1. says

    So if they were killing Christians, or putting people in prison for 5-7 years for praying, would Warren still say “it is not my personal calling as a pastor in America to comment or interfere in the political process of other nations”?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    You’re absolutely right, KEVINVT.

    You know, this story may be the most important story ever on Towleroad in relation to our various discussions on race and homophobia & anti-gay hatred. It should make everyone think.

  3. John M says

    Rick, what exactly does the bible say about gay marriage? I’ve never seen a bible that mentions gay marriage, although it does seem to approve of incest and polygamy.

  4. says

    Why is our precious “liberal” news media not covering this?
    And why is Obama silent?
    Where is Secretary Clinton?
    Have the teabaggers been right all along? Is our government a bunch of Nazis?
    I refuse to allow my country to support genocide. I am making signs and printing literature right now. This has gone WAY too far!

  5. says

    hopefully Rachel Maddow will feature something about this. she’s usually fired up after a vacation.

    i think ‘The Family’ ought to be the subject of a congressional probe, personally. everything they do, and say, seems to be contrary to the Constitution, imo.

  6. Nathanial says

    BTW, as for Hillary Clinton’s silence, maybe there’s a simple reason for that — SHE has ties to “The Family” as well, and “through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as ‘The “Fellowship,’ also known as The Family.” Read more here:

  7. says

    Take a position, fuckhead, show some moral compass and remember the bible quote:
    “And the lukewarm I spit ftom my mouth”.

    What a corrupt asshole…….Who in their right mind would listen to an asshole who doesn’t know what is manifestly wrong ?

  8. Ruben says

    Somebody please ask the white house during a press conference why they are giving silent assent to Rick Warren and members of Congress who use government money to promote the death penalty for gay people in Uganda.

    Would the white house remain silent if Uganda was passing these laws against Jewish people? Would they remain silent if some other country passed a law against a racial minority?

    If Ben Harper and Gordon Brown can condemn the Ugandan government, why is Barak Obama silent?

  9. Chitown Kev says

    1) What’s the difference between these people (The family, Rick Warren, etc.) and the white Christian colonialists of old? None that I can tell.

    2) Also, why don’t we call this proposed anti-Ugandian law a proposed GENOCIDE? Because that’s exactly what it is.

  10. Rowan says

    You know, obama et al are not the only people quite. What about your HRC? And all those ‘rich’ gay mafia dudes?

    Maybe if people in your back garden actually started doing/saying something, the big wigs would have to do something because they obv don’t care…

  11. Chitown Kev says


    Have you EVER read what many (if not most) commenters on towelroad have had to say about HRC and those rich “gay mafia dudes” like…oh, Andrew Tobias, for starters?

  12. SB says

    “The Family”, “The Bilderbergers”, The Trilateral Commission”… All the same Group.. All the Same People with the same purpose… Evil.

  13. John says

    If the administration decides to criticize Uganda, then Obama needs to do it himself. He’s the only one who can do it with any degree of effectiveness. It would be a big mistake to send Hillary Clinton to talk them down. Harper and Brown have fallen into that trap already.

    Museveni will simply now pull a page out the Mugabe playbook and blame it all on westerners and their decadent lifestyle.

    If reformers in Africa want to succeed, then they have to change the narrative. They have to disconnect themselves from the idea that homosexuality is the “white man’s disease.” And they are not going to do it with Stephen Harper.

  14. Paul R says

    I’d be curious to know if there’s been any quiet maneuvering or diplomatic efforts to address this. I’m hoping so, because if Harper and Brown made their first mention of it so publicly, of course Uganda is going to resist “foreign meddling” in what it considers domestic affairs.

    Few Western governments will take concrete action if the law passes. If they want to exert real influence, it should be behind the scenes…again, unless that’s already been tried. Otherwise the Ugandan government will feel compelled to save face and pass the damn law.

  15. Rowan says


    I have heard what they say about THOSE groups but you know it’s all very specific and one dimensional.

    The one time, they should be hounding these groups to actually be active, they are saying nothing….

    Come on…

    It reminds me of the ‘me,me,me’ politics I deal with.

    What is happening in Uganda is so wrong-badly wrong. Gay or NOT, this is a HUMAN RIGHT issue.

    HRC should be on board.

    At least the UK have said something…

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    PAUL R,

    now I didn’t even think about that strategy or approach for this Administration in dealing with this anti-gay idiots who pose as leaders of nations..,.(gag & vomit)

    You ought to be in Secretary Clinton’s State Department–you think like a diplomat…an effective one, not a showboater.

  17. Rowan says

    @ Paul R

    Call me cynical but I think it was made publicly first…why? The same reasons that a lot of community activists with great intentions who are white don’t try and do their thing in a predominantly black area that is seen as poor.

    The Labour party in the UK has done this so many times-the white guilt-by apologising for issues or saying stuff like this BUT not actually having any power behind-at all.

    Hit em were it hurts-sanctions but why would you do that when Uganda has no oil? Or it’s no Cuba, i.e a threat?

    Empty words by those leaders but I do agree that Obama’s word would be a lot more powerful.

    He is an icon and is literally ‘followed’ around the globe despite what most of the Towleroad commenters think.

    He has that power…

  18. Paul R says

    Derrick–thanks, my friend!

    Rowan, I agree that at this point it wouldn’t hurt for Obama to say something…though I still think quiet diplomacy would work better. And I don’t see him making a hugely public overture about this issue (hell, if only because it might put his name in the news with Rick Warren’s again).

    I agree that sanctions would be useless. Uganda lacks much interest to the West aside from general African stability (which this issue is unlikely to affect), so the country needs this kind of saber rattling, sick as it is. The US rarely cuts off foreign aid and isn’t about to cut off humanitarian aid—read: HIV/AIDS money—to a Sub-Saharan country. Uganda knows that. Frankly there isn’t too much the West can do in a situation like this, especially in front of the entire world. Obviously reason and basic decency aren’t effective arguments.

    Basically I think Uganda wants a bribe. But I doubt it has too much leverage on this law. It’s all gross.

  19. Dan Cobbbb says

    There is a pattern in Africa, and it is this: When a national leader starts fomenting hatred and pogrom against gay people, the people in that nation will be starving in a short while…. Why? Because witchhunts occur in times of crisis… and crisis in Africa often has to do with lack of food. Remember Robert Mugabe’s crusades against gays –almost identical to what’s happening in Uganda today. To distract attention from their corrupt and failing policies of graft and greed, these African leaders distract their populations by rousing hated against gays. A few years later Zimbabweans were starving… farms were ruined and the economy collapsed.
    The same thing happened in the Central African Republic and in parts of Nigeria decades before. Pogroms against gays are the canary in the mineshaft for nations in Africa…. things are about to get a whole lot worse there.

  20. TexRex96 says

    A critically important story… Firstly, there’s the ties to Rick Warren and the “Family” of GOP senators. Their “moral” activism in Uganda helped bring this about, as leaders there see their actions as U.S. concurrence. Secondly, Warren & Company implicitly support the extermination of gays. This is now unambiguous, and Holocaust 101 says this needs to be talked about loudly and often. Lastly, our president has huge influence in Africa, including Uganda where his ancestral tribe is popular. A little could go a long way on what would appear to be a no-brainer, but my instincts tell me Obama will remarkably stay quiet and again let us down. Bizarrely, George W. Bush — given his respectable spending on AIDS in the region — may actually be a better president to deal with this problem than the increasingly disappointing Barack Obama.

  21. TexRex96 says

    As an aside, you can tell the Uganda Tourist Board ( exactly how you feel about the prospect of spending your dollars there at this email address:

    Conversely, Nepal is taking the opposite tact, something to consider if you’re thinking about adventure travel. We should reward countries who make bold stands to support us, even if it is just for the cash:

  22. DANIEL says