‘Pro-Family’ Group Slams Obama Program for Elderly Gays Because ‘Few of These People are Likely to Live Long Enough’ to Benefit

Tony Perkins' Family Research Council put out a statement slamming a plan by the Obama administration to devote resources to LGBT seniors.

Perkins The plan as announced by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: "The LGBT Resource Center will help community-based organizations understand the
unique needs and concerns of older LGBT individuals and assist them in
implementing programs for local service providers, including providing help to
LGBT caregivers who are providing care for an older partner with health or other

The Administration on Aging will award a single Resource Center grant at
approximately $250,000 per year, pending availability of funds. Eligible
entities will include public-private nonprofit organizations with experience
working on LGBT issues on a national level."

FRC says the program is a waste of time because gay people die before they get old:

"In reality, HHS has no idea how many LGBT seniors exist. No one
does! The movement is only a few decades old, and people who are 80- or
90-years-old didn't grow up in a culture where it was acceptable to
identify with this lifestyle. Of course, the real tragedy here–apart from the unnecessary spending–is that, given the risks of homosexual conduct, these people are less likely
to live long enough to become senior citizens! Yet once again, the
Obama administration is rushing to reward a lifestyle that poses one of
the greatest public health risks in America. If this is how HHS
prioritizes, imagine what it could do with a trillion dollar health
care overhaul!"

Americablog notes the whole "gays die young" is the brainchild of debunked doctor Paul Cameron.

Posted October 28, 2009 at 10:53am ETC by Andy Towle
in Julie Bindel