a LOT of people and could potentially influence others to join the cause.

  2. says

    omg omg omg i hate her! she is ugly and im too old to understand why she is popular!!!?

    Wait, Just kidding. I don’t bash people who do good work. She’s amazing and I love everything about her style. She’s an icon and she puts herself out there for the right causes.

  3. k says

    This is disturbing…. no, NOT Lady Gaga — she is amazing. What is disturbing is that I attended a gathering on Saturday in the DC area (where 100% of the people were gay men), and after asking 15 people if they were attending the March, only ONE had any idea at all what I was talking about. They all knew Lady Gaga though. Wish the connection could have been made sooner. Many thanks to her.

  4. JT says

    I think of her as a gimmicky flash-in-the-pan, but I’ll give her credit for this. She IS popular, so this will give the March more publicity. She’s doing better here than that silly Barney Frank or John Aravosis (?) of Americablog who are hiding under the table from this March.

  5. JACKNASTY says

    I thought she was a gimmick too, but now I’m not so sure. Based on her SNL performance, she can actually sing. And play. Which is more than 99% of the pop tarts out there can manage.

    Somewhere out there, Freddie Mercury is smiling.

  6. Dairyqueen says

    All the piss and vinegar comments for a woman who is HUGE in the pop world right now who is standing up for our rights. Madonna, Brit, brit, Christina, and all those other pop divas have never stood up in the early years of their career for gay rights? Especially on World Wide TV like on the MTV awards.

  7. buster says

    @ KFLO and JT- Thank you for changing my mind. I actually was having a little bit of the reaction KFLO was mocking (well, I don’t hate Gaga but I’m old enough to not really “get” her, and was feeling her announcement is just a publicity ploy.) But you’re both right. Whatever her reasons, she’s doing something that is more supportive of our community than many others who should and hooray to her for that.

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