1. CDL says

    Oh, but in the last post lance bass is DRESSED UP like a fighter, and that is hot. What a difference between the real strength we need to learn, and the glossy hyper-masculine joke that we’re supposed to beat off to.

  2. Tony says

    In my book, the fact that he made sure he got his purse back makes him more than an honorary drag queen.

    Most inspiring was the 100 comments at YouTube’s website on this clip: commentors universally thought this bully/ass got what he deserved.

  3. Mike says

    Felix: It’s only misleading if you can’t read. Andy CLEARLY states that they were’nt actually drag queens but rather they were cage fighters headed to a stag party.

  4. alguien says

    back when in the 70s when i was a gay teen, just out of the closet, there was a legendary san diego figure-a gigantic drag queen known as bubbles. bubbles used to carry a gigantic, very heavy handbag and she could do a lot of damage with it.

    one particularly memorable bubbles incident was the time she took on 2 sailors who were out hassling gay kids. she just let them have it and laid them out. when she was all done she threw a dime at them and told them to “go call the cops and tell ’em a fag beat the shit outta you.”

  5. MCnNYC says

    SAD Misleading Header Andy….
    These guys were NOT DRAG QUEENS….

    Have some integrity….or did some errant copy editor put that there…but then your lead line also ids them as “drag queens” I know many of your commenters bloodlust for some bully bashing (as evidence look at the McCoy/HellsKitchen post) but it’s just not acurate.

  6. mike says

    Questioning whether or not those guys were Drag Queens is like debating how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Let’s see: they’re men, they’re dressed in women’s clothing, they’re wearing some great shoes and one of them does not leave until he’s picked up his clutch! It’s semantics. The bottom line is, the yobs got what they deserved and then some. Drag Queens of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your makeup kits!

  7. Smokey says


    The “creepy, convenient video monitoring system” you speak of is the new CCTV surveillance system in London, which has some 10,000 cameras lining the city streets.

    They were installed precisely to document incidences of crime and to aid in the identification of criminals, as demonstrated in this case.

  8. nic says


    never did i suppose that the cage fighters in drag were “drag queens”. and, as far as i can tell, Andy did not imply that either. i’m not sure where your mind is at.

  9. Another Andy says

    That is awesome. Just so awesome.

    Those useless turds thought they were so cool and tough harrassing everybody. It was awesome watching them stumble and stagger off like that.

    Too bad British society has denegrated to a bunch of drunken buffoons terrorizing society. That is what a weak justice system and liberal crime laws give you.

  10. CKNJ says

    … and the lousy yobbos get their just desserts, out for the count! LOVED that they got their asses kicked for picking on what they thought were a pair of drag queens!

  11. chris says

    i almost feel sorry for this guy – almost. it’s always SO satisfying when bullies are pummeled HARD on video for all the world to see! thanks to youtube, this shirtless piece of poo will have a record of this humiliating beat down for the rest of his days. in a word: “DELICIOUS!”

  12. says

    These hooligans didn’t get what they deserved – as far as the law is concerned.

    Just because these guys lost the fight doesn’t mean they’re not guilty of assault. And I thought attacking someone based on their perceived orientation was a multiplier in said offense.

    In other words, had these guys been able to pummel the “drag queens,” would their punishment still have been community service + curfew?

    The intent was still there, after all.

  13. Mark says

    The only reason the guys fought back is because they weren’t faggots.

    The only reason the suspects were apprehended and punished is because the “victims” were heterosexual men, and not just any kind of heterosexual men but cage fighters.

  14. Mark says

    Look at how great everyone feels. Shame you can’t feel that good all the time. For that you’d all have to get up off your lazy asses and learn to fight.

  15. Cher says

    Men dressed as women are “in drag”. Whether they are queens is immaterial. I love that these punks were taught a lesson they would love to forget. IMHO the world would be a better place if justice was quite as swift in more situations.

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