Mary Cheney Pregnant with Second Child

Twomommies2_1_1 A second baby is on the way for Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, Trueslant reports:

"Cheney has worked as a principal at Navigators Global,
a bi-partisan communications firm, but recently announced  that she
would be leaving the company for maternity leave and to begin a new
consulting firm with her sister, Liz. Close friends were informed that
she was expecting a second child about four months ago and she is now
visibly showing her pregnancy, the source says."


  1. Alex in Boston says

    So considering the they live in VA where there is an Anti-Gay Marriage amendment and no recognition of Domestic Partnership or GLBTT Adoption then this would make for the 2nd Bastard Grandchild of the former Vice President of the USA! Great Nation we live in huh? To go down in history as the Bastard grandchildren of a Vice President of this great and free nation!!!!!

  2. lincolnlounger says

    Congratulations to Mary and her family! This should be celebrated instead of a bunch of snarky queens spewing venom. The more often we have successful families like Mary’s in situations that are non-traditional, the more in-roads our community can make.

    Snipe all you want, but Dick Cheney doesn’t oppose gay marriage. Barack Obama does and hasn’t lifted a finger for our agenda.

    Oh yes, I suppose we should all be thrilled with the pat on the head of attending the HRC dinner that will make all the professional gay lobbyist swoon. Big deal.

  3. B says


    You would like us to praise Dick Cheney because he’s decided that he’s okay w/ gay marriage now that he doesn’t hold any power? Wooooow. Never mind the trash he was while in office and the trash he still continues to be. All the anger towards Bush jr. should rest solely on that piece of scum and Bush should get a head shake for being a complete puppet. No decision was actually his, he just read a paper on television here and there, and horribly might I add, the real reason they implemented leave no child behind is so they don’t end up like him.

  4. MikeMick says


    Get fucking serious. Celebrate the Cheney family all you want, and smile when they paint you pink and throw you to the rednecks. The Cheneys have two sets of rules: one for themselves and one for everyone else. They don’t give a tinker’s twat about any GBLT person who isn’t in their own vile, sociopathic brood. Darth Cheney and The Idiot Prince rode bigoted homophobia to a second term. Obama sucks on gay issues right now, but if you’re going to say he’s worse than the two freaks who ran the show from 200-2008, you need to talk to a receptive audience of mouth breathers.

  5. Party Pooper says

    I don’t wish this BITCH jackshit. She doesn’t support us. Her Parents and sister hate us, She donated money to an anti-gay candidate for congress….WTF????

    Bitch is a JUDAS…Fuck her!

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