1. Mel Smith says

    People just keep me inside of my home. How can anyone attack another human being like this? People are just stupid.

    You got these stupid lunatics out on the streets doing these types of things to people.

    The other coward should turn himself in. He was man enough to attack one person. Now he’s running like a coward.

  2. elcamino says

    U.S. law says gays are inferior or untrustworthy or less deserving of rights. This nonsense encourages fuckwits like these two knuckle draggers to think they’re somehow superior.

    Just look at their swagger as they leave that man helpless on the street. They have PROVED something to themselves. It’s fucking disgusting.

    Remember this scene every time some suit and tie wearing Beltway gay group tells us we should WAIT until 2017 for full legal equality because Obama has so much on his plate.

  3. New Jersey Girl says

    Time to bash back folks. BASH BACK.

    This will not stop until Heterosexuals are afraid of Gays and Lesbians. They system will do nothing to stop it. the police will do nothing but cause pain and suffering to LGBTS, we see it here every week. Story after story.

    Time to pick up a weapon and bash back.

    Get it?

  4. Bill says

    I feel very sorry for the victim.

    Once again this is a reminder to all gay people that you should make safety your number one priority. Take self-defense class and buy pepper spray. Whatever you can do to keep yourself safe.

  5. DR says

    What’s really sad about this video is that it shows how little everyone else cares about what’s going on around them. Where are the police, did anyone call? Did anyone think to come to this man’s aid? How sad is the culture we live in that people can just ignore this.

  6. Marc says

    That’s so awful, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really wish there was sound on the video so that the exact entire thing would be captured, all of it.

    General question:
    I’m from Germany and with the exception of attackers on the run surveillance videos and the like are not being published.
    But on a number of american blogs I saw regular postings of 911 calls, you know, the former assistant that was chased by Lindsay Lohan, McCains brother calling 911 over being in grdilock and a variety of other strange stuff, people complaining about rude McDonald’s employees.

    So, is it completely “normal” in America that 911 calls and mugshots are released?!
    Or do they somehow find the way out because people shop them around?

  7. BMF says

    All there can be no excuse for what these individuals did and they should be held accountable. However, changing laws alone will not stop this. Murder has been illegal in one way or another since the founding of the Republic, but that didn’t stop white men from lynching black men and women with impunity. Let’s not conflate this very specific issue with whatever issues people have with HRC or whatever other LGBT national rights group. And, I for one am glad that we’re on the cusp of adding gays to hate crimes protection. I shudder to think what might have happened in some small, red state town.

  8. Joe says

    Marc – In the USA you can obtain a recording of any 911 call you wish, as it is considered public domain (freedom of information and all that). As for the surveilance video, it was probably either voluntarily given or subpoenaed by the PD and then released to the public to help get more information concerning the crime. In the case of police business, I *believe* a judge can order information withheld if it will affect or prejudice a case, but somebody can probably offer a more accurate explanation.

  9. says

    This video shows some very sick and disgusting behavior, and such things need to be shown to society at large if we’re ever going to defeat the intolerance that spawns these violent acts.

    That said, we also cannot let this crime bring us down to that level. New Jersey Girl’s comment about bashing back is completely out of line, and constitutes incitement to violence should anyone act on it. New Jersey Girl, assuming she’s not a right-wing plant, and others advocating blood for blood should take a breath and step back.

    India didn’t win its independence through violence, and African-Americans aren’t gaining equality through retribution. Look to Gandhi and King and Christ and all the other pinko commie revolutionaries who’ve changed the world in lasting ways. They did it through peace, not war. We dishonor their legacy when we strike out for retributory violence and bloodshed.

    Justice has its place, but vengeance and vendetta will poison our society faster and more thoroughly than homophobia.

  10. John in Boston says

    Just imagine the smack they were saying to Mr. Price while they beat the snot out of him and humiliated him. Robbed him to, at the end.

    I don’t blame that car for not stopping but they should have at least called the cops. Maybe they thought it was just a few drunks, but I doubt it.

    In America we at least can legally carry a firearm to defend ourselves from shit like this. Unfortunately, Mr. Price didn’t have anything to defend himself. NYC in particular bans everything. Hotshots though have armed bodyguards. Police can’t be everywhere, and are usually only around to they investigate after the fact. And I find it ironic the ‘progressive’ people who’re against decent people owning firearms or other self-defense items, also very often hate cops! They hate the very people they would want, demand, come to their aid under similar conditions to Mr. Price.

    Death penalty? Hell yeah!

  11. gayalltheway says

    I agree. Not with the bs Baumeister spitted out. Throughout history, there have been small groups within these movements that resorted to violence i.e. the Black Panther Party. And this is what we should do. We need to fight back and when things get out of control, it will force the so-called lawmakers in Washingtons to deal with the issue. Gay bashing has to STOP!!!!!

  12. Marc says

    I’m sure the guy hit on one of the two of them and it just sent them into a rage. Perverts like that deserve what they get, right Mr Huckabee? Besides, we haven’t seen the kind of things that were happening prior to the civil rights struggle in the deep south so it isn’t the same, RIGHT MR FUCKABEE?

  13. John in Boston says

    That’s a Dominican neighborhood. Rodriguez and Aleman. Jack Price is an older white dude. No doubt racial slurs were used in addition to anti-gay, but they’ll leave the racial part out of the reports.

    Too bad there was no audio with the video.

  14. says

    So what are we going to do about it? I suggest, for the time being, until a vigil or something else is organized, we all change our facebook profile to that of Jack Price’s hospital room photo, we post this videos to our fb pages as well as blogs we might have.

    We can be sad all we want, and this is sad. We can be angry all we want, and this enrages. But unless this does not move us to action, Jack’s beating will just be another attack on a gay man on another day in America.

  15. DR says


    Latent racism? I couldn’t even tell what race the vic was from the photos, that’s how badly his face was smashed in. He’s in a medically-induced coma and suffering from a fractured jaw, rib fractures and a lacerated spleen.

    He kept getting up and trying to crawl away. These “fine young men” continued to kick him while he was down. They brutally assaulted him. THEY WOULDN’T LET HIM LEAVE.

    Your comment about “throwing the book at them” equaling racism is utterly and totally ignorant. This is one of the worst assaults I’ve ever seen in all my years of legal practice.

  16. SFshawn says

    This would have been the perfect video to play at the HRC dinner to REMIND all of us how little has really been accomplished in the United States to put an actual end to homophobia and homohatred. I wonder if Mr. Huckabee or any of our US Senators or Congress people can even imagine themselves or somebody they love in Mr. Prices’ situation? I guess Liberty and Justice for all just applies to those who are straight,religious and rich?

  17. Attmay says

    I have always supported hate crimes laws with mandatory death sentences in the event of a fatal crime.

    And I support the right to bear arms. And the death penalty.

    And bullshit like this is why. Where gay rights are concerned, Hammurabi has nothing on me.

  18. scot says

    The calls for ‘bashing back’ that are echoed by many in these comments are short sighted and will ultimately make the situation worse. That type of response is exactly what’s happening between Israel and Palestine. And you see how well that’s turned out. Violence begets violence.

    What we really need is hate crimes legislation, vigorous prosecution of these crimes, and public intolerance of this type of hate.

  19. Attmay says

    That whole “violence begets violence” line is namby-pamby bumper-sticker logic. England surrendered after we beat them in the American Revolution, and again in the War of 1812. The South hasn’t risen again, like they said they would, after the War of Southern Treason. We beat Germany twice, and they’ve done nothing to necessitate their being beaten a third time. Japan and Italy have also been at peace with us since the end of WWII.

    We will fight them from every angle. We will fight them in the churches, in the courts, in the government, in the private sector, and on the streets. And we will win.

  20. Keith says

    Bash back?
    Yeah, let’s lower ourselves to their DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, and DEGENERATE level. Let’s ‘upgrade’ from ‘perverted fags’ to ‘violent fags’. Yes, this is an inexcusable crime, and the responsible persons should be punished to the full extent of the law, but its not going to help in the slightest if we start ‘bashing’ (attacking straights for… their sexuality (it should sound just as meaningless as gay bashing))?
    We need to defend ourselves and support each other. Fighting back isn’t the same as bashing back, but we need to embody progress, not compromise it.

  21. John in Boston says

    Part of the problem is un-pc: the gay ‘community’, through it’s so-called progressive ‘leadership’ (self-appointed; but if the media says this person or that represents the ‘gay community’ society believes it….cnn doesn’t lie) has allied itself, and by extension all gays, with groups/demographics such as the so-called ‘black’ and ‘Hispanic’ community. NEWSFLASH! In general, the ‘black’ and ‘Hispanic’ communities are more anti-gay (and violent) then so-called whites or Anglos……Also, in general, a lot more religious if you catch my drift; pentecostal and evangelicalism is exploding in popularity among Hispanics…….Eastern Europeans,Russians are also brutally anti-gay and violent.

  22. Wheezy says

    I good defense is a good offense. Self defense is not DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, AND DEGENERATE…it protects victims and teaches bullies that there are consequences to their actions….consequences the law is too lazy and indifferent to mete out. We are at war and they are winning. There is no time to worry about whether or not we’re “better than them” or not….the only thing we need to worry about is survival. Make no mistake they would burn us at the stake if they could. Where do you think the word ‘Faggot’ comes from, BTW?

  23. Yeek says

    Do gay people EVER fight back? I think it’d be great if it happened.

    Unfortunately, I can’t think of a single time I heard of a gay man (or woman) beating the crap out of an attacker, carrying a gun or weapon, or even getting the best of someone in a fist-fight. I’m sure it has happened somewhere, but I have doubts that our community has what it takes to actually be seen as a physical threat en masse.

  24. kody says

    It’s seems that this kind of behavior happens every day.

    Guy in London killed after being fagbashed. Iraq killing it’s gays, then using the victims cell phones to corral more. Guy given 6 months for killing a gay dude. Oh boy. I can’t believe these dudes still use the claim where the guy came on to them. If that is truth enough to attack and injure or kill somebody, straight women should start beating up and killing all the guys that whistle at them, say offensive things, and touch them. Same thing. I’m so sick of this.

  25. CKNJ says

    @averagevermontperson: After seeing that video you can even say something so ludicrous? It is a vicious disgusting anti-gay attack and you color it with race? What crap! A gay man (race irrelevant) was beaten shitless by two other men (race irrelevant), simply for being gay… THAT is what needs to be reported on.

    I hope that Mr. Price recovers completely from his horrible attack and manages to testify against the two animals that attacked him.

  26. Some Guy says

    The worst thing about it is that they know nothing will ever happen,that they don’t want to happen. You can’t shoot them because you’ll go to jail for it. The law will maybe give them probation if anything. Too much protection for the criminals in our society.

  27. Paul says

    Unbelievably sick, repulsive – I hope DUMBO Rodriguez ends up being the favorite BITCH of the meanest, merciless prisoner in Jail. These two punks try to bash my partner and I – and I WILL crack their head open in two. Christian love for you on display!!

  28. Tyrone says

    Daniel Aleman and Daniel Rodiguez should never be able to walk our street, or any street ever again! They should be locked up for the rest of their days. And if there is any real justice in America they will spend the rest of their days in jail.

  29. Tyrone says

    They asked do gay men fight back? Yes they do. As a matter of fact there are some who can fight very well. However, it can be hard trying to fight off two or more bashers.

  30. Tyrone says

    Aleman was being held on $20,000 bail Tuesday? I copied and past that. Now they said “was” being held. I hopt that means the it went up to $200,000,000! See, this is what makes me mad. If you get caught kicking a dog you go to jail, no questions asked. If you’re caught with drugs on you your bail is like $50,000. And here is a man who tried to beat another man to death and he gets a $20,000 bail.

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