1. cd says

    no one, repeat no one, sets off gaydar more than senior senator from South Carolina, and that’s from someone who got a tap under the stall from Larry Craig in Minneapolis.

  2. anon says

    He was NOT featured in the film “Outrage” about gay politicians, so the rumors must be fairly weak. That movie would have done better with a better name, like “Gay DC” or “The Washington Closet”. “Outrage” sounds like a true-crime story or something. Too generic.

  3. bigolpoofter says

    Why ask Miss Graham [if you’re nasty]?! Check out the foot traffic of men in and out of her condo on Capitol Hill. This is such a case of hiding in clear view.

  4. LincolnLounger says

    Who cares? It’s his business. This whole forced outing thing is sickening. We’ve all been through it, and every individual’s journey is different. It’s not like Lindsey Graham is a right-wing kook.

  5. John in Boston says

    WTF? No offense to the good folks down there, but what’s in the water in S.C.?

    Closet gay conservative Republican senator, conservative Republican governor who very publicly commits adultery on the taxpayers dime, a possibly closet gay lieutenant-governor bad-mouthing the cheating governor.

    They got it goin on in S.C.

  6. CKNJ says

    LOL… I wondered exactly the same thing about Lincolnlounger… sorry whoever you are, but anti-gay bigots who are gay need to be OUTED… don’t care if you think they should be protected, they deserve nothing but scorn and outing!

  7. LincolnLounger says

    Sorry, I’m NOT the senior Senator from South Carolina. I’ve commented on here many times. I’m not a fan of Lindsey’s because of his position for amnesty for illegal immigrants. That being said, he’s not a homophobe zealot just because he’s a Republican.

    I guess he should be a pro-gay rights Democrat who promises the moon and stars but only delivers another pat on the well-coiffed head like Obama.

    As a community, we’ve put all our eggs in one basket. Not both parties can ignore us without fear of retribution.

  8. Steverino says

    Hmm, I don’t know what to make of this video. I find forced interviews a bit obnoxious in general, but it was actually a fairly polite interview all around.

    Not sure how to read Graham. He seemed surprisingly unaffected by the gay talk, and made a point to talk into the camera. He’s either not gay or he’s a seriously ballsy and fucked up closet-case.

  9. outpfarrer says

    Graham’s homosexuality is pretty much an open secret inside the Beltway. At one point at least he was living with his partner in his DC home. And he’s not the only closeted senator.

  10. me says

    Time for Graham to go, and not because he’s light in the loafers. He’s a smarmy weasel, who thinks anybody who disagrees with him is evil, sorta like his buddy Obama thinks. Primary this fool.

  11. William says

    He’s effeminate for sure. However, not all gay men are effeminate. I think it would have more interesting if he was asked, “You are obviously very effeminate, Sen. Graham, does that mean you are you gay, as well?”

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