1. Julius says

    What a load of crap. Everyone’s welcome at his church, of course. Just make sure your pockets are filled when you enter and preferably empty when you leave.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    Well of course they let him off….Den Mother Walters wont allow them to call him on his BS in the name of the Lord.

    I’m sure Retardabeth Hasseltard was having squealing orgasms over the entire segment. I wish Al Gore would have kicked her in the twat when he came out.

  3. Erin says

    closeted. looks like he belongs in who-ville. and of course he would go on the view, because there’s no reason why they should engage with him in any critical way. that show is a vapid pile of crap.

  4. says

    Why is this bigoted fool given a free ride? Why isn’t he called out for his comments. These women are known for speaking their minds (and usually over-speaking each), but here they let it just slid by. Joy’s expression means nothing on moving film. I am as disgusted with them as I am with him.

  5. JTlvr says

    His god’s best includes a private plane, a million-dollar mansion, a fleet of expensive cars, a walk-in closet full of slick suits and an uneducated bitch of a wife who slaps the help (and flight attendants).

    Tell Joel Osteen, I’m not interested in him nor his so-called god.

  6. Jonny says

    David B. I couldn’t agree with you more. If I still believed in the church, I know it would not be people like Joel and Pastor Rick judging me on the last day. These people and the Maggie G’s of the world cannot shut up for one minute to experience the true sense of god:

    “You can hear the footsteps of God when silence reigns in the mind.”

    Their minds are too busy crafting ways to put lipstick on the pig of hatred and fear and pass it off as love and concern (for the gays and others they don’t like) on the view.

  7. Gridlock says

    Wait, let me get my tinfoil hat so i can communicate with my invisible sky wizard too!

    *plants it on his noggin, adjusts his antennae*

    Come in, Cthulu…. Come in oh grand and powerful tentacled one!

    Smite this Abrahamic fairy tale and his plastic little boy toy and I promise to sacrifice 100 shrimp on your honor!

    See? I can be religious and wear a stupid hat too.

  8. says

    Anyone who would listen for one moment to this greasy plastic toothpaste ad of a man (or his ridiculous Skipper doll of a wife) had no chance of being reached in the first place.

    The question is moot. Next!

  9. Harry says

    This guy is just another hater among millions. If you go to message boards on “The View” site, you’ll see all the anti-gay comments from all the southern christian house wives. We will never get any respect from this sick bigots.

  10. clint says

    Well Joel, your theology in all areas is not God’s best either, and neither is your orthodontic work. The man could eat corn on a cob through a picket fence.

  11. Sargon Bighorn says

    WHO the hell is this jerk that I should want his approval or acceptance? I’m fighting for civil equality I’m NOT fighting for acceptance. If you’re fighting for acceptance you’re wasting your valuable time.

  12. says

    @ Alan Brickman: Where are you getting that Joy Behar hates both gay and straight men?

    Anyway, the biggest shock is certainly not Joel Osteen’s “kinder, gentler” homophobia; it’s the lack of response from the usually intelligent and outspoken women seated next to him. HELLO?!!!

  13. Bryan says

    “Given a free pass”? C’mon, Whoopi and Joy pushed him as much as they could civilly. You can’t argue with someone with that sort of religious mentality, and they know that.

    What would you have wanted? A cat fight? Because that would really help the cause the day after the election.

  14. says

    ok gays… GO MILITANT! Boycott the VIEW tell your straight friends and family members to boycott the VIEW and all the VIEW movies, etc until they retract or forcibly decline in ratings to the essence of shoe microplasma dirt. Oh wait, they are already for condoning this behavior by a guest. I just wanna puke. I stopped watching the VIEW becuz I dont like bitches yelling over each other. If it weren’t for this blurb I would not have known!

  15. GOD says

    Pastors, preachers, priests are nothing but useless charlatans who tell lies for a living. As long as we give these frauds legitimacy, there will never be equality in America and don’t get me started with the inane “but not all…….” Not all Nazis killed jews or even knew about the final solution. This does not make the Nazi ideology any less evil. Just as the human altruism of certain Christian doesn’t make christian ideology less sinister and disgusting.

  16. niles says

    If one digs just a little bit – which I know is beyond the reach of today’s journalists – there’s a whole lot of dirt about Joel and his sleazy family’s dealings here in Texas. And there’s this: is he saying God made a mistake? Blasphemy!

  17. TANK says

    “You can hear the footsteps of God when silence reigns in the mind.”


    You’re being sarcastic, right? This is hilarious. I’m going to remember this one…it’s rather insulting to believers. At least it should be.

    What do you expect from this money grubbing snake oil salesman? He’s a huckster with a grift. He’s got a permanent smile on his face while his hand’s always out (sifting through your pockets). He’ll say this because the illiterate barefoot congregants that pay him money want to hear it. He’s schilling a product for his enrichment…and you know what, they’re all the same…even the more dour stern hucksters in the episcopal and catholic churches. Just dressing up in costumes and standing near a pulpit in a overdone haunted house–reciting the same hocus pocus in a more somber tone…doesn’t make you any more false–er, true. Oh sky cake, why are you so delicious?

  18. jimmyboyo says

    Moshe Rabbeinu (hebrew for Moses our teacher) declares that the God of Abraham is Jewish and poor little pagan joel will be smitten for worshiping paganism mixed with Judaism in jeeeebus

    sorry Joel… are a gonner because of jeeebus

  19. Bart says

    Not God’s best? Really, Joel? You’re not only judging God’s work — talk about massive hubris, you don’t even have the strength of your own convictions (as ridiculous and anti-Jesus Christ that they are) to give a straight answer. You come off mealy-mouth and candy-assed.

    With all due respect, I think there is a special place in hell for people who make their massive fortunes off of the death and resurection of Jesus Christ. Get ready for a little judgement yourself, Mr. Olsteen.

  20. Brian says

    Honestly, I don’t hate this man. I pity him his short-sightedness and ignorance and I feel sorry for anyone foolish enough to follow his teachings. Superstition and ignorance go hand-in-hand. When one is raised by superstitious fanatics, one can’t help but become a superstitious fanatic.

  21. FunMe says

    The guy has a PINK necktie.

    If that isn’t a cry for help I don’t know what is.

    “PLEASE HELP! I am married and making lots of $$$ fooling others and pretending to be speaking for God when all I do is collect $$$ for myself and wife (hello those houses and cars are expensive!) and yes my “wife” did slap that stewardess during our flight back to TX … I’ve fallen and I can’t get off”

  22. Andy says

    I don’t think they gave him a free ride. Whoopi called him out about “God’s Best.” And you could also see Joy cutting right through this guy’s bullshit.

  23. Ferny says

    I’m an openly gay man, and watching the show today really gave me alot to be optimistic about. I was raised catholic but after coming to terms with my sexuality, really deciding that being spiritual and making my own rules was my chosen route. I’m not christian, but I think he is one of the best things to happen to christanity, and in changing the operation status quo towards gays. If he doesn’t agree with being gay, thats his choice. I don’t agree with rap music but I’m not about to go out and keep someone from enjoying it if its their preference. He has his path to walk and I have mine. It’s nice to know if I ever choose to, can walk into his church and not feel afraid of hatred towards me because of my lifestyle choices. Nothing wrong with having that belief. Instead of trying to banish and focus his efforts on hate, he’s aimed at giving people hope and learning to respect and live with one another. We aren’t ever gonna see eye to eye on all things, but its not about that, its about looking past our personal beliefs and doing something good and constructive and he opening his church in respect and dignity to openly gay people is a big step in the right direction. Baby steps everyone. Ideals and morality weren’t built in a day.

  24. Jason says

    What upsets me about Osteen’s comment is that in general I’ve seen Osteen as one of the more reasonable voices in mainstream Evangelicalism; yes, he heads a megachurch, but most of the time he focuses less on the fire and brimstone ridiculousness and tries to bring the flock back to the things that Christianity is supposed to be about. I guess not always… but we know where we stand, don’t we?

  25. TANK says

    “lifestyle choices,” ferny? Obviously you haven’t come to terms with your sexuality. It’s depressing to read your post, actually, because it sheds light on the walking wounded that religious bigotry leaves behind–the real victims of toxic faith (such as osteen’s), that don’t heal. It’s a nice example of why many religious/spiritual folks will never understand civil rights (re: disagreement with them is just preference for mint chocolate chip ice cream over vanilla, apparently…insane)

  26. Nate says

    I am really disappointed. I have always liked Joel Osteen. His messages have always been very positive and uplifting without being judgemental and damning as it seems so many religious leaders are. Now I see him in such a different light. It kinda makes me sad.

  27. freestatebruce says

    And who is “God’s best?” Why, Pastor Osteen, of course. That’s why he has the Mercedes and the big house and the coiff!
    What an arrogant ass!

  28. Sean R says

    Hmm… isn’t there something about ‘judge not, lest thou be judged’… well if this pillock is actually judging what God does, there is obviously no bounds to his bigotry or blasphemy. Seriously, how do these nutjobs get airtime in the USA?

  29. Dback says

    I saw this entire episode, and Joy and Whoopi definitely called him out on his anti-gay position. They were polite since he was polite (compared to the shellacking they’ve given people like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter), but Whoopi made it clear that though she liked a lot of his message, this was a deal-breaker for her. And Behar, bless her, is the proverbial bull in the right-wing china shop; she’s not afraid to press someone hard if she thinks they’re full of it. (She also drilled him over his views on prosperity and God “wanting” us to be wealthy.) Sherri is very religious and Elisabeth’s a conservative, so I wouldn’t expect them to question a minister in-depth. If there’s anyone to be disappointed with, it’s that creampuff Barbara Walters, who didn’t even mention Maine on yesterday’s show and keeps smoothing over any potential “trouble spots.” (After the long, checkered history with Donald Trump, she was all a-gush about being at Ivanka’s wedding.) As Cheri Oteri chirped on “SNL,” “I’m Barbara Walters, and I used to be a serious journalist.”

  30. Thom says

    So we aren’t “God’s Best” Huh? So, clarify: We are like a burnt batch of cookies? God pulls us out of his oven and wrinkles his nose and sighs, “Feh. Not my best”?…Who made the cookies burn? God effed up the baking time or was distarcted making a batch of “his best”….Boy, this clown needs a new self- writtne parable!
    Loser’s making a killing though. I live in Houston and see the parking snafus before and after his services.. oh, and at least a dozen or more Houston Police directing tax money in action. Gag me.

  31. RJP3 says

    Fuck Joel Osteen — everything he has he inherited.

    Of course he claims he made it on his own.

    Just the son of yet another scam preacher man telling the flock that they are better than those bashed in the bible.

    Fuck him…. and the Republican produced View.

  32. RJP3 says

    Why should they give gays respect ?

    If they give gays respect then they lose a notch on the status scale — and honestly that is all many white and black trash Americans have.

    As long as politicians pander to them for votes to get POWER – they will hate because it makes them FEEL GREAT.

    And false prophets like this one have to fill mega-church seats and sell books — so they promote the hatred.

    Sick bastards.

    We need to keep changing laws to protect civil rights — because kids each one of us is going to be hated and demeaned and lied about until the day we are buried.

    We just have to work to keep them at bay so being caught being gay in your own home is not a crime again — as it was just a FEW short years ago.

    Our difference lets us see how simple and hate filled humans are. It is a gift — and not a curse.

    Knowledge is power.

  33. CheekyPeaches says

    I live in Houston and this guy has always given me the heebie jeebies… just being in the same room with him makes my skin crawl. Sadly his church is GINORMOUS and no, not everyone is welcome.

    Oh, and he’s the biggest closet case in H-Town!

  34. RJP3 says

    I’m a black gay man, and I think the white homophobes are the worst of the bunch.

    Posted by: Mel Smith |

    MEL — WELL DUH !!!
    And it is nto a contest Mel.
    It just is a SHOCK to many young white gay people when they realize black people – who have experience ignorance and hate – turn around and do the same thing to gay people.

    We already expect it from White People — you know white people are damanged by the experience of racism in life too right ?? I do hope you know that there is pain just being in the world watching racism.

    White Non-Racist Gays are just shocked Straight Supremist black are so simple and ignorant after what they have experience by being “different”.

    There is a difference when black folk are Straight Supremists. You black guys are just going to have to appreciate the feeling and fact behind that — it is EXTRA shameful for a black person to be a Straight Supremist – just as it is extra shameful for a Gay Person to be a White Supremist.

    Now do not get me wrong — there are black people that disgust me — just as there are white people that disgust me.

  35. mike says

    I happened to catch The View yesterday when Olsteen was on. He came out all peaceful and smiling and there was the obligatory shot of the Mrs. in the audience. Cream-puff questions from the panel, and Joel offering his best, brightest, most glistening smile as he answered questions about materialism and prosperity and just as I was beginning to feel the urge to retch right there in my living room, Whoopi starts to dig a little bit about what Pastor Joel thinks about LGBT people and does he think there are any who attend his “mega-church” (40,000 people a week!) and does he believe that God condemns or denies that He created gay people in His image, just like He did all His children. Joel blinked (he has this annoying habit when he talks of closing his eyes while speaking and he never quite talks directly to the listener) and blinked again. As Whoopi and Joy pursued that line of questioning, gently but persistenly, you could just see flickers of annoyance flashing in the back of Joel’s baby-blues. Yes, Joel was having trouble keeping that smile on his face during the “gay” questions. He smiled through clenched teeth, skated around with the typical “well, it’s not God’s best but I know God loves us all but it’s not God’s plan for homosexuals to be able to marry” blah blah blah. Thankfully for Joel, his segment came to an end. But, ever so subtly, that glimmering facade of smarmy smiles started to dim just a tad. If it wasn’t for television, that guy would be flipping burgers at Burger King.

  36. hinbww says

    Here Jesus refers to “eunuchs who have been so from birth.” This terminology (“born eunuchs”) was used in the ancient world to refer to homosexual men. Jesus indicates that being a “born eunuch” is a gift from God.
    Matthew 19:10-12

    four gay couples in the Bible that are married;
    Ruth and Naomi
    David and Jonathan
    Daniel and Ashpenaz
    A Roman centurion asked Jesus to heal his slave but it was not his slave it was his gay lover and Jesus healed him.So why is it that God and Jesus love gays but so called Christians don’t.
    I am a retired Baptist Pastor and I am gay.

  37. SFshawn says

    Just come out of the closet already instead of denigrating your openly gay brothers and sisters in the name of religion(how original). Since your discussing your homohatred(aka self-loathing) on the talk show circut perhaps you can chat with that big powerful closet lesbian Oprah or that closeted news anchor Anderson Pooper about how gays are not gawds best and you are! Fuck you and all those who stick their dick in you and keep it a secret. :)

  38. robert says

    To Joy and Co. wake the hell up! What were you thinking giving this guy a free pass? He wouldn’t know God if He came up and bit him on the ass! Shame on you for letting him get away with this. I spoke to God last night and he told me people like him are full of shit!

  39. joelosteenisshort says

    Hello all I don’t usually comment but I had to do this. After reading about his appearance at the View with his bigotry, I was surprised to see him as I was coming out with my groceries from D’Ags at Univ Place. But mostly my “gaydar” went off!!! he was wearing make up, walking side by side with a woman, was looking around and undeniably amused by all the gay guys, he was totally checking out/cruising and I don’t blame him coz there’s too many goodlooking men in this neighb

    @alguien: yes, his hair is that old!

  40. clark says

    Joel is a hypocrite and a charlatan. But I suppose I can agree with him on one thing – homosexuality is not “God’s best” – in fact, I’m not sure it’s God’s work at all. But then again, neither is he “God’s best” with his private-jetting money-grubbing ways while observing homeless starve on the streets of Houston; and his syphilitic moron abusive bitch wife (remember the airline “incident”) is certainly not “God’s best” either, so I find it interesting that he, of all people, would choose to cast the first stone – particularly given his careful efforts to banish his gay brother Justin from Houston (he now lives in NYC doing “missionary work”).

    I generally find people with Joel’s IQ tend to be pretty happy because they have the ability to ignore (or maybe are just too stupid to perceive) the injustice and poverty of this world that tends to make more perceptive and/or intellectually gifted people not so full of joy. But what the heck, he’s clearly one happy and judgmental guy.

    As for Joel’s gay parishioners and “friends”, there were lots of self-hating homosexuals who voted McCain/Palin in the last election, so it’s certainly no surprise that people who’ve been told they’re inferior their entire lives might want to love on Joel (since he’ll smile and look very non-threatening while he tells them they’re not gonna end up where he will). Joel also believes that these men made a choice to be homosexual, as God would clearly never have made such a flawed being – clearly these men chose the easy path of homosexuality because they knew it would lead to loving approval from everyone in their lives. Or maybe not. Maybe Joel should ask Justin why he chose to be a homo – I’m sure it was that awful mother that his father divorced once he found his true love (though I’m not sure how divorce is “God’s best” either).

    Man, I do go on. I’ve watched Joel in action a number of times; in fact, that is what has informed my opinion of him – I remember in particular some newsmagazine or Baba Wawa interview of him and the bimbo wherein they showed off their private jet and palatial home and then preached the virtues of humility, moderation, and caring for one’s fellow man (which after all is all that Justin is doing, right).

  41. DonJM says

    Joel Osteen and his wife are just Jim and Tammye Faye Baker, 30 years later. It is all about “send me the money.” And there’s an excellent chance they will have the same end!

  42. Carolyn Jones says

    All of you’d better watch your mouths you don’t know what you’re talking about every word will be held against you.The good part is no matter what you say God still loves you and so does Joel.

  43. Ray says

    To find out the truth, read the bible. You can search the bible, and find what is not acceptable to God. O there is very much a God. There is an awesome God. He makes all the rules, if we accept Jesus dieing on the cross for our sins, and that he rose 3 days later, we shall be saved..

  44. rajiv says

    I wonder why some people saying lot of wrong things about Joel.
    He is remarkable man and he preaching the right attitude of living in us.
    so some people who are suffering due to their own attitude are questioning Joel.
    My views are also that homo sexulity is a kind of diesease.
    Joel messages makes my day bright though i do not follow Christinaty.

  45. Frank says

    Who buys these books…from Bush,Palin etc….from this closet case…?? If he hasn’t been seen in a gay bar or with a call-boy…he will be soon enough. Pathetic that so many drink his cool aide and give him millions.

  46. Tyrell Taylor says

    Thank God for Pastor Joel Osteen, I attend Lakewood Church for the Saturday evening service and I attend group meetings through out the week. Every single day there is something going on at Lakewood Church; meetings and events that are designed to improve your life, things to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. Wow, I’ve never read so many ignorant hateful comments! Joel Osteen is not trying to dig in your pockets; he’s trying to encourage you through the Word of God. He does not pressure anyone to give money. People are willing to give because they support Joel Osteen and what he’s doing. Not to long ago I met a young lady who was struggling with her rent. Guess what? Lakewood Church paid not only one month but the church paid several months. If you never attended Lakewood Church, or never met Joel Osteen, why would you say so many hateful things? God bless you Joel, keep up the good work.

  47. Ladd says

    Readers of Towleroad, The problem with Joel’s message was that it was not forcefull enough! Yet many of you take offence at the messenger Osteen than his master Jehovah. In Genesis chapter 19 God describes what he thought of two cities living in a life style not approved by him (God is no gender)
    In 1st Corinthians chapter 6 Jesus emphasizes the penalties for those wishing to live the homosexual life style. Now in the last two verses in Revelations chapter 22:19.20 God warns us of what will become of those trying to change the meanings of his writen word. Case closed!
    You don’t like the message?……….Take it up with Jehovah!
    Amen, Ladd

  48. Brandon says

    For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3

  49. Shawn Michael Phipps says

    The hair. The tie. And he looks like Stuart from Queer As Folk.

    I’m guessing more than one man whore has jumped into his town car.

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