1. says

    I know I said it on an earlier post, but Solmonese seems like a gigantic prick.

    I turned on the speech as he was just starting his intro and as it cut to the wide shot of the hall, I did a double take.

    Was it really necessary for a 50-foot tall headshot of himself to displayed behind him as he was speaking? Does his photo have to be attached to every HRC email I receive? I mean, really, does this dude’s ego have no limitations?

    I can’t be the only person that was startled by the 50-foot glamour shot projection.

  2. David Carney says

    “Maybe Solmonese is right and on January 19, 2017, Obama will have become the best civil rights president the gays have ever had. I sure hope so and I will stand up and applaud till my hands are bleeding if he does.

    But you don’t fricking say that in public in 2009 when you head up the country’s largest gay group!

    (Solmonese’s) email reads like a battered wife’s defense of her husband. It is without self-respect; it is riddled with the self-loathing of low expectations. It confirms every dark suspicion of HRC I have ever had and I have watched it closely now for twenty years. I really think this is the last straw.

    If you do not really believe in your own equality, why should anyone else? I know it’s difficult and I know the president has a lot on his plate. But you know who really have a lot on their plate? The servicemembers out there risking their lives for our security, enduring sacrifices Joe Solmonese cannot even imagine, serving their country day in day out – only to be treated as pariahs, and fired for the sole crime of being gay. This is wrong; it is unjust; it is cruel; it is ingratitude of the deepest kind; it is disrespect; and it is now sixteen years since we were promised it would end, as it has in every other civilized country, to no ill effects at all.”

    – The Sometimes Awesome: Andrew Sullivan

  3. John says

    The House actually passed the Matthew Shepard Act – as a standalone bill – very early on in the session. The vote in the House this week was to attach the Matthew Shepard Act to the Department of Defense Authorization Act (2010). The Senate had passed hate crimes as an amendment to the DOD bill. But Pelosi wanted another vote in order to include that language in the DOD legislation coming out of the House as well.

    This is necessary to ensure that it doesn’t get stripped out during conference. Typically, if both chambers have already approved an identical amendment, the conference committee leaves it alone – regardless of whether there are individual homophobes on the committee who want to “wreck” it or not.

    The legislative process is full of archaic, ridiculous parliamentary conventions and regulations. I don’t think people realize just how dysfunctional our Byzantine government is.

    It is easy for the Republicans to govern because their platform has always been simply “government sucks” and “we won’t do anything for you.” And they’re pretty good at carrying out these policies. Practically nothing of importance for the people ever gets done in GOP dominated cycles. Social Security, The Marshall Plan, Civil Rights, and Medicare were all opposed by the GOP. In terms of social progress, everything just grinds to a halt when they’re in charge. In contrast, the Democrats don’t have it so easy in government because they promise to actually do stuff for us.

  4. RedCedar says

    The HRC is one of the most ineffective lobbies there is.

    They are a waste of space and money.

    There are many other organizations out there that are far, far more effective and more worthy of your contributions.

    The HRC could close its doors tomorrow and no one would be the wiser as far as history is concerned.

    They don’t matter, except to Democrats looking to curry gay votes without actually doing anything except give nice speeches at HRC black tie fundraisers.

  5. Marc says

    While Joe was giving his speech, I was busy revealing the lies to a group of HRC tablers at the Tucson Pride Picnic. FUCK YOU JOE BOLOGNA! You can pick up your pink slip on the way out!

  6. Mark says


    I was out in DC tonight and ran across so many smug, condescending HRC Gaytards in their tuxedos. I’ve never seen so much faggot botox on those old fucking faggots.

    At Halo they would NOT talk to anyone but themselves refusing to mix with anyone NOT wearing a tuxedo. What a bunch of fucktard faggots. Drunk on champagne and the delusion of “equality”.

    Yay!!! We’re all wearing tuxedos and the president pissed in our direction!!!

    AND what the fuck was Solomonese’s ugly face doing up on the jumbotron on the stage??!! NOT video of him giving the speech BUT a huge fucking photo of him. Reminded me on Kim Jong IL, another delusional fucktard drunk the idea of his power.


  7. patrick nyc says

    What a douche bag. The head shot of him in the back ground speaks volumes to what an ego this guy has. Plus what’s up with the funeral director suit?

  8. Mark says

    Time for Joe-tard to get a new publicity photo. Lookin a little older there Joe-tard, a little paunchy and jowely.

    Come on Joe-tard. Get some botox and plastic surgery or a very expensive, very perfectly posed new photo. Act now or soon you’ll be replaced with a younger version that looks better in a tuxedo.

    Time to go see Dr. Brooks in Georgetown like a good precious little fag so you too can look like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  9. Jessej says

    I don’t like Joe either, but Mark sounds like a jilted lover.

    I’m not waiting until 2017. Joe can eat a dick. If Barack Obama doesn’t, at the very least, sign an executive order ending DADT by the end of his first term, he won’t get a vote for me in the next election. I don’t reward liars. If anyone here doesn’t see what is happening, they are blind. The HRC has agreed to withhold any criticism for slow action and be satisfied with ENDA and hate crimes inclusion for Obama’s first term in exchange for a “promise” from him that he will work on DADT/DOMA in his second term. Meanwhile, we have no guarantee that the Dems will still retain their powerful majority in Congress, will pass healthcare and rectify the economy and therefore no guarantee that they will do jack shit for us in his second term. Gays need to stop being complacent with getting pushed to the bottom of the laundry list. There will always be some pressing issue to deal with and we shouldn’t let promises get negotiated away by the likes of Joe or HRC.

  10. says

    Action Not Words. No speech makes up for zero action. For those like myself that will not vote again for Obama if he does not act thank God I am not alone. We need to raise our voices loud!!!!! We need to lobby through email and snail mail if need be till this all talk President does something real. We should even be burning up the White house switch board with our Demands for REAL CHANGE!!!

  11. Sojourner says

    Blah Blah Blah…… “Oh thank you for the bread crumbs Mr. President, we’ll stand in the corner now till you need us for re-election, oh and we are soooo sorry those other gays are demanding you live up to what you said you would do, we’ll tell them to be thankful that you came to our dinner and to stop fighting for full equality NOW.”

  12. says

    HRC is completely worthless. They do not represent me and they don’t represent anyone but HRC. Their sole purpose seems to be raising money to waste on big salaries and big fund raising parties. Wonder what old Joe makes per year (certainly not a difference). They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. They are inefficient, arrogant and out of touch.

  13. Dave says

    What’s with the political edging on gay rights? Just keep prolonging the day when satisfaction will come…

  14. says

    There’s no call to attack other LGBT people in this fashion. HRC and Salmonese “disgusting,” “completely worthless” just because you disagree on strategy?

    Keep it up and lose again. Nothing pleases Gay-haters more than reading comments like these. Divide, and they conquer, not you.

  15. RedCedar says

    “HRC and Salmonese “disgusting,” “completely worthless” just because you disagree on strategy?”

    When they’ve been busy fund raising for thirty years while doing nothing of consequence?????

    You are more patient than sensible.

  16. RedCedar says

    “Good things don’t come to those who wait, but they come to those who agitate.”
    – Julian Bond, at today’s gay rights march

    The HRC is too busy trying to secure photo ops. with Democrats to agitate.

  17. mcNny says

    what the fuck have they done. Lambda legal get ur ass on the street.
    GLAAD? oh right it’s awards season.
    Barney Frank? Fundraiser. That god Andy gives all u haters a forum to feel good on your ass.

  18. says

    Solmonese MUST go NOW! He is the Sarah Palin of the gay rights movement. Thanks for your opinion, but STFU before you ruin this for MILLIONS of people with your big fat ignorant mouth. The HRC does NOT speak for me or represent me in ANY way!

  19. says

    Revolutions begin when the POOR suddenly wake up and realize how the RICH will shit on the poor and enjoy their comfortable lifestyles for as long as they can, regardless of orientation.

    If you haven’t seen CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY yet, you should. Our fight is also about corporations and government licking each other’s asses while we (the poor, disenfranchised, and oppressed) act as if we are at the mercy of the rich.

    THE NEW RULES, for those who have had enough: