Photo: Ice Jets Erupt from Saturn’s Moon Enceladus


A very cool shot from a weekend fly-by of Enceladus by the Cassini probe.

NASA writes: "Numerous plumes are seen rising from long tiger-stripe canyons across Enceladus' craggy surface. Several ice jets are even visible in the shadowed region of crescent Enceladus as they reach high enough to scatter sunlight. Other plumes, near the top of the above image, appear visible just over the moon's sunlit edge. That Enceladus vents fountains of ice was first discovered on Cassini images in 2005, and has been under close study ever since. Continued study of the ice plumes may yield further clues as to whether underground oceans, candidates for containing life, exist on this distant ice world."


  1. robert says

    Amazing shots! Thanks! Where there’s ice there’s water. I wonder if there will be an unmanned probe sent to the surface to conduct research for signs of life. The possibilities are fascinating.


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