1. Mike in Brooklyn says

    To all those “Roscoes” out there; GIVE IT A REST! Marky Marky is a gay boy’s (and I can’t imagine not most every girl’s) cum shot. Great smile, great looks, and an amazing body. I am sick of all those jealous morons who can’t help themselves to find Marky’s many faults and rehash them over and over again.

    He turned from being another hot bodies punk into an entertainment star –so why knock him because he succeeded? Just let him rock the world; thank god Calvin Klein did.

    And I hope the featured movie is half as fun as the trailer; I laughed all through it.

  2. Jeff in NC says

    This movie looks cute. I hope it’s not DUM.

    MM looks hot as always, ‘cept what’s up with that doofy wig? Pretty amazing how far he’s come since his days as a rapper.

    Now, what’s this “third nipple” thing we’re talking about? And is he really a homophobe?

  3. patrick nyc says

    So he made some stupid comments years ago, not unlike any other white boy from Beantown. I have not heard any of late, so he can just stand and look hot, I’ll leave the acting to the rest of the cast.

    James Franco, Tina Fey, Mila Kunis, Mark Ruffalo and Kristen Wiig. Hell Wigg and Fey are enough for a good time.

  4. peterparker says

    I occasionally get told that I look like him. And I never get tired of hearing it.

    As for the criticism of his acting: the scene in ‘Boogie Nights’ where his mother kicks him out of the house is heartbreaking. He was stunningly good in that movie. And he was funny as hell in ‘I Heart Huckabees’.

  5. John in Boston says

    White ‘Boy’ from ‘Beantown’ Patrick? Gee Patrick, would you call a black dude a ‘Boy’? No, course you wouldn’t.

    And he comes from a VERY diverse neighborhood. And like many dudes of every race, ethnicity, he was a street thug, the real thing. NOT a nice guy. He’s been re-habilitated by people who had a lot of money riding on him.

    What about white ‘Boys’ in Brooklyn or Queens, Patrick? What about black ‘Boys’ in Baltimore or Philly? What about Asian ‘Boys’ in Long Beach, or Mexican ‘Boys’ in L.A.?

  6. John in Boston says

    NO, he’s never to my knowledge apologized for being an a-hole when he was a hood-rat. But that won’t stop fools from idolizing him, and many gay men will find it makes him that much hotter. A real masculine, a-hole, str8 dude.

  7. TANK says

    Marky Mark’s a total douchebag. DOUCHEBURST SUPREME! He’s a thug, too. Two bit hood, who stabbed the eye out of a vietnamese person with a fork for NOTHING.

    Rehabilitated? Get lost with that spin. He’s a thug, and once a thug always a THUG.

  8. John in Boston says

    Yeah, and there are PLENTY of Vietnamese thugs and hood-rats where M.M. comes from. Vietnamese gangs are a real issue in Boston, especially in his old neighborhood. They are no joke.

    M.M.’s IMAGE was rehabilitated. For all I know he really may be. He has genuine talent and he’s obviously a reliable and hard worker or he wouldn’t be successful in the business. People do grow. But, to my knowledge, he’s never apologized for his past actions.

  9. John in Boston says

    I actually think Wahlberg is a better actor than Pitt, but Pitt’s no Keanu Reeves, he’s not that bad. And yeah, I think the dude has real talent.

  10. TANK says

    You think that? Okay. That is your opinion, and you’ve every right to it. And without disagreement, life would be less complicated and tragic, though decidedly more boring.

  11. Sean Mac says

    Mark’s interviews during promotions for “The Happening” increasingly referenced his neocon-natured faith, which instantly eliminated any hotness he emanated in the 90s.

  12. anon says

    A quick look at shows that someone named Mark Wahlberg from Newton, MA (a suburb of Boston where Wahlberg grew up) has made 2 political donations. One was to John Kerry for $2000 in his bid for U.S. President. The other one was to Barack Obama for $1000 in his bid for U.S. President. Looks as though Mark Wahlberg is a Democrat.

  13. Garst says

    Really? No reason for him being shirtless? How many guys do you know that wear parkas when they’re home alone ready for bed? They’re obviously going for realism to put bodies in the theater.

  14. Scot says

    Some of you guys are totally wrong. He HAS apologized for his actions and percieved homophobic statements. Apparently you guys didn’t see his interview on INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO. James Lipton was very aggressive with questions on these topics. He was a stupid kid who did some stupid and criminal things. His devotion to inter-city kids includes building a youth center and a boys club. He has rehabilitated himself and his image.
    Besides, who the hell watches one of his movies for the acting?

  15. John in Boston says

    His movies aren’t that bad. He’s been in decent flicks, some better than decent. His acting is respectable, nothing to be embarrassed about, like Keanu Reeves.

    Marky Mark Wahlberg has no connection to Newton. His family last time I saw lived on Boston’s south shore (southern suburbs). If you knew the Boston area and Newton you’d further understand why it’s highly unlikely he’d live or have family there.

  16. says

    To all those “Mike In Brooklyns” out there; GIVE IT A REST! Marky Marky is a staggeringly untalented hack actor with an admittedly great body. I am sick of all those jealous morons who can’t help falling all over themselves to ignore Marky’s many faults over and over again and just concentrate on his body like the pathetic losers you are.

    He turned from being another hot bodies punk into an entertainment star on zero acting ability whatsoever. And I hope the featured movie is half as fun as your pathetic post on Marky Mark; I laughed all through it.

  17. Dan Cobbbb says

    Mark Wahlberg BRUTALLY beat an older Asian man with a tire iron –to rob him. Sure Wahlberg was in his late teens at the time, but he never apologized to the man, and never paid him any kind of damages. The asian man is completely blind in one eye. I hate Wahlberg. He is a vile, arrogant creep. I refuse to see any of his movies and won’t pay a dime to anything he’s involved in. Look it up on Wikipedia. And in newspaper archives.

  18. Lawrence Estes says

    It’s astonishing how many gay men are still turned on by homoophobic so-called “straight men”–read “closeted.” It’s sadly masochistic. Mr. Mark made homophobic remarks even about his Calvin Klein “fans” of a past era. Another manifetation of this “straight” infatuation by gay men is the “gay-for-pay” phenomenon. Correctly viewed, that reference should be “straight-for-pay,” the posturing at being “straight” by gay men, often still closeted but nevertheless gay. Sad, too, because there are more handsome gay men in any one erotic group than there are attractive closeted “straight” men.

  19. John in Boston says

    Dan Cobbbb:

    Yeah, you’re right. Creep is a good adjective.

    I still don’t think he’s a half bad actor.

    I saw him being interviewed on a UK TV show recently; I couldn’t take more than a minute. I grew up with dudes exactly like him. And it irritated me how he completely ‘lost’ his strong Boston accent. It must be quite a conscience effort to pronounce that dreaded letter R and sound like you’re from a small respectable Midwest town or something. I know for me pronouncing the letter R is a real bitch.

  20. hephaestion says

    I love Mark Wahlberg. If you saw his interview on “The Actors Studio” you know he has grown into a very mature and compassionate man. He is a beautiful man both inside and outside today.

  21. nic says

    can someone, who is approaching adulthood, throw rocks and bricks at little girls while calling them niggers be redeemed? he did that when he was 16. i would not have done that at that age, or at any age. he, as recently as 3 years ago, said that he could never play ‘gay’ in a movie. he is a bigot.

    what does that say about you fawning faggots? after all, that’s what he thinks about you.

  22. mcQuaidLA says

    He was a self-confessed shit as a kid and a thug, too. And he’s apologized profusely for that. I’ve hashed out the homophobia issue with a few LGBT journalists who have spent time with him (myself included) and none of us noticed anything. But again, his press exposure started when he was Marky Mark and by that time, presumably, he had been wised up. He was far from perfect, but he was also honest and contrite when he fucked up – in high contrast of a lot of his peers.

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