Did Glee‘s Chris Colfer Go Back into the Closet?


Chris Colfer, who plays the out gay Kurt Hummel on Glee, is apparently not so out in real life.

In an October interview with the Advocate, Colfer acknowledged he is gay:

Your character, Kurt, is the show’s fashionista and a key member of New Beginnings. How similar was your high school experience in Clovis, Calif.?

It was similar in the sense that I was definitely teased a lot in high school and I was definitely at the bottom of the food chain: total underdog, complete “Gleek.” I was never like Kurt at all; I wish I was now that I watch the show, but I was never fashionable. I wish I was like Kurt in high school! [Laughs]

Were you out in high school?

Oh, no. People are killed in my hometown for that.

But in a new interview with USA Today, Colfer says he won't discuss his sexuality:

"Playing an openly gay kid means fielding questions about his own sexuality, which Colfer doesn't address. 'I try to keep up a mystery. As much as I give
away of my personal life, the less people will believe me as other
characters. I try to be private about it. It is what it is,' Colfer
says with a shrug."

Maybe he was still in the closet in the Advocate interview? I'm not sure if he's ever said he was gay anywhere else. Whatever, the case, it's a shame Colfer feels he has to be coy about it, given his age and the role he's been given on the show.

And Kurt gets a storyline in tonight's episode:

"It's Kurt versus Rachel in the Glee Club's first 'diva-off"', after Kurt is told he can't perform 'Defying Gravity' because it's a 'girls'' song. Will this mean a much-needed end to the stories about how the Glee Club can't function without Rachel? Also, the Glee Club learns to look at the world from Artie's perspective when they travel a mile in his wheels."


  1. crispy says

    His bio at the official Glee site on Fox.com says in high school he wrote and directed a spoof of Sweeney Todd called “Shirley Todd.” That’s rill gay.

    In case there’s still any doubt, it also says: “Just like Kurt, Chris is openly gay.”

  2. says

    Let’s see… in the “Glee” pilot, there was a scene where a bunch of jocks threw the gay kid into a trash dumpster and he did NOTHING to defend himself. Can you imagine the outcry from viewers if they had thrown that chubby black girl in the dumpster instead? Gays are the last minority where it’s considered no big deal to beat them up.

  3. Jeff Kurtti says

    This is sort of like closing the barn door after the horse has gone. Run 1500 miles away. Won the Triple Crown. Been given a sitcom. Really, what’s the point of this bizarre retraction?

  4. Paul R says

    I don’t think the USA Today interview is especially coy. He’s saying that he doesn’t want to be seen only as gay because that might make it hard for him to get nongay roles. He doesn’t say it in an offensive way, and he’s 19. Big deal.

  5. RJP3 says

    Fuck this loser.

    Tired of the this game playing of people who “want success” …. so they hide.

    Lame ass bitches.

    It did not help “jack” from W&G, Kevin Spacey looks like a fool denying it, and less we forget Nathan Lane also looked the fool for years denying it.

    I find these and the corporate ass kissers who hide for PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT repugnant – much like the very lame GLEE itself.

  6. jake says

    saw him at the brandi carlile show in la with a special male friend. they definitely seemed like a couple. btw, it’s really not a mystery to anyone who has met him in person.

  7. Kitty Boots says

    Hey! Blah blah blah It’s his own business! Blah blah blah – Why should it make a difference! Blah blah blah Adam Lambert! Blah blah blah Ricky Martin! Blah blah blah The faggot from Ugly Betty Blah blah blah Ellen!!!! Blah blah blah

    Righteous indignation defending the closet!
    Blah blah blah Blah blah blah Blah blah blah

  8. jakeinlove says

    Wow some of you should just worry about your life and stop trying to dictate what others do with theirs. It would make you look less as self-indulgent arse.

  9. RJP3 says

    Lets see all the closet cases are sure happy to right the gays rights and gay acceptance gravy train — while taking none of the risk — and the rest of us are just supposed to shut up and do the work while others reap the benefit without saying anything.

    This ADULT MAN is on a show made successful by gay men, his role is that of a gay student and he himself is gay — but he does not want to talk about it.

    FUCK HIM and his defenders.

    Gay or Straight this whole anarchy and you can do whatever you want and be free from criticism is BS.

    Who is he Carrie Prejean — in that we can not say F-YOU to him ???

  10. RJP3 says

    ‘Hes out, why should he have to discuss it all the time?

    Straight people don’t have to discuss their straightness.

    Aren’t there better things to discuss?

    Posted by: J | Nov 11, 2009 2:04:19 PM


    OK silly J here is the answer —

    because being SELFISH and not talking about it hurts the COMMUNITY by giving in to the bigotted environment for personal gay …. or do you believe there is not gay commmunity to care about?

    And STRAIGHT PEOPLE use who they are ALL the time to get ahead by talking about relationships and dating.

  11. Anonymous says

    @RJP3 No, fuck YOU and your pathetic judging and meddling. He’s come out twice already, he doesn’t need to talk about it all the time like there’s nothing else to him, and you have no claim to his decision.

  12. FizziekruntNT says

    Agreeing with RJP3 on this one. Young or old, being in the closet hurts us all. If you don’t care, that’s your business, but a heterosexual majority environment forces us to accept ghettoized, marginalized status. At 19, everyone needs a support system and a sense of value. I wouldn’t be so hard on Mr. Colfer, but he does actually have a choice. A much broader choice. 30 years ago, perhaps not. Visibility is tantamount to successful integration and majority acceptance.

    The question remains. Why is my love less important or even unacceptable and yet I am continuously bombarded with images of heterosexual behavior? Changes are slowly taking place but nobody is exempt from being a part of the change. It takes more than just courage to be yourself, it take serious balls.

    The more people that know you exist, the more people that see us as regular human beings, takes away the power of those who seek to remove and deny our rights as equal citizens in this country and hopefully, eventually, all countries.

  13. Ash says

    Wow.. such anger on here. Look, I was out young.. but I have a family of atheists and live in Toronto and what job was I risking? My part time gig at a book store!?!

    I think some of you are basing WAY too much on your own experiences at 19. Not this young mans.. I think a cup of “get the fuck over it” is needed. Not all of us get 99% of our personality from being gay. How many times does he have to come out before everyone will be happy?

  14. josepe says

    you ppl have to remember that coming out is a choice, we cannot be all the poster childs for gay rights, i do know you don’t have to be saying oh i’m gay, and by the way i’m gay !
    who cares if you are gay or not is one self decision of coming out or not,
    REMEMBER what you do in your house and in your bed is nobodys business but yours.

  15. Sean R says

    Coming out is, I would have thought, a process not an event. So Mr Colfer’s comments have become more guarded than previous – it might be in order to protect himself a bit and to take stock of the changes that have happened in his life as he has rocketed into the public sphere.

    As most of ya here have gone, like me, through the coming out experience, why aren’t some of you putting your 19 year old selves in his shoes for a moment. Give a 19 year old gay man who’s playing a gay character on national television some space and leeway… he’s doing all the right things… taking his time and doing it right. This guy is being honest, so give some credit people!

  16. Feebee says

    Poor bastard can’t win really can he? If he’s out, he’s not out enough for some, if he wants to not talk about it he’s apparently hurting the cause. Vilified for not “taking a stand”. It’s his life and his career. People are complaining about being negatively judged whilst negatively judging someone else.

  17. whilome says

    What part of “people get killed in my hometown for that” did you not understand? It’s close to Christmas and folks will be flocking back home, including him. Leave his bizness private. As long as his mama loves him and anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows the truth, leave well enough alone.

  18. MCnNYC says

    PLEASE he’s as stright as that Ahole on UGLY Betty who also is trying to shut the door on his own closet…AND now that THE TEMPERMENTALS is moving to an Off Broadway House..UGLY BETTY GAY BOY URIE will surely try to put a lock on his closet door this time.
    Like they are EVER going to be cast as a “straight man” in anything.

  19. E Alan says

    OMG!!! The man has already come out just like all the angry “how dare he not be out it doesn’t affect anybody’s career anymore” gays demand. They’d have been calling him out if he hadn’t. Now he gives an interview where he doesn’t say “Yes btw, I’m gay” and the angry ones are up in arms and calling him out anyway. Get off his ass! Did you read what the rest of his comment?? He (THE WORKING ACTOR)says “As much as I give away of my personal life, the less people will believe me as other characters. I try to be private about it. It is what it is…” He’s not your ambassador, he’s an actor, let him do his work and find some other way to validate yourselves. He doesn’t owe us a disclosure every time he talks to the press. He doesn’t owe us anything.

  20. Craig says

    I must’ve missed the page in the gay handbook that explained where I was TEH GAY AMBASSADOR 24/7, and OBLIGATED to live my life in a way that makes RJP3 feel better about his. I forgot to sign the release form that gave up my right to privacy, too. :(

  21. You ppl are fucking dumb says

    It clearly states that he doesn’t like to reveal anything about his personal life in fear of being typecast. Can you SOBs learn to fucking read before commenting? Plus why the fuck is this even on here? I find it very disrespectful and hypocritical that this site has the audacity to post this article in a effort to stigmatize him for putting his career first. We don’t live in a perfect world, people! We do not live in a world where sexual orientation or skin color has no say in what roles you are offered. Get over it and do something to fix it if you care that fucking much. He didn’t say he didn’t want to discuss his life because he’s ashamed. If he did, I could understand the anger but since he didn’t why are you bitching? This proves people need lives. Stop trying to live vicariously through “celebs” and start to live your own fucking life. Maybe once the media realizes common folks don’t care about the personal lives of entertainers, the art in showmanship will come back.

  22. Sam says

    Actually, RJP3 Lane never claimed to be anything…he simply did not come out. Coming out is a very personal choice and certainly 25 years ago was not accepted. Today, it is easier, but those who come out as gay actors are often type cast and can’t get other roles. It is not right but if your career is your career and you want choices you do have to think about the career. When Lane finally came out he said that, correctly, that pretty much everyone knew anyway and he didn’t feel any need to ANNOUNCE it to the world. He came out because of the murder of Matthew Shepherd and for that I applaud him. It may not have felt like the right time to him as far as his own life, but he did it in hopes that it would deflate some of the hatred. I am sad to say that there are still a lot of people who hate, but there are also a lot of people who hate blacks, muslims and others. It is a sad truth of the human race and one I hope we can overcome. Until we do, one has to look at the big picture and without knowing the particulars of a person’s private life it is unfair to DEMAND that they come out. No one makes heterosexuals proclaim their sexuality…sometimes the gay community is harder on its own than others are. Let’s give these people a break and let them do what is right for them personally. Just because one is gay does not mean they must accept being a ‘poster child’ for the cause. They are entitled to a private life. It isn’t as if they are out there bashing gay men or lesbians. They simply choose to keep their private life PRIVATE

  23. anna says

    RJP3: 19 isn’t an adult man, sorry, still a kid! give him a break! he’s obviously gay, no problem in not wanting the world to know, famous people hide they’re relationships all the time to “keep private” so why can’t he hide his sexuality? he’s obviously out to people who actually know him.

  24. Nathan Henderson says

    RJP3, people’s personal sexualities do not exist to further our social cause. Coming out is a choice and it is a process. It doesn’t necessarily happen all at once. “Outing” is only morally justified with regards to exposing hypocrisy in power – otherwise how public or private anyone is is their own business.

  25. betty says

    C’mon, guys! What the hell? Why are you freaking out because he’s not comletley out! I mean so what that he hasnt OFIICIALY come out. That is his own buisness, its not for everyone else to say ‘Come out already’ As an aspiring actor I understand him not wanting his personal life so out in the open otherwise he will always be identified as a ‘gay actor.’ It’s called type-casting and its a hard thing to escape. For example, I am always cast as a young richeous girl and IT SUCKS! I try to disassociate my personal life from my acting. It has nothing to do with it so why bring it into it? What’s the point and what is the big deal? It’s not like he’s saying he’s ashamed of being gay; if he was I doubt he would be playing Kurt Hummel. He’s a VERY new actor to the spotlight and he’s just putting his toes in the water. Give him a chance to get acclimated. I personally applaud him for being so shy with his personal life. I’m so sick about hearing what celebrities are having for breakfast that I’m glad to see a new actor who is not flaunting their life and more worried about their ACTING, I mean that’s the whole point of an ACTOR right?
    Lay off the kid. Whether he is openly gay or not does not change who he is as a person or actor and should, therefore, not change anyone’s opinion on him.

  26. Queenzafrona says

    This is exactly why gay kids get beaten up and why some commit suicide. This is why people bully gays. It takes strong people to come out and stay out and make role models. I tip my hat to the kids who are out today and are not afraid to be leaders. As Heidi would say (a twist on her words): In this world one day you are in the next day you are out. Make up your minds and set the world on fire with your beauty and soul.

  27. theraisingirl says

    I have seen numerous interviews with Chris Colfer that address his sexuality or reference it, and he never denies being gay and confirms it often. Cruise youtube a little bit and you’ll find like five or six different interviews. There’s no reason he should have to allow reporters and interviewers to fixate on that one aspect of who he is. Yes, it’s great to be supportive of the community, and Chris Colfer is VERY supportive and seems very aware of how important his role on Glee is to gay youth and undervalued youth in general. Check out his Golden Globe acceptance speech, for an example. But no one should ever feel they have to sacrifice their own identity for the good of the community. If there’s more to him that he’d like to share beyond his sexuality, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    Also, NO ONE has the right to tell someone else when or how to come out or how to deal with their sexuality. That is each person’s private business to deal with in their own time and however THEY feel comfortable. Support, tolerance, and acceptance people. That’s what Glee is about, that’s what the character of Kurt Hummel is about, and the fact that some people are willing to jump up and condemn Chris Colfer and judge him so harshly for being ambiguous in one interview…that’s the opposite of what it’s all about. And this is where I storm out of the coffee shop after throwing a snippy one-liner over my shoulder at you.

  28. Ellie says

    he is NOT trying to keep it a mystery so that he can stay in the closet or hide.
    he has already said he is gay a couple of times.
    he is not making a big deal out of it so that when he is acting he seems more believable as other characters or roles. geez. calm down…

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