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    I still think the kid’s a pop tool, but this interview made me respect him TONS. Good for him for pointing out the hypocrisy. And Eminem rapping about 17 rapes under his belt is ok, but Adam Lambert’s peck (and seriously folks, it was so quick no one would have noticed if a few people hadn’t made a stink about it) is not.

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    Them choosing to blur that kiss was bizarre. If I had to guess, someone is going to lose their job over it.

    I bet we’ll get some sort of apology. The double standard is this case was too blatant for even the dimmest of bulbs to miss.

  3. javo says

    Of course Adam’s right. I wish people would realize that he is NOT dumb. He’s young and will learn a lot. I have a lot of respect for him especially when he calls out all the ridiculousness that people want to throw at him…..go Adam!

  4. Milan says

    Comparing him to Elvis or Madonna? REALLY! I agree about the gender double standard. However, the AMA performance still blew and today he lip-synced on the Early Show! Great PR, but come on people……..

  5. Em says

    Lip sync nothing. He had a backing track because the song was layered.

    I hope we get some sort of apology. I was enjoying the interview and coming performance and they sort of took a shit all over it.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Just as happened when ABC cut Lambert after 1,500 complaints, I emailed them yesterday, and CBS this morning. When people speak up, sometimes they listen. I also emailed ESPN and Brian Burke to thank them for the story Andy posted this morning, it’s just as important to let them know when they get it right.

  7. Mila says

    LOL he didnt lipsynch! If you heard the album you would now how he sounds a bit different in studio. He was singing live and very well, as always (except for the AMAs).

    He is very articulate. The interviewer wanted him to apologize, but he did great, was polite and engaging. The blur is stupid and proves his point.

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    I am a singer and I know a live performance when I see it. There was no lip syncing going on.

    CBS seems to have forgotten that they have a gay couple on daytime television, and they kiss all the time, so what the hell is the big deal? They could have cautioned their viewers, if they felt the need, and given them the chance to watch it or not, rather than make the decision for them.

  9. GoodForHim says

    Now more than ever we need to support him. This was the first time I felt empowered watching a gay artist on national tv NOT APOLOGIZE… he gave his reasons (all of which are incredibly valid: “it is not my responsibility to babysit”… right down to the comparison with the fact Eminem braged about 8 rapes under his belt… The interviewer was trying to get him to apologize for foisting this “lifestyle” on the “poor children” and he didn’t go with it. He stood his ground, was eloquent and confident. Too often us ‘mos in the mainstream are seen as being too apologetic with our tails between our legs running back into conformity when the straights don’t like what we’re doing. Adam has been lucky enough to get to a place really quickly where he wasn’t scolded or reprimanded for being who he was, let’s hope events like this don’t end up doing that too him. The last thing we need is someone like this to stop believing in who he is.

  10. Lauren says

    Personally I am not a fan of Adam, but the boy has guts! Good for him for not apologizing. The interviewer tried so hard to get him to apologize. If parents want to get bent out of shape about this, they should start being parents and control what the kids can watch. This is no different than the Madonna/Brit/Christina kiss. But that’s okay because it appeals to straight men.

  11. thedark says

    adam is A gay man.
    Madonna, Britney and Christina is a well-known heterosexual female..
    it wasn’t the gender was a sexual biased.
    the same reason why adam never won the american idol…it’s all back to his sexual preferences..
    gay is still a matter how much we tried to deny it…

  12. Andy F says

    Can we also use this interview as proof that Adam Lambert is not trying to downplay his sexuality in order to further his career? Enhance, maybe. But not downplay.

  13. Cameron Johnson says

    Yeah, that just makes me love Adam Lambert even more. And when they mention these children — are they forgetting that Kris Allen, the clean-cut whiteboy with a wife and a Syrupy Drawl is the one who actually won the competition? It was the grown-ups who loved the Lambert…

  14. Christopher says

    E-mail your complaints to:

    Feel free to use mine as a template:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I’m writing to you to express my outrage over censoring used in your Early Show segment with Adam Lambert. It is blatantly homophobic on CBS’s behalf to blur the kiss between Lambert and his keyboardist followed mere seconds later by a clip of Madonna and Britney Spears kissing at the 2003 MTV VMA’s…. See More

    I will not feign to know the reasons why you’ve chosen this route of bigotry in your editing and sincerely hope it isn’t because the kiss by Lambert may actually be legitimate because he is an out member of the LGTB community as opposed to Madonna and Ms. Spears who are heterosexual and their shared kiss was out of performance shock value alone.

    Lest I remind you that ABC opted out of having Lambert on their morning program because they deemed the performance “too racy for morning television” and your network quickly stepped in to snatch up the interview. It seemed to me that you were being the bigger people and were prepared for the fallout of supporting a LGTB entertainer’s right to expression, but I see I was wrong.

    I demand an on-air apology from the Early Show for this gross display of homophobia and for perpetuating the image of sexual inequality in the news and pop culture.

  15. says

    She just won’t give up until she gets an apology for the poor little children watching at 11pm. (Of course they’re talking about it in detail with no concern about who may be listening.) What a hilarious load of hypocritical horseshit. She–and all the others feigning outrage–couldn’t care less about the children. And, as others have said, they completely illustrate the double standard by showing the girl-on-girl kiss while blurring the boy-on-boy kiss. No concern for the children there. Adam completely held his own, politely but firmly–while the performance didn’t do much for me (simulated fellatio, yawn), I loved the interview. He’s very smart.

    LincolnLounger: serious damage to whom? There is no genuine outrage. TV remotes have a use. They change channels when you don’t like something.

  16. Terry says

    I can’t help but respect this young, talented man. I admire his convictions and standing his ground. He pointed out the hypocrisy of America. Good for him.

  17. wow says

    wow, he did a pretty good job though. I’m surprised at how baiting the interviewer was though, she was just trying to push him to say “no you’re right, i shouldn’t kiss men in front of small children”. I can’t believe they censored it on CBS though, especially! after showing the Madonna kiss.

    This is a game changer though, the next openly gay performer who comes out and does this will feel less heat..and the next and the next.

  18. Ashlee says



  19. gabe says

    I would love to see him guest at The View so he can put those two bitches (the one with a gazillion wigs and the one who’s sole claim to fame is she didn’t eat or bathe for 30 days in a remote island in timbuktu) in their places.

  20. Pender says

    This is so blatant that it’s kind of hilarious. It’s like if CBS had blurred the face of a black reporter because it has a lot of racist viewers, and had done so in a segment criticizing another show for not having enough black reporters.

  21. Ryan says

    I almost laughed out loud when I heard her say “especially the children,” but I got too angry before the laugh could even come out.

    There’s literally over a million children of at least one gay parent in this country alone. What does she think, that they’ve never seen their parents kiss? Why is it okay to block out a gay kiss and not straight ones? Or two men kissing, but not women? This country is so fucking bigoted and it doesn’t even realize it.

  22. galefan2004 says

    It is NOT the kiss that was complained about. The kiss is a separate incident. The complaints are about the simulated oral sex. The real question is does anyone think this really helped the ability to obtain gay rights in middle America (where like it or not we have to fight hard to get any federal rights). I really don’t think it did. This performance managed to reinforce every single gay stereotype ever created (it started with S&M and ended with straight male harassment). Way to go Adam, you managed to set the struggle for rights of normal hard working gays and lesbians back by at least 10 years.

  23. Henry says

    galefan2004, did the madonna, mylie pole dance , nipplegate, chris brown/rihanna antics set the struggle for rights of normal hard working heterosexuals back by at least 10 years?

  24. says

    “Way to go Adam, you managed to set the struggle for rights of normal hard working gays and lesbians back by at least 10 years.”

    Absolute nonsense. Adam didn’t set back the rights of “normal” gay people one second. Opponents to gay rights aren’t threatened by Adam, however much they pretend to be outraged. (After looking at porn on their own computers, no doubt.) What the opponents are threatened by are the “normal” couples who want to get married and raise children and invade their exclusive straight world–that’s the threat to them and what they’re trying to prevent. Our inevitable assimilation scares them, not Adam’s flamboyance. Don’t kid yourself.

    P.S. I think Adam qualifies as “hard working” too.

  25. Jeffrey says

    Galefan believes that the only way to gain the freedom to be an openly gay person is to hide any trait that might be construed as gay.
    Oxymoron or just moron?
    Good thing most of us don’t think that way.

  26. patrick nyc says



    Now the use of gross would lead one to believe that ASHLEE is in fact a young brainless girl. But the use of idiot and kudos leads one to think it may be a closeted valley boy. Either way, douche bag fits both.

  27. Christopher says


    “.it’s all back to his sexual preferences..
    gay is still a matter how much we tried to deny it…”

    And it’s still an orientation, not a preference, unless we’ve all time traveled back to 1983

  28. mhoger says

    The American Music industry has been on a slow decline for the past several years. It’s people like this Adam “guy” that gives the industry a bad name. Who wants to buy music by someone like him. I guess the gays do but they can’t keep the industry going. I hope the AMA wakes up and puts the music back in the industry. Stop with all of the other garbage.

  29. Mark says

    I am no fan of Lambert but FUCK CBS.

    There was no “controversy” when Adrien Brody mauled Halle Berry when accepting his Oscar. Networks neither dropped appearances of either after the show nor blurred the kiss to keep it from viewers.

    The problem is America can’t stand two guys kissing. It’s ok if Madonna and Britney kiss but not two guys.

    Male homosexuality is not acceptable. There it is.

  30. says

    That is so typical U.S.A.
    Is it two girls who are almost fuking on stage there is no problem, but is it two boys kissing it is the end of the world.
    Thank GOD im not living in America.
    All to gay rights.



  31. g.Malott says

    where does C.B.S. get off being my censor?It’s about time America got over it’s biggotry re gays and grew up!But of course,the Americans have always worked on a double standard,filling their entertainment medium with violence but pretending anything other than ”straight” sex doesn’t exist!When will it grow up?

  32. g.Malott says


  33. Sheri says

    To add insult to injury, CBS said their decision to air two females kissing, but not two males was a well thought out one!!! I wrote them to complain about their double standard at feedback and urge everyone to do it. And to call CBS at the 212-975-45321 number someone already gave here. I’m going to call. We need to bombard their email and phone lines or CBS won’t pay attention to their anti-gay decision.

  34. Ryang says

    I was there! Adam was not lipsynching! He had a vocal backing track as most pop artists do for back up. Watch his performance on Letterman for more proof of his amazing LIVE voice.

    Adam was obviously nervous on the AMA’s and went a little far…..and at first I was concerned because I knew that people would only talk about that and not his incredible new CD. But he has started a very important conversation and he made history. As for some jerk here saying Adam has brought gay rights back 10 years…..ridiculous. If anything he will show what bigots people are. Some of them posting here. Now…have you heard the CD? Amazing!

  35. Jai says

    “The American Music industry has been on a slow decline for the past several years. It’s people like this Adam “guy” that gives the industry a bad name. Who wants to buy music by someone like him. I guess the gays do but they can’t keep the industry going. I hope the AMA wakes up and puts the music back in the industry. Stop with all of the other garbage.”

    Posted by: mhoger | Nov 25, 2009 9:30:12 PM

    Can you give a good list of what YOU consider to be good music? Pretty puh-lease? Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me if the stuff you like is crap to me, but it’s all about opinion isn’t it? People have different tastes and there are people out there (straight or gay) that like Adam’s music. I certainly don’t care for it, and neither do most of the commenters here, so I don’t get the “Who wants to buy music by someone like him. I guess the gays do…” comment. Anyway, this post isn’t about whether if Adam is a good singer or if the AMAs are crap. It’s about CBS’s b.s. and homophobic response to the man/man kiss. Whether or not Adam is a good singer, he needs our support.

  36. Silvio says

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  37. Crystal says

    okay. they compare him to madonna and elvis because what they did in THEIR time was racy and up for debate. in OUR time, adam is doing similar things that are racy to OUR time. and for the record, adam does NOT lip sync. i am a musician and i know real singing. he didnt lipsync. BTW when I think of a bad influence, it isnt Adam protraying his sexuality and being open and okay with himself, its eminem saying that its okay to rape and kill people. THATS a bad thing for your child to be seeing. Sure, seeing sex at a young age could be bad, but its a natural thing. raping and killing people is simply not okay.

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