1. Robert says

    Unfortunately this was pretty much the exact same speech he gave before the election. Nothing new. And the HRC crowd in their tuxedos went nuts… probably because they were all drunk on champagne. HRC is an embarrassment.

  2. Edo says

    I concur. Nothing but MORE WORDS piled higher and deeper. NO ACTION…not even an concrete promises or timelines for action. Total BS. Ridiculous. And I’m furious that lots of gay people will probably be satisfied with the crumbs that Obama offers.

    My wallet has long been closed to the HRC. And it’s also slammed shut for Obama and the Democrats. Screw them.

  3. Jim in MN says

    All flash and NO substance. Words and promises are easy, actions PROVE yourself, President Obama. You know you have the power to end discharges under DADT immediately. You know there are ACTIONS you can take that would ensure equality comes to your GLBT brethren and yet you don’t. I have no doubt that you believe in our equality, but part of your job as President is to act decisively – thats why you have the powers that you do.

    (What I’d say to him)

  4. Rich LaHaye says

    Take a breath.
    Breathe into a brown bag if need be…

    If the Presidents speech tonight was not good enough for you –
    Then I’m here to collect your card.

    REALLY did you ever believe you’d hear a setting President – (not one 10 years AFTER he left office) say the kind of things our President said tonight on behalf of the LGBT citizens. He is standing up for us – WE WILL STAND with him.

  5. adamblast says

    Charming and substance-free.

    If I’d been there I might have bought it, and come away encouraged.

    From a great distance it borders on insulting. He can’t even be bothered to mention Question 1 or Referendum 7?

    When will Obama start giving US quotes WE can use in these populist battles rather than our enemies?

  6. Gregory says

    This speech came off like he was the only candidate talking to a LGBT group during a primary campaign. He was able to “talk big” and yet offer nothing. It was a terrible disappointment.

  7. Trog says

    Mixner was right: The speech was a disaster. I watched it on C-SPAN, waiting for Obama to mention the upcoming votes in Maine, Washington State and Washington, DC. Nothing. NOTHING! No specifics about DADT, no hard talk about marriage or civil unions. Nothing new or solid at all. And this tepid speech comes the day after winning the Nobel Peace Prize?!?

    Unacceptable. Then factor in that “we should be happy with bread crumbs” announcement from HRC. WTF?

    And what’s with the previous Towleroad posters attacking Mixner for his weight or his past work with the Clintons (whom he later distanced himself from)? This is a man who has walked the walk for LGBT causes, and we treat him like this? Seriously, the discourse on this site is becoming as enlightening as Queerty, which I had to stop reading because of all the immature vitriol.

    Anyone else plagued by a neverending sense of frustration and anger since the Nov. 4 election? Damned if I have figured out how to channel it into something productive–no, I don’t think a march will yield results (besides, I’ve already been to a million of them). Instead, I donated money to the Maine marriage cause.

    I will be curious to see whether the Obama speech will be portrayed as the spineless insult it was.

  8. jack says

    @ruch lahaye…

    if you AREN’T a paid shill, you need to turn in YOUR card. there is no other excuse.

    (and it is SITTING president, not setting, unless you are talking about president of the hen house)

  9. says

    I agree with Rich Lahaye. Sorry, but this was a great speech, and words DO matter. If he were planning to bail on us, he did not have to be there tonight, in DC the night before the march. I believe him, and I think I’ll be proven right.

    I don’t see how anyone gay can honestly say this speech was “substance-free.” I guess we are becoming more and more trapped in a gay echo chamber online where we forget how crazy-important it is to have the leader of the free world saying a relationship between people of the same gender should be as admired as one between people of opposite genders.

    Even the derided Easter remark overlooks that his inviting gay families to that event really WAS a big deal. It made the righties flip their fuckin’ gourds and the remark was not, after all, a cornerstone of this speech or anything.

    He strongly reiterated that DADT will go.

    For me, the only disappointment (considering I didn’t expect him to issue a DADT stop-loss on the spot, though I disagree with him on that approach) was, as Andy pointed out, his failure to speak against Question One in Maine and other specific measures.

    Otherwise, this speech excited me. When he follows through on his promises, I’ll be relieved. (And please, enough with the jealous or anti-materialist or whatever snarking about tuxedoes and champagne. Most people enjoy the finer things in life from time to time…are we supposed to do everything in jeans? I’m not a huge HRC fan because they endorsed Lieberman, but this class-warfar b.s. is embarrassing.)

    I hope the march goes as well as Obama’s speech—I think both aspects are important and we’re all on the same side.

  10. says

    I can hear Martin Luther King talking about civil rights, just not today people. And, we want equality, but not for you, at least not right now. Pretty words, lots of pretty words and empty promises. Obama is a fraud.

  11. Jessej says

    Rich: yes, we did think we’d hear that because he said the exact same crap last year.

    I suppose if I had just shelled out $500 and a tuxedo rental to attend the self congratulating HRC Dinner, I’d be standing up and cheering too.

    Change you shouldn’t hold your breath for.

  12. Paul in Honolulu says

    Nothing but novocaine-laced words and pseudopoetry about gay rights and concerns. Nothing but opiated platitudes and more sweet-talk promises.

    President Fauxbama is a politician, first and foremost. All he is and was ever after is money. Money to fund his reelection by pandering to us, only to stab us in the back by constant “rationalized” delays and excuses as to why he can’t take 10 minutes out of his busy day (when he saw fit to fly to Copenhagen instead) to sign a simple, four-paragraph stop loss order to prevent qualified gays and lesbians from being arbitrarily kicked out of the miltary, no matter what their qualifications. Why he can’t use his political muscle to wrench the nervous congressional nellies into line to summon the guts to rid us of DOMA. Why he can’t spend an hour with the congressional elite to insist that ENDA gets enacted. We STILL don’t have a Hate Crimes protection bill, and that is the case in no small matter because Fauxbama has failed to exert even the feeblest pressure to get it passed.

    Not a single penny to DNC or HRC until I see some concrete progress!

  13. Patrick says

    I do not see why the gay community is so upset at what Obama has apparently not done for them. The man has been in office for nine months!

    I am all for gay rights and equality for all citizens across the board but lets be realistic.


    We want him to get re-elected.

    Obama will not do anything of “significance” for the gay community until he gets elected for a second term.

    If he does it now, the right will come out in full force throwing money at any right wing fundamentalist that opposes the social issues that Obama has supported and made into law (gay rights/marriage) within his first years and the Democratic party will more than likely lose the majority and the presidency by 2012. It will become a 2004 election all over again.


    I believe that he will accomplish universal efforts like hate crime and equal employment reform for the gay community in his first term but as for the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and same-sex marriage, those will not be topics he will touch until he has won his second term.

    If he waits until then, reverses “don’t ask, don’t tell” and makes marriage a right for all citizens then it will give society as a whole four plus years to get accustomed to these new measures/laws and by the time he leaves office it will be a non-issue.


  14. Chris In AK says

    Wow, I heard a brilliant speech. I heard a call to end DOMA. I heard a promise to end DADT.

    You people are as bad the Religious Right in your impossible expectations. Of course he is going to fail if you want everything today.

    Barack Obama, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES clearly stated his position. There was no equivocation.

    He said there will be 5 law changes. 1. Hate Crimes. 2. ENDA. 3. DADT 4. Repeal DOMA. and 5. Pass Domestic Partner law.

  15. Cameron says

    This is absurd. We have a president addressing HRC on the eve of a massive march, giving strong promises, and A LOT OF ALREADY DONE ACTION, and everyone here is pissy because he didn’t mention the votes in Maine and Wash. Hey, newsflash, he’s done a lot. He’s committed to a lot. It’s happening, don’t be happy with breadcrumbs, but don’t be childish either.

  16. says

    Who ever heard a stronger speech on our behalf from any politician? Even the sainted Harvey Milk couldn’t produce instant results.

    President Obama is by far the best advocate we’ve ever had. Did anyone really expect all our dreams come true in 8 months? The political process is still the same obstacle course it has always been. On top of that, the reality is that most of America is not on our side.

    Snarky attacks & temper tantrums will not advance the cause. Cripple Obama because he can’t deliver miracles overnight & see how far we get with Huckabee, Palin, Romney, or whoever the new President turns out to be. I think it’s worth trusting the instincts of the current administration in the pace they pursue their stated goals.

    I fully support the National Equality March & all efforts to keep our goals on the front burner, but let’s not get counter-productive. We’ve come too far to suffer huge setbacks due to backlash that could easily happen with so many enemies out there.

  17. Terry says

    Yap yap yap, Obama is all words, no action. What a joke! Can you imagine telling black people to keep on hoping and sit at the back of the bus? This is RIDICULOUS. I almost wish we had elected an evil Republican; at least they hate you to your face.

  18. Josh says

    I thought it was a great speech…if he just would have encouraged the approval of Ref. 71 in Washington and for voters in Maine to vote no on 1…there is no doubt in my mind that those states would have had victories for equality come November. I don’t think that’s too much to ask him to do.

  19. Darren says

    Egg Rolling????


    That’s the “fierce advocate of gay rights?”

    This was a complete cluster **** of ginormous proportions.

    Insulting and angering is what it was.

    Yes, he wants to get re-elected. Too bad he’s blowing more gay votes than he can count as sand through his hourglass.

    Looks like that Nobel Peace Prize was actually a call to Inaction, hmmm?

  20. says

    I am beyond furious!!!! That speech was nothing but words and promises!!!

    Just kidding. What else did you people expect from a “speech”? I mean, what “substance” was his speech lacking? He can’t set a deadline, because he has no authority of congress’s schedule. All he can do is pledge his support for our cause, and refocus and re-emphasis his determination.

    He could have mentioned his opposition to the Maine ballot measure, but his opposition toward prop 8 didn’t do anything for him or the cause, plus only activists are going to be watching this speech. Not undecided Maine voters.

    Simmer down.

  21. Kergan says

    To me, the easiest thing for Obama to have done tonight to show real action–rather than rattle off a bunch of as yet unfulfilled campaign promises–would’ve been to announce an immediate moratorium on discharges under DADT. Some kind of quantifiable action around LGBT issues needs to happen, and tonight would’ve been the premiere venue to announce something of magnitude. But, instead, we have another trail of bread crumbs leading us to “Some Day.” And no mention of Washington or Maine (another Prop 8 deception in the making.) Sigh…

  22. ADAM says

    Everyone needs to calm down! After 8 years of being used to inflame ther masses under the Bush Adminstration, can’t we sit back and enjoy this moment! Not only did he renew his pledge to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell… but he spoke to the LGBT crowd with repect. This speech reeminded me of why I was emotionally moved on Election day. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Equality takes time.

  23. Rich LaHaye says

    Ok… Name a civil rights cause that ever got everything it wanted ALL at once.

    The line of malcontents willing to settle for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – is forming behind David Mixer –
    AGAIN -just as it did when his guy BILL hatched the DADT mess.

    Meanwhile the rest of us are going to get some “wins” on the board for a change.

    Now I understand why so little has been accomplished in making gains in our civil rights over the last 40 years.

    The wrong people in our community have had the mic.

  24. PLAG parent says

    I’m a first time poster, here. I always come to this sight to get the clearest picture of what is going on in the GLBT community. I knew I could come here and see the speech in it’s entirety, not just the clips and soundbites that will no doubt be twisted all over the airwaves.

    All I know is that it makes me happy that my children are starting their adulthood with a President in office that will support their right to be who they are and love who they love. I cannot imagine how my generation would be different if such a thing was even imaginable during the Reagan years. There is a lot here to be proud of.

  25. Eric says

    The man who has fired almost 300 soldiers solely for being gay or lesbian says no one should be fired for being gay or lesbian. And the crowd cheered. Doesn’t anyone else thinks that’s just bizarre?

  26. Jim in MN says

    The problem here isn’t the words President Obama is espousing its the fact a lot of us actually realize that as President and Commander and Chief, President Obama by the Supreme Law of The Land (A.k.a. The Constitution of the United States of America) is granted absolute authority over the discharge of any and all soldiers in the military. Separation of powers exists to protect us from what happened (Congress trying to enact a LAW that restricts a power). Furthermore, in time of war, the President’s powers are greatly enhanced (for good reason). It is completely within his power to suspend discharges under DADT and yet he isn’t doing it. This is why a lot of us in the GLBT community are upset. To hear him be such and advocate and then turn around and not use his position to enact DECISIVE change is heart-breaking to say the least. While Obama waits for CONGRESS to act to pass a law that gives him back the powers to be Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, many peoples lives are being destroyed. (Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach & 1st LT Dan Choi are just 2 of the hundreds of people this is affecting)
    Yes, President Obama gets kudos for being so vocal, but as Americans we were given the right to demand action thru protest. If every group of people (From the suffragettes to the black civil rights movement) listened to people who said “don’t act” “Now’s not the right time” “The President WILL act…” Women and blacks would not be in the position they are in today.

  27. says

    And to the people who think the president should just ignore a congressional order, and issue a moratorium on DADT…

    How short-sighted can you be?

    Do you really want “President Palin” (yikes) or “President Huckabee” (double yikes) to have the presidential authority to just overrule the congress and his/her will? Deciding to put a “moratorium” on ENDA lawsuits or hate crime prosecutions (Both of which will pass under Obama).

    That thought is 10 times more frightening to me than waiting a few months for congress to act.

  28. Steven says

    While I would like for him to go faster on acting on things, we also need to remember that he has been in office for nine months in the middle of a recession and health care debate, while handling two wars. Folks be happy he is saying at least something about and to us. At least he is staying at the White House for the March.

    Folks, what matters is that gay rights are on his priorities, and right now #1-5 are taking up his time. If you want to say that gay rights should be his #1 priority then you need to reassess yourself, and look what is going on in the world.

    For those who think a Republican in office would have been better, perhaps you should remember that they are actively trying to take our rights away rather than not producing that much nine months into their first term.

  29. Jim in MN says

    Aaron: Do you really want the Congress to be passing LAWS that supercede the Constitution of the United States and the separation of Powers? Because thats what DADT is, as is DOMA. In order to do the things that DOMA and DADT are doing requires a constitutional AMENDMENT – not a law.

  30. Grimmlok says

    “Be patient.. it’s not the right time.. there are more important things… why are you being so selfish… ”

    The right time = NEVER

    Be patient = shut up, stop rocking the boat

    There are more important things = I don’t care about your equality

    You’re being selfish = learn your place, faggot

    The biggest impediment to gay rights are fairweather faggots and straight “allies” who don’t see a problem with us riding in the back of the bus until the end of time, as long as they get theirs.

  31. adamblast says

    TROG SEZ: “Anyone else plagued by a neverending sense of frustration and anger since the Nov. 4 election?

    Damned if I have figured out how to channel it into something productive–no, I don’t think a march will yield results (besides, I’ve already been to a million of them). Instead, I donated money to the Maine marriage cause.”


    Funny you should mention that. A day or two after Prop 8 lost, I quit my job. I couldn’t stomach going back to work amidst an office of Prop 8 supporters.

    Damned if I haven’t been an unproductive second-class citizen ever since.

    Obama’s freakiest critics on the right say they “want there country back”. Well, here’s one gay man on the left who wants his country and state back too. Obama has done nothing to help this gay American.

  32. ChauHercules says

    The speech by President Obama was a great one, one that the American people have heard before. Hopefully, this speech will be highlighted after the fact he won the Nobel Peace Prize and reach out to a larger audience.

    We should keep in mind, this President is the first to show signs of support and willingness to work toward full equality. Our fear come from what happened to us during the Clinton year with potential promises that lead to DADT and DOMA. So that fear of Obama not showing any signs of progress is justified based upon the past.

    I believe one of the problems is that Obama is relying and using HRC to reach out the LGBT community. And HRC is a lobbying group has lost it’s way on its mission and purpose. The HRC does not speak for all LGBT people. Today’s speech, Joe Solmonese has that huge picture of himself next to him as he introduced the President which was pompous.

    It’s time for President Obama to use other opportunities outside the HRC to reach out and work further with the LGBT community.

  33. DR says

    Same shit, different day. What else is there to say? Under his administration almost 450 men and women have been discharged under DADT and he hasn’t done a damned thing to stop it. He’s a bloody hypocrite, plain and simple.

    Great Obama plan on LGBT rights…pander to the house queers of the HRC and to hell with the rest of us, hope we re-elect him on 2012 and maybe we’ll have some shred of equality by 2017.

    I’m not holding my breath and I’m sure as hell not voting for him in 2012. I’d rather not vote at all.

  34. says

    Come on, this is getting obscene.

    Your co-workers were homophobes, so you quit your job. What on earth does that have to do with Obama or Prop 8?

    And what does “here’s one gay man on the left who wants his country and state back too.” mean? When did you have your country and who took it away from you?

    Just because the Right is full of tea-baggers and nut jobs (ironic turn of phrase), doesn’t mean we have to lose our collective minds on the other side.

  35. Clinton says

    The changes he is promising caNNOT happen over night. There is no magic policy changing fairy wand. You haters better hope your wrong with giving up on him, because if it isn’t him that changes things, there won’t be another given the chance to change things.

    Any thing that can change over night can be changed back that quickly too.

  36. Grimmlok says

    “the changes cannot happen overnight”

    No, it’s only been DECADES. And it hasn’t been overnight, it’s been almost a year for Obama.

    What has he done to rectify the equal rights issue? Tell me. What has he done to move the ball forward.

    Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

  37. Daniel Valdes says

    Finally an ally in the White House. I understand that many of you are impatient but just imagine George W. Bush giving this speech or George H. W. Bush giving this speech. It was inconceivable. Not for Obama. For Obama we have greater expectations, greater hope, greater desire. All this is good.

  38. RJNYC says

    All the negative Nellies on this site are an embarrassment to gay people. We have never had a bigger friend and more thoughtful President on our issues in the White House, and all you do is attack him. He was nothing but supportive and well-intentioned in his speech tonight, and words, especially from the President of the United States DO MATTER. Give the guy a freakin’ chance. He can’t do it all by himself, he’s just the president, which is why so many people need to continue working tirelessly. There are still so many hearts and minds to change, so much work for *us* to do.

  39. JACKNASTY says

    I just had to see this again, because it’s so, so true:

    The biggest impediment to gay rights are fairweather faggots and straight “allies” who don’t see a problem with us riding in the back of the bus until the end of time, as long as they get theirs.

  40. Clinton says

    “the changes cannot happen overnight”

    “”No, it’s only been DECADES. And it hasn’t been overnight, it’s been almost a year for Obama.””

    You don’t know what he has or hasn’t done. You take a job that has been ran by a Confederacy of Dunces for 8 years and try to make heads or tails in 10 months. It can be done. He has had his hands full with triage of bleeding wounds. If you think your right to suck your legal husbands dick is more important than a collapsed economy, 2 wars, health care, Home security than your crazy. First things first. Any sixth grade student body president knows that.

    Why are you more important than someone dying of cancer waiting on some sort of intervention of Health care.

    Obama is your only shot. Shut up and give him three years and vote for Sarah Palin and see what you get.

  41. Jake says

    I believe in him 100%. It is hard to be patience but if we continue pressing on him and I really see that we are in the right path…George Bush was a complete nightmare and we weren’t on the map while Bush was President. Next week we will see the Hate Crime Bill finally pass!! I understand your frustration but I truly believe that he means well and he will get it done! We are almost there….don’t give up! It’s been too long and it is hard to be patience…we are on our way to be treated as equal. When I see younger generations I feel the urge to do wherever it takes to make sure that they have a better life than we did…and Obama is going to take us there!!

  42. Domo says

    This was historic and important. We, on the other hand, respond with impatience. Although I think the criticisms about the lack of action are valid, they also fail to understand the machinations of government. That doesn’t mean we’re naive, it just means that we aren’t tolerant of the scum & sludge that lies beneath all the pretty words.

  43. jack says

    “we have never had a better friend” is beginning to sound distressingly like a talking point.

    and you in your 30’s, plus or minus,might want to recalibrate your timetables some. this fight did not begin with you. i am 66, and i came out and started agitating for my rights after standing up for others, first blacks and then women, and even migrant workers.

    i was living in dade county when we fought to get an equal rights law passed, only to have it snatched back by anita and her minions.

    i have fought for my full slate of constitutional rights for nearly 40 years, not 9 months or 8 years or 10m years. in all likelihood, i will not live to SEE the end of a second obama term.

    do you now propose that i am being snarky or immature. i am old enough to know bullshit when its handed to me no matter how nicely wrapped the package is, and to name it as such. i doubt you will find many of my generation, or of those in their teens and 20’s who perceive this as anything but the tongue bath it is.

    impatient… i should think so !

  44. Victor says

    I’m frustrated like the rest of us . . . but I don’t possibly see how he can add anything to his plate. Health care, 2 miserable wars, global warming, the great recession . . . the list goes on. I know we’ve waited for a long time, but we may have to wait longer.

    Even if he did push, Congress is a mess.

  45. Ted Larson says

    I can understand many of your frustrations that things are not moving fast enough. We now live in a society with the attitude that “I want it, and I want it now!” I have been a gay man for more that 50 years. As a gay teenager, I never, ever thought I would hear this kind of a speech from the President of the United States. I hope it doesn’t take until 2017 to get all of the equalities we deserve, cause if I live that long I’ll be close 80 years old. Well, this will give me something to live and look forward to. Hell, I waited this long…………..

  46. says

    To Jack and others…

    I certainly can’t speak for all of the individuals who have been defending the President on Towle and other LGBT sites, but I can give you my perspective.

    As a blue-state Caucasian gay man in my early twenties, I had a relatively painless coming out process, even to my Republican parents. I can definitively say that as a direct result of the decades of activism that older queer activists have put in, I have face very little discrimination in my entire life.

    I have nothing but the deepest of respect for the men and women who have devoted their lives to ending LGBT oppression, with the ultimately goal of ending discrimination for future generations. Their sacrifices should never be forgotten.

    But to our disagreement. Something in America is changing. The tide has turned and public opinion is swinging soundly in our direction. The majority of Americans now support federalized domestic partnerships, an end to DADT, an end to condoned discrimination in housing and employment, and stricter penalties for hate crimes. And that’s just a few of the big ones.

    Where we disagree, though, is in which tactics we should implement to take equality the final five yards into the end zone.

    It seems to me, and accept my humblest apologies if I’m mistaken, that the older generations of LGBT activists seem to believe that a hard line approach to activism is the most beneficial. Some examples include: Politician’s who stand with us on every issue except for gay marriage but who you refuse to view as an ally, demanding non-passage for an ENDA if you don’t have the votes to include trans men and women, mass marches/protests, etc.

    As a younger gay man, I question the effectiveness of this style of activism. Obama has been clear and forceful that he stands with us on every issue but marriage. Should we really turn our back on him? Should we really turn our back on queer politician’s like Barney Frank who disagree when it come to tactics? (Granted, why he isn’t more delicate with his statements, I’ll never understand)

    America’s political process is a great one, but a complex one. If we hope to be successful in it, we need to consider who holds the real power. It’s not Obama. Outside of signing or vetoing bills he is presented with, he has no power legislatively on queer issues.

    He could ignore the constitution and end DADT, but that sets a bad precedent for future President’s not sympathetic to the cause. He could have refused to issue a brief defending DOMA, but then what about the next president? What if ENDA passes, and is challenged in court? Don’t we want the government to defend it’s laws? Of course.

    So, what should we do? I have a few ideas. Where is the local activism? Where are the groups of men and women assembling and scheduling meetings with moderate Republican’s and blue-dog democrats? Why aren’t we meeting with the hard-line Republican congressmen seeing if we can find common ground on AIDs issues? Where is the pre-vote advertising blitz encouraging allies to contact their congressmen urging them to support queer equality?

    Because both houses of Congress have so much power in the system, we need to focus our efforts there. Where they matter. Obama is doing what he can, but he needs our support.

    Apologies for such a long message. I assume many of you just skipped over it, assuming it was one of Leland’s. I know I would have.

  47. Drew says

    Thank you Patrick, Thank you Chris in AK, Thank you Cameron.

    We need to be PATIENT. The man hasn’t even been in office A YEAR… he has more than 3 left… and will get re-elected if America knows what’s good for it. I mean… HELLO???

    Some of us are as quick to throw up our hands as others are to throw up their legs… We’ve got to hang in there. the time may not be now… but our time IS COMING.

  48. says

    Glad you had such an easy time, Rowland. I’m part of “the older generation of LBGT activists.” How old? I’m 62.

    And 3/4 of my dearest friends are dead.

    One of them was Morty Manford, who President Obama mentioned in his speech tonight. If if Morty were only here to give Obama a piece of his mind!

    He didn’t take prisoners.

    Yes the world is changing and in a great many ways the wind is at our backs. The only straight politician I can think of who has ever done anything for us is Gavin Newsom. His exception proves the rule.

    We do it by ourselves.


  49. damien says

    He offered nothing new, but the positive is that he did bring the media’s attention to the march and gay rights.

    Don’t think so? Check out the major, front page headlines on,, The Christian Science Monitor, and even The first thing you see in large fonts and photos is about Obama’s speech for gay rights.

  50. says

    I share your determination to end the inequities in the law, David, I really do. And I agree that passion is an important asset in having your voice be heard, but I simply cannot agree with your final statement.

    Maybe your views were accurate back when you first began your activism, but now, powerful straight allies exist in all levels of government. In Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont heterosexual legislators played critical roles alongside their queer colleagues in working to pass same-sex marriage bills through their respective legislatures. Three heterosexual governors in those states proudly signed the bills into effect.

    Completely dismissing heterosexual politicians as being useless to the cause does absolutely nothing for us. That’s the mentality I’m talking about in comparing the old-school, us versus them mentality of activists from prior generations. The diplomacy of today requires a softer touch.

  51. Pahada says

    Dear Gays:

    Health care reform will save millions of lives. MILLIONS.

    Gay marriage, ENDA, and ending DADT may also save lives–but not millions.

    So kindly shut up and wait your turn. The man’s been in office less than a year.

    Waiting until Obama’s second term would be a helluva lot better than having a Republican president in 2012. Think about that.

  52. Dennis says

    This was a historic speech. And speeches alone do not secure equal rights, but it is clear he is an ally, if not our hoped-for/ expected ‘savior’ who will magically transform the deep-seated homophobia in our country, while we all sit on our asses.

    If ALL you are doing is bitching online, you need to STFU, and get your ass out into the REAL WORLD and take action to demand your rights. If you don’t, you’re nothing but useless.

    If you have done work IN THE REAL WORLD and are still unsatisfied, I say…understood, and your job is not yet done. We have many enemies and progress for us is won against those who would still harm us at every opportunity.

    Continue to demand that Obama live up to his promises, AND TAKE ACTION to support those who are attempting to secure our rights.

  53. Grimmlok says

    Jesus christ.

    Shut up and wait your turn? WE’VE BEEN WAITING SINCE THE DAWN OF FUCKING TIME.

    Secondly, oh we have an ally in Obama. Really? WHAT HAS HE DONE BESIDES GIVE PRETTY SPEECHES. Who the fuck cares if he SAYS he stands with us. Anybody can say that. Has he ever actually stood with us? Has he ever done anything concrete to show that yeah, he’s on our side?


    I’m tired of people saying “wait”. People ALWAYS say wait. Wait for what? There will ALWAYS be something “more important” going on to prevent us from getting our rights.

    I, for one, don’t give a rats fucking ass about 2 wars OF CONVENIENCE fought with MY tax dollars to further some dipshit conservative imperialist agenda.

    I don’t give a rats ass about people dying in hospitals as it concerns my equal rights. Why? Because THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE DYING IN HOSPITALS. They aren’t going anywhere. Giving me my equal rights IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THEM DIE ANY FASTER, OR CAUSE MORE OF THEM TO SHOW UP AT HOSPITAL DOORS.

    I mean i find this argument ridiculous:

    “Obama has too much on his plate right now, he can’t deal with equal rights.”

    So he can do 500 other things all at once.. the economy, healthcare, wars, nutjobs at home, financial regulation, 500 distinct and different things, ALL AT THE SAME TIME… but he can’t go for 501 and add gay rights to that?

    Is that your argument? Seriously? He can do everything else at the same time, but not gay rights?

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and all you people actually expressing this retarded thought should be put into cages until you can deal with adult situations LIKE ADULTS, and not battered wives.
    Read your fucking history.

  54. glennmcgahee says

    He’ll decide on what or what not to say about those referendums later. Right now, he’s just voting “present”.Gotta keep both sides happy. 2012 is just around the corner. He needs all those religious wacko votes too,

  55. Mark says

    @ Aaron Rowland

    Why don’t you come back and talk to us when you’re 45. I think you’ll have a very different perspective then.

    It sounds to me like you have no idea about the “decades of activism that older queer activists have put in.” The “hard line approach to activism” developed in the 80s was in DIRECT response to genocidal inaction of Republican President Reagan on AIDS. He spent millions on the Tylenol scare that killed a handful of people and nothing on AIDS that killed Gay men and intravenous drug users. We didn’t have time for that “softer touch” you describe because we were being killed.


    My biggest problem with young Gay men is their ignorance. They have no idea how distraught their history is.

  56. says


    I think you may have misinterpreted my views about modern activism tactics as some kind of attack against on queer activism of the past. In no way did I intend to suggest that past activism is responsible for any type of delay in equality. I should have been clearer, and I’ll work in the future to be more concise in my word choice and phrasing.

    I’m sure that you are also correct about my age having a significant influence on my perspective. I haven’t been working for decades as many of you have, just to see my efforts fizzle as politician after politician throws us and our issues under the bus. I’m not sure it’s fair, though, to criticize my knowledge of queer history, culture, or activism. I believe I am as well versed as a person my age could be, considering the literary and biographical resources available.

    I appreciate that the Reagan era (coinciding with the rapid accession of AIDs) created an intensely hostile climate for gays and lesbians in this country, requiring a hard line approach to activism. You’re right. It was about survival.

    That was then. Now, in mainstream national politics, that climate doesn’t exist. What may have worked very successfully back then, may not work in the current situation.

    I very much appreciate your willingness to engage in this dialogue Mark. I would only ask that you keep your mind open about where future activism needs to trend. As I’ve said many times, the hard work that you and other activists have put in over the years, has allowed us to reach the place we are now at.

    I know some readers likely view me as a snot-nosed little kid, whose eye’s have yet to be opened to the harshest of realities. That may be the case. It’s hard for me to argue otherwise. Even if thats your perspective, though, hopefully you can sleep soundly knowing that it’s hard-line activism that’s allowed this snot-nosed kid to exist pretty comfortably in a place without much homophobia.

  57. JF-JohnF says

    David Ehrestein shame on you. First off I’m old enough not to take age bait card, so put it back in your purse. How dare you say “We do it by ourselves”. I saw another post by a PFLAG parent. PFLAG began in 1972 when Jeanne Manford marched with her gay son in New York’s Pride Day. She was straight. They are marching tomorrow. “By ourselves” You ungrateful spoiled negative nellie (Thank you RJNYC). I can think of many people in this group alone that help and don’t sit on the sideline bitching. The wind it to our backs and it’s a wonderful feeling, one I will take becuase we have never had it before. When AIDS hit is was a horrifying time. Everyone, if they were lucky to be alive, David, had it bad. It made it worst for gay people because it was called the “gay disease”. If it were not for some very power straight people at the time, including but not limited to health care providers, we would not a fair as well as we did as lacking as it was. We have articles published today about same sex couples being refused to be with their partner as they lay with death so close. I remember a time that was not news. In fact it would have brought a barrage of support for the hospital’s staff. Today, it is news that most people react sympathically. I could go on and on about that nonsense you want us to buy.

    The other old bitch, Jack, who thinks he is the only elderly gay person. You were in fucking Dade County?? How hard you must have had it! How did you possibly survive? I guess your memory is bad because in 1977 Dade County passed an antidiscrimination law that included sexual orientation. In 1977 bitch! There it passed with no problem when it’s still difficult to get it passed these days. The only reason it got any attention is because of Anita Bryant. Now Anita before any of you other bitches bring her up, she was shown to be so crazy, that she lost her Orange Juice contract and her husband left her. I know a lot of gay people quit drinking OJ but I sure that would not have been enough to drop Anita. I am sure there were straight people also, David.

    Grimmlok I didn’t really know how to take your post. “Fair-weather faggot”? At first, I thought you were calling the ones of use, who are calling for patients and etc. ”fair-weather faggot but then realized you must be calling the ones complaining about Obama’s performance and he’s not doing enough. Because they are the real “fair-weather faggots” right? They supported Obama during the election but now things are rough for him and the honeymoon is over, are against him now for not getting ONLY the issues important to them enacted. They don’t see how the economy and health care are extremely important and I as a gay white man and other appreciate what he has done. I mean, I think a lot of people have been affected by the economy, not just straight people. I know me, if I was unemployed, would rather see things on the economy get a lot of attention because I sure as hell can’t afford to go buy a marriage license, a wedding, honeymoon or anything else that would be great to do. For the same people and others who can’t afford insurance, would like being able to afford it. That way they can be healthy and live long enough to get married. That reference to Rosa Parks and the bus boycott? That is a slap in the face of the civil rights movement. The people of that time suffered far more than we have and yes it has been bad for us. We can pretend to be straight and hide if we are threatened in someway. They couldn’t very well change their color could they? Plus I don’t remember reading about them complaining when someone stood up for them, especially a president, when he made a renewed promise for equality.

    I don’t take Obama for granted. I appreciate him, his history and his family. He could have been justifiably focused on issues to the black community. You people who complain, seem to forget what history was made when he was elected. Instead of him resting on that accomplishment he has gone out to help the gay community, be effective with repairing the economy, kept the debate on healthcare reform alive and isn’t going to let it die, just like he promised. He has kept so many of his campaign promises and you cannot see the donut for the hole. I guess that is what you are focused on instead of issues that are tied to DADT, DOMA and EDNA.

    When he did not bring the Washington and Maine initiatives, I think he saw the result it got in California. It may be that him making the remarks he did further polarized people and brought out more people to vote that were for it so that it would fail just because he it not to pass.

    I know we have good reason to trust our President. The rest of you, think he can just snap his fingers and just make the changes. Do you realize the Bush policies that reversed (oh I forgot, he hasn’t done nothing, ignorant bitches) President Sarah Palin will be able to do the same thing.

    I almost believe that the “negative nellies” (LOL) are plants for the religious right. You have to be because the way you are acting, complaining, being divisive is Grimmlok, I mean hemlock, poison to our community and cause. To all my friends who are in support of Obama, THANK YOU! You truly are the wise and most savvy here. BTW, thanks also for the PFLAG members for marching tomorrow even though David Ehrestein and Hemlock thinks that we do this on our own. You did not choose to have a GLBT child but you did choose your response to them of love and support, even coming out a parents of GLBT can be a extremely hard thing to do and is apparently can be thankless as well. I appreciate every step you take and do not take for granted the work you have done especially the ones that have lost their children to AIDS or bay bashing.

    OK, all you negative nellies, get outside of you gay neighborhoods, start reading main stream news like The New York Times (David, I don’t think they are all gay and they have had some incredible articles in support of us) and makes some diverse friends that are, I don’t know, straight.
    Remember the world is about 10% gay. We have a lot of attitudinal barries that are not seen, hard to recognize but must be dealt with. Also, there are a lot of countries where it is perfectly legal to kill someone because they are gay and you bitching about having to wait.

  58. Chris says


    All this bullshit because some of you Hllary supporters feel ENTITLED for him to cater to you hand and foot.

    Sometimes I wish he’d just resign because some of you queens are just like the crazy right wingers

    NOTHING HE’LL DO WILL EVER SATISFY YOU. Even if there was gay marriage, No more D.A.D.T and no more D.O.M.A.

    You’d still find a way to say He’s done nothing just because

    So why should he bother????

  59. jack says

    thanks for sharing jf…

    as it happens, i didn’t a;ways live in dade. i have lived all over the country, and not as a privileged gay, but as a working guy with never enough money and not much positive to do with what i did have.

    my history is mine, jf, and you do us both a disservice by inventing a fictional one. i now live in sw florida, hardly a bastion of liberalism, on my $600 a month social security check, and i spent the last two years getting my 85 tear old mother care and treatment for alzheimers singlehandedly. i8 know what hardship is, and i know what lack of community is.

    what i am saying is, feel free to disagree, but you need to back the fuck off passing judgment on me and my fellow travelers. enough said…

  60. mike K says

    The President discussed his commitment to gay and lesbian families, using as an example his invitation to allow them to roll Easter Eggs at the White House….Oh FUCK YOU pal!!! Did he let them eat cake too?

  61. Joe in SF says

    I don’t know if you listened to the same speech that I listened to, but the President told our story, embraced our families, made the case for equality, and explained the enmity of some of our fellow americans. That’s progress. And he’s got lots of work to do on our behalf including repealing DADT and DOMA.

    So to some of the older gay men who say they are tired of waiting for equal rights, i say channel that anger into something productive like canvasing, talking to voters, etc. But don’t just whine and complain. Do something.

    I, for one, will keep pressing Obama on his promises tonight AND doing the incredibly hard work of making equality a reality.

  62. mike K says

    President Obama is by far the best advocate we’ve ever had. Really Jonny? Based on what evidence? Specifically what has he DONE to make you think that? Give me one example.

  63. Randy says

    While I was disappointed he didn’t meantion Maine and Washington, or commit to some easy steps on DADT, there is no denying he has raised the bar very high with this speech.

    While Clinton did address HRC before, Obama is only the 2nd president to do so. He’s doing it in his first year, on the eve of a march on Washington. He spoke positively on all the notable issues LGBTs have put before him, and made it clear to the people who doubt or confuse the issue that he opposes the (his words) “so-called Defense of Marriage Act”. If that alone doesn’t stir you, what will?

    I also thought this closing story was heartfelt. He understands what we are fighting for.

    His explicit and forceful statements of support today make it much harder for Democrats in Congress to drag their feet on these issues. The ball is clearly in their court now.

    It’s not an ideal speech, or the best he’s ever made, but I’m very happy with what I heard, and the way he said it.

  64. says

    I think it’s way too little, too late for all the soldiers kicked out during his presidency, let alone during at least the past 15 years. How are you going to even fix those travesties of justice? How can Congressmembers and our “leaders” actively continue to destroy the principles of liberty and equality that America is supposed to be for everyone?

  65. Daniel says

    During his brief time in office he has managed to alienate a huge portion of the LGBT community. I am one of those people. But for some stupid reason, I do believe what Obama said last night with regards to ENDA, DADT, DOMA and the hate crimes bill.

    But we need to continue to be vocal and hold Obama, his administration and Congress accountable to make this happen.

    Today we MARCH! And we will continue to MARCH until we have EQUALITY!

  66. says

    Fuck You “Jf-JohnF”! Morty Manford was a friend of mine, and a compatriot at GAA. You know NOTHING of gay rights history.


    It you did you’d know what a pathetic bunch of upper-class twits the HRC is made up of.

  67. DR says

    So let’s see….

    No stop orders on DADT dismissals, which is perfectly constitutional. Instead we have almost 450 servicemen and -women discharged since January.

    He talks a good game on DOMA, and yet has now relegated us to the back of the bus on full marriage equality. He *used* to support it, but as soon as he ran for President, he decided he was politically safer with “domestic partnerships”. So we win battles on the state level, and your “fierce advocate” turns around and reminds us that all we can hope for federally is an inherently unequal status.

    I can’t believe that people are still supporting this man as a fierce advocate for LGBT rights when all he will do is whatever will get him re-elected, and we all know how that works….

    2010 will be the wrong time because we need to make sure that the Democrats win the mid-term election.

    2012 will be bad because Obama will want to get re-elected.

    Oh, and forget 2016, we’ll be needing to get the next Democrat who speaks from both sides of his or her mouth in office while screaming “the rethuglicans are coming!”

    How terribly sad that we’ve been reduced to accepting pretty speeches and lies.

  68. Mark Wilbur says

    I would have liked to attend that dinner, but I am one of the unemployed masses and I need to put food on the table, not spend money to get all dressed up and listen to someone reiterate a bunch of campaign promises.

  69. says


    Not every gay person has it as easy as you, “coming out” to family and friends and living your life. I’m one of those people who had a really tough time, even though I’m still a young guy myself, and I imagine that the older generation faced even harder times. I think that the gay people who have suffered more as a result of this country’s laws and culture are the angriest ones, the most impatient ones, and I think that’s fully justified. If we have been hurt the most, I think we understand better the urgency of the situation for all the other gay people out there today who don’t have it so easy.

    The problem is that the gay people who have it the toughest are usually the ones not speaking out, because they can’t. Whether they’re soldiers or teenage children of Southern Baptists or the gay couple with no money in the city trying to get health care and jobs. So all the other gays who don’t face as much difficulty have to still fight harder, for all those people who can’t fight, who can’t scream out right now, for whatever reason. There are many, many people who need action now. That’s why I am not satisfied at speeches like this, so late. At least hate crimes protection may be coming soon. Some of us wish we had that decades ago.


  70. says


    I completely empathize with you and other’s who faced severe adversity coming out and I understand the need for immediate action on LGBT issues. I don’t disagree.

    I’m certainly not in the same camp as the folks who have been posting that we “need to wait our turn.” My only point is that the hard-line tactics of yesterday might not be the most effective way to quickly achieve equality today.

    You say you’re dissatisfied with just “speeches”, but the president isn’t the king of the legislative branch. He doesn’t get to decide what legislation they pass and on what timeline they pass it. If you’re talking about the DOMA brief or because you want a DADT moratorium, see above for my posts on the longer term consequences of that.

    We do need to move quickly forward, because people are suffering. We just need to be careful that we are moving deliberately and with intelligence. Thats all I’m trying to say.

  71. David says

    Blah-Blah-Blah. Words, that’s all they are. Let’s see action.

    As for the HRC and DNC. My funds have dried up. No more money until DADT, DOMA and Hate Crimes is passed and signed into law.

    HRC 2016? Let’s say by 2012, no action, no money, no votes! 3 Years is ample time for President Obama and the DNC to fufill its promises made. THIS TERM!

  72. Mark says

    That Obama thinks equality doesn’t “happen overnight” is proof of his ignorance and heterosexism. We have been waiting since the beginning of goddamn time. He just got here 11 months ago.

    Why didn’t he mention Maine or DC…or anyting relevant? Can’t alientate the religious right-wing Republitards. Politicians are about votes and power…not “change” or “equality”.

    You HRC Gaytards are so gullible. What is that like? Oh, nevermind, I know – as long as ONLY the rich faggots in tuxedos drunk on champagne get to watch the president narrate Gay history to them everyone is “equal”!!! Yay!!!

    If you doubt you’re stupid fucking faggots go back and listen to yourselves cheer the Bigot-in-Chief last night on that video.

    Assimilationist Gaytards.

  73. Domo says

    It occurs to me that a great deal of the anger being expressed is due to a) Clinton selling us out with DADT, followed by b) eight fucking years of supressed rage at Bush & Co. Obama hasn’t been in office ten months and we’re going all Vida Pierce on him.

  74. Otter says

    Why doesn’t he sign the stop loss order? Because it can be undone just as easily by future presidents. Going thru Congress to undo the law is a process and will stick much longer.
    He has talked to the Pentagon and advocate leaders of ending DADT and they are advising him to do it the right way (according to them) as most laws are passed. He is just listening to those who work with it and know more about it.

  75. BMF says

    All this when we have a president who is actually going to sign hate crimes legislation and an Attorney General who has called the Civil Rights Division the “crown jewel” of the Department of Justice AND is committed to actually having it do something– instead of languishing like it did the past eight years.

    I mean how many people have worked so hard just to get us to THIS point.

    When I read this kind of kevetching, part of me wishes McCain et. al. would have won.

    Sigh . . . .

  76. says

    I see the roster of bitchy venom-spewing queens were out in force with the snide comments.

    Look, here’s the brutal truth you constant center-of-attention grabbing whores: we’re NOT the most important item on this administration’s agenda right now; there are far, FAR more important issues like getting the economy back on the right track, passing health-care reform, overseeing the two wars we are fighting, trying to stop Iran from nuking the Middle East, etc.

    If the White House were to focus NOW on repealing DADT or DOMA, the right wing-nuts would chip away at his popularity making the above listed and more-important issues moot, and raise questions amongst independent voters who may decide NOT to support Obama in the next general election.

    Right now I am FAR more concerned about passing health-care reform than pushing for marriage rights for my non-existent partner. And that issue is also more important to GLBT families with children than getting hitched.

    The nation – not just the GLBT community – needs a shrewd politician in the White House right now to get all of the above listed things done….but in order of priority that benefits the nation as a whole – not only a small minority that comprises just 10% (or less) of the population.

    Also, he is NOT the person who repeals laws you morons; I didn’t grow up in the USA and even I know that it’s up to Congress to do that, and state laws and issues have to be approached at a local level, NOT through the White House. So the burden of responsibility of getting DADOT and DOMA repealed, and ENDA and the Matthew Sheppard Act passed is for the GLBT community to be pro-active and aggressively canvass our elected representatives to repeal discriminating laws and enact tougher measures against GLBT discrimination.

    Again, Prop 8 was enacted NOT because of the ‘blacks’ or the ‘religious right'; it passed because the GLBT community was disorganized, lazy and complacent, expecting everything handed to them on a silver plate with their mai-tais, condoms and Ecstasy.

    This administration has done a lot for us in a mere 8 months with repealing the AIDS ban on visas, recognizing more GLBT benefits on for federal workers, recognizing GLBT families at official events, etc.

    What have YOU done recently to further GLBT rights? Or were y’all to busy trolling Towleroad and the internet for pictures of naked pretty boys that you would never, EVER have a chance at bagging?

  77. says

    “Look, here’s the brutal truth you constant center-of-attention grabbing whores: we’re NOT the most important item on this administration’s agenda right now; there are far, FAR more important issues like getting the economy back on the right track, passing health-care reform, overseeing the two wars we are fighting, trying to stop Iran from nuking the Middle East, etc.”

    Oh yes we are SO unworthy. We should be SO thankful he made time on his busy schedule of doing REAL WORK for REAL PEOPLE that he deigned to honor us with his august presence.

    Take the fucking gas pipe and save us a on of trouble “Caribtony.”

    He can do Stop Loss RIGHT NOW ! And don’t give me th pathetic excuse that he can’t because someone will “reverse it.”

    Here’s my take on the whole sorry mess —

  78. DR says

    He can and should stop the discharges and show the crusty retired generals that gee, having gay men and women serve openly isn’t a big deal. Instead, he’s listening to a bunch of Republican holdovers who demand that we get studied to death. Once the folks in power see what most of America knows, which is that no one really cares, it’ll pass that much easier. Instead, he’s hiding behind the shield of “bipartisanism” so he can sit on his ass and take your money.

    You guys talk about entitlement? Let me explain a few things to you since it’s clear to many of you that your priorities are clearly screwed up:

    So far, almost 450 men and women have lost their jobs due to DADT this year alone. The number since the mid-90s is what, over 10K now? The military is the largest employer in the country and also the worst in terms of discrimination. Where do these men and women go when they get kicked out? For every Dan Choi who gets a job as an activist, there are thousands who have to come back to their communities jobless.

    You don’t think marriage rights are a big deal? So you don’t care that your partner can’t get that nice cushy health plan Obama’s gonna push through because your employer doesn’t have to give it to you, but has to give it to the dude in the next cubicle and his wife.

    You better make sure you write wills and power-of-attorney and keep them with you at all times. And make sure you have the right deed on your home. You die, your partner gets NOTHING. Your partner has no right to your estate, and even if you have a will, it can be challenged. So can your power-of-attorney, as we’ve seen recently. So if your partner dies, you might get a lawsuit and settlement for not being able to go in and see him/her, but you still never got to say goodbye.

    Do we really need to talk about taxes and workplace discrimination, or is that just common sense? And considering the tax code may be changing to disallow dependents, there goes the tax write-off we used to get.

    Shall I list more rights that us “whiners” recognize we don’t have and aren’t getting any time soon?

    Half of you have no clue what the consequences of what’s going on in the world around you really are, and I pray you never will!

  79. Sean R says

    So disappointed with the speech, and so moved by the anger of commentators on towleroad who are just so frustrated, particularly older gays who been campaigning for years. There’s obviously a lack of understanding about the difference between how to speak if you’re a president rather than a candidate.

    I’m puzzled by how he has a majority, a mandate and still offers nothing concrete. He could have placated critics by saying DADT will be removed by [add date here] but he didn’t even do that.

    I’m sorry to dissent from those who think we need to wait our turn, but I just don’t see the point of a speech to the HRC which doesn’t promise action. We had this platitudinous speech-making in the Irish Republic time and again, and I’m not really surprised to learn about it in Obama’s case. Perhaps American commentators here can answer me this: has he bottled it, did he ever have the bottle, should Hillary have been the candidate? If the DRC could dump the pilot, would Clinton run in 2012?

  80. says

    @ DR

    So, 450 persons losing their jobs in the military is waaay more important than the hundreds of thousands of Americans who lose their jobs and homes every month!

    And it’s also more important than the over 40-odd thousand persons who die every year because they did not have health insurance?!

    Riiiiight………with ya’ now……..

  81. Christopher says

    Among the many many other things wrong with Solomenese’s speech, did anyone else notice that Joe used the male pronoun exclusively to refer to the “individual person”? “the neighborhood he lives in, the school he attends, the factory or farm he works in…” This alone speaks volumes about the insular nature of the HRC.

    God, I bet some lesbians at that dinner were choking on their rubber chicken over that.

    Sorry to post this here, but the thread about Solomenese’s speech won’t accept (my) posts

  82. patrick nyc says

    Look, here’s the brutal truth you constant center-of-attention grabbing whores: we’re NOT the most important item on this administration’s agenda right now; there are far, FAR more important issues like getting the economy back on the right track, passing health-care reform, overseeing the two wars we are fighting, trying to stop Iran from nuking the Middle East, etc.
    So, 450 persons losing their jobs in the military is waaay more important than the hundreds of thousands of Americans who lose their jobs and homes every month!

    And it’s also more important than the over 40-odd thousand persons who die every year because they did not have health insurance?!

    Riiiiight………with ya’ now……..

    Listen you smug little shit, you don’t know the people who have just as much right as you to state their point, without being called ‘whores’, not that there is anything wrong with being a whore. Better than a Log Cabin, take your shit and be quiet ass wipes like you.

    We all deserve to be heard, especially after he PROMISED he would. So once again, fuck you you tool. As for those others that are ‘more important’ than us, let them speak for themselves. He gave us his word, and I plan on holding him to it, or he will be a one term hit wonder.

  83. Jeffrey says

    People who wait patiently get NOTHING. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Keep up the pressure and make him uncomfortable and he might actually do something instead of just talking about it. We will not be satisfied until we actually have some results. Why on earth would be satisfied before then?

  84. says

    HAH!!! Y’all are cracking me up with the expectations of the president. As if he can waive a magic wand and suddenly we have new laws…..WHOI!!! My sides!!! You’re still sitting down and waiting on one person to do all the work!!!!

    Here’s a link to refresh y’all how this country works on a federal level:

    Sure, he can propose certain legislation, but it’s up to CONGRESS to enact any new laws or legislation.

    The frustration I read here is misguided towards the president and should be channeled towards your elected representatives – as I clearly said in my first post. He has shown only support for the GLBT community over the past two years.

    Why hasn’t he issued an executive order to stop DADT? Methinks it’s because he can NOT afford right now to spend scarce political capital in lieu of health care and the economy.

    Take off your nightgowns, put on the heels and DO LOCAL ACTIVISM WORK. Contact your state reps!! ACT NOW!

    When he has solid legislation on his desk and does nothing – THEN he’s all yours to crucify.

  85. Jeffrey says

    “Why hasn’t he issued an executive order to stop DADT? Methinks it’s because he can NOT afford right now to spend scarce political capital in lieu of health care and the economy.”

    Are you joking? If he stopped firing people under DADT he would GAIN political capitol since around 75 percent of Americans want it to end. Don’t you win points by getting things accomplished that the people want you to do? The only people he would piss off are the wing-nuts that will hate him no matter what. And maybe you apologists that don’t seem to want to rock the boat at any cost.

    “DO LOCAL ACTIVISM WORK. Contact your state reps!! ACT NOW!”
    Already doing all that. Many of us on here do. Funny how you guys that don’t want anybody to speak up always assume that posting on a blog is the only thing that we are doing to facilitate change.
    Is it because YOU actually don’t do those things and are projecting just a little bit?

  86. walter says

    If Dr. Martin Luther King waited to press for civil rights would Obama be president
    The speech got very little coverage in the press and none with Congress. so in the end was another photo op and nothing more Truman intergrated the military by Executive
    Order not an act of Congress so let him end
    the discharges and have the Attorney General fight DADT in from of the Supreme Court as unconstitutional but do something

  87. Stephen says

    Gay lefties make me laugh. Barack Obama does not support our right to marry. End of story. End of sentence. He believes that we should be relegated to a lesser union with our partners. That is why he didn’t mention the ballot initiatives in Maine and Washington. Andrew Sullivan is right. HRC is just an organ of the Democratic party, and all of the posters on this site who think that hollow words matter are deluded. I’ll take a Republican Mike Bloomberg over Obama anyday.

  88. Old Timer says

    Obama is the chief executive of the federal government. It would be a breach of protocol for him to comment on state legislative issues. Feds only do that when a state is trampling on federal toes.

  89. Emilio says

    Words do matter, but not as much when the audience, event, and message are the same:

    “All America loses when any person is denied or forced out of a job because of sexual orientation.” Bill Clinton @ HRC dinner 11/8/97

    “It is more important today than ever to ensure that all Americans enjoy the rights [of freedom and equality]. When I say all Americans, I mean all Americans.” Bill Clinton @ HRC dinner 11/8/97

  90. David says

    On the one hand we HAD a (useless) President Bush who promised anything and everything with no intention of keeping the promises on anything,nor caring anything about us.
    We now have a President who would certainly like to keep the promises he makes if lesser men & women won’t stand in his way.
    The challenge WE now face is doing the serious political work and lobbying to make our dreams come true and block the lesser men & women. It is possible now. It has not been before.

  91. Jason says

    despite all the misgiving and my own caution at Obama’s speech, I cannot help but latch onto what he said. I am Ex Navy and a victim of the DADT Policy. My Partner is now in boot camp in his third week going is as a hospital Corpsman. Every waking moment I think about him and as a matter of fact got his first letter today. I just keep reliving the pain over and over again. Being a victim of violence by other sailors for my sexuality and having my career as an Intel Specialist torn from me… I just feel like screaming at politicians and those that take a bigoted stance on the issue. But instead what comes out is a cry of anguish because now those fears and worries I had for myself are now doubled since the very life and livelihood of one who I would die for is at stake. Do these peoples fail to realize how much this hurts? Are people numb to this? Just sweep us under the rug like we do not matter? I’m tired of it! And I’m tired of the infighting by a few prissy self centered queens who are so full of themselves all they do is bring an air of cynicism to every discussion and every issue! Why do you think prop 8 passed? Or why Maine is now facing such trials? Because of the lack of enthusiasm and unity by our community. Because half of you in California did not even care to vote because it wasn’t important or because marriage did not matter to you. Or because your happy with your privileged life and yet, your still a second class citizen being thrown under the bus… If we are to achieve anything we need to stop the pointless bickering and have hope! Remember hope? Or did hope die long ago with Harvey Bernard Milk? Was Hope a pipe dream? Was the movement nothing more than a farce? No! I refuse to think that, and this community needs to rally together in one voice and stand for each other! We are all in this together and we all need to put aside our pointless squabble and fight the battles whether they be in the pulpit or the grocery line, and FORCE our elected officials to see that if they fail to act they will not be getting another fucking dime from us or another vote just because there is a big fat D next to their name… I’m sick of it I’m sick of the machine and I’m sick of the hypocrisy. It is time to put up or shut up queer America because no one will give your rights you have to fight tooth and nail to get every scrap and kick and scream and bite to hold on to every thing we have so far!

  92. brianna hoffner says

    What cracks me up is how there’s this running assumption that we’re going to have a democratic house, senate, and white house until 2017. We had this same situation back in 1992 and it lasted exactly 2 years — in large part because the democratic party was seen by many americans as squandering the monopoly we gave them.

    “It’s only been 9 months” — well, we’re about enter the 2010 election cycle and every member of the house and 1/3rd of the senate is going to need a list of accomplishments to start touting to their constituents real soon now. Despite the HRC and other apologists saying, “I’m not going to trot out a list for you”, rest assured that come January you’re going to need one if you want to win an election in a battleground district. Seems like right now the democrats are hoping that comprehensive health care reform will be the giant bullet point at the top of that list. If they don’t come through on that, i fear it’s going to be 1994 all over again.

  93. Brandon says

    I hope that when the struggle for equal rights IS over, the complainers here will fight just as hard for OTHER causes that ail the world, like Darfur or child hunger, or death from curable disease. It would be such a shame to see all this outrage about injustice end after gay marriage.

  94. Steverino says

    There were plenty of specifics, and even the non-specific lines about talking amongst “friends” were gracious. We want action, but verbal gestures from sitting presidents count, too.

    Obviously he’s lacking timelines.
    So why don’t we give him a deadline? If he doesn’t repeal DADT by June 2010, he should expect the full lampoon treatment at all major Pride parades. Otherwise, he’ll wait until it’s time to ask for campaign donations.

    But at least the good news is that he WILL repeal DADT. Otherwise it would be his “read my lips” moment, and he knows it.

  95. John in Boston says

    He knows he has the gay ‘elite’ in his pocket regardless.

    The Dems treat gays like their bitch, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Say anything to get the vote out, then the cold shoulder, throwing a little meat every now and then.

    And of course Republicans are worse.

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