1. Lazlo says

    I wonder if it would be possible to get the 911 call? Isn’t it public information you can request? This is really sad, hope he gets some jail time.

  2. MikeMick says

    He’d be better off using the “I’m A Fucking Idiot” defense. The jury is more likely to buy that.

  3. Crash says

    I feel so sorry for this priest. I hope that this “Marine” has lots of guys coming up to him in South Beach hitting on him and making passes at him.
    I also hope he gets tossed out of the Corp for this. NO benies for you buddy. Disgracefull action.

  4. alguien says

    more like a crime of utter stupidity than a hate crime. i certainly hope that this priest finds out that not all americans are this inhospitable.

  5. SFshawn says

    Wasn’t this guy in one of those Dink Flamingo military pornos being a big bottom and loving it? I’m sure he’ll just get his wrist slapped and on his way since he’s ex-military and obviously such a ASSet to society. If you don’t want to be hit on then don’t pose for semi-erotic photos dumbshit. No wonder gays aren’t in the military…we’re too smart to be around these idiots! lol.

  6. Denis says

    Just to add to my earlier comment… I’m not defending the guy, but I think most of us have seen roided up dudes just lose it over the smallest thing. They’re irrational, paranoid, and terrifying.

  7. Mike in Brooklyn says

    uch a shame ’cause, damn, he is so fuckelicous! But, alas, I am not into turds.

    Maybe Porno Pete would be interested?

    (Hey FBI, if you are wasting important time reading this, please don’t read too much into my comment. I am just suggesting that someone like Porno Pete, who pollutes society with his campaign of hatred against gays/lesbians and yet, has made for himself a full career out of cataloging explicit graphic XXXX gay porn in his attempt to smear the whole of gay life, has got to be into some pretty weird, self-loathing, shit, yeah, a shit, or turd!).

  8. DP says

    This guy is going to be really surprised when the prosecutor brings up the priest’s wife and kids. Greek Orthodox priests are not required to be-and generally are not-single and celibate. So many stereotypes: all foreigners are Muslims; all Muslims are terrorists; all priests are Roman Catholic; all Roman Catholic priests are gay; all gays are predators; etc. I hope the judge and jury will see through all of this nonsense and hold him accountable.

  9. Tom B says

    It is possible the priest had found him through one of the websites, but that certainly does NOT justify Bruce’s actions. Still, if the ordained man does not press charges, it would be quite odd.

  10. bobbyjoe says

    This dope is just digging himself in deeper and deeper. He’s way too dumb to even know how homophobia works. If he’s trying to reach homophobic jurors with a “gay panic” defense, he’s in for a surprise when what any homophobic jurors will actually be thinking is “how dare this perverted gay-porn lookin’ dude viciously insult this poor Priest by suggesting he’s gay.”

  11. Paul R says

    Bruce was under the influence of something or is simply painfully stupid. Attacking a foreign member of the clergy is generally not something easily forgiven (and note that the priest is Greek, not Muslim).

    I hope I’m not the only one who thinks he looks like a stupid assface regardless of his idiotic attack. Though I’m truly sorry he was interrupted while retrieving his dry cleaning.

  12. GymBoy says

    Happy Veteran’s Day… this is how we train and condition young men… yet we are arguing against DADT, when we should be putting our energy into finding ways to keep ALL our young people out of war and violence and hate.

  13. alexinboston says

    Just make sure the prosecution has access to the Website that he posed for – I am sure that will help the Priest! Also if he did do the btm in a porn send that along as well….

  14. wstsidelad says

    Nick, why don’t you try being a human being first before being a gay man… wonder if a hot guy was wielding a tire iron at you, you’d still side with him?

  15. Mike says

    What an idiot. Yes, he may look good (actually he “ain’t all that”) but probably can barely tie his shoe. This is the mentality out there folks and explains such things as George Bush, Sarah Palin and Virginia Foxx.

    I constantly find it so funny to see “straight” guys with the barbed wire tat around their biceps. If only they knew that this originated in the gay S&M community. “Life is such a laugh riot”.

  16. DR says

    Wow, this tool is a total embarrassment to the uniform. He should be ashamed, not putting forward a lame-ass defense that will never work against a greek orthodox priest. *sigh* I hope the Marines throw this ass out.

  17. Harris of Hollywood says

    Something doesn’t add up… why did the priest get out of his car? When most people are lost, you just roll teh window down and ask directions… and this guy looks like an escort.

    On the flip side, a guy who barely speaks English just drives around, parks, walks up to you, and grabs your crotch? He’s a terrorist one minute, then some type of gay rapist the next? ReallY?

    Two words… OneStar. (okay, maybe 1 word)

  18. patrick nyc says

    What a fucking racist douche bag royal. It’s clear that he has issues with not only race, but with his attraction to things very queer. Tats, body building, and nude pics on the web. Mary the only one who does not know you are gay is you. News flash though, we don’t want white trash like you. Let’s hope he meets some real pissed off muslims when he gets his sorry ass thrown in prison.

  19. jessejames says

    Gay panic isn’t “OMG, a gay man touched me!” so much as “OMG, he thinks I’m gay too! Maybe I am gay!”

    Bruce (really, did he pick that name for himself?)is obviously screwed up. But he is gorgeous. Maybe I can fix him. (Don’t you just love stereotypes?) OMG, I might be gay too!

  20. Bill says

    LOCK HIM UP. I am so sick of heterosexuals using the sex fallback to justify their hatred of gay people. Heterosexuals ALWAYS fallback on sex when trying to undermine gay people. Sex plus gay people equals a lot of bad things to the haterosexual. So even if it has nothing to do with sex the haterosexual will trot out sex and try to connect it to gay people because it will automatically sway other haterosexuals into believing them.

  21. John in Boston says

    Jesus, talk about taking a wrong turn. Yeah, this guy looks ok, I’ll just pull over and ask him for directions

    Drugs and paranoia

    The ignorant mother fucker doesn’t do shit for me look-wise. WHY are there some gay men willing to humiliate and demean themselves over an asshole like this dude?

  22. Jeff NYC says

    If the priest grabbed his genitals of that steroided cretin, he was probably shocked to see such small balls.

    Here’s hoping he gets drummed from the Corps and sentenced to prison.

  23. jaragon says

    He looks like one of those gay for pay guy-pretty and stupid and now his ass should end up in jail.

  24. Admiral Ackbar says

    I bet these modeling photographs were taken by gay men. Sounds like he went crazy on the priest and came up with the hitting on him story after the fact.

    Or if the priest was hitting on him, why not just walk away?

  25. MCnNYC says

    First of all…NICk u are either a TROLL or a complete ASS!
    Second…OF COURSE it is a HATE Crime…as well as assault…it was a Hate crime last year when he was being attacked my MArine ButtFace bec of national origin.
    Then religion…only recently sexual orintation.

    THIRD maybe someone can help me…he’s been a MARINE reservist since 2002 and STILL hasn;t been deployed? Really?
    a single man…physically fit and trained and not called up?
    My mind is racing to think he’s pleasing some of his higher ups one way or another.

  26. differingview says

    WOW this man beats on another man, lies about what happened, drums up a gay panic defense and you guys can not decide whether to sleep with him or if he is just a repressed gay…hmmm, this was not the reaction to a black man beating the guy in Long Island.

    It is clear to me that many of the gays here specifically whites have a double standard…if he is attractive and not black all is forgiven.

  27. gwyneth cornrow says

    This guy is a disgrace to the Corps and to America. And he’s got a busted up grill and magic marker tattoos. And white people are crazy.

  28. darkmoonman says

    This “Marine” is just another closet case so deeply in denial that all he can do is lash out at folks.

  29. haddie weinreb says

    At least this idiot didn’t have a taser. What’s the difference between him & the ‘roided out cops who taser innocent people to death w alarming frequency?

  30. Name: says

    The only reason this is posted is because the attacker is shirtless and good looking. Otherwise the story photo would have started with the photo of the priest, which is half the size of the attacker. Sex sells even when its for the wrong reasons. Let them beat each other as much as they want. They don’t care when we get beat up. Do you think on their straight blogs that they post about us getting beaten? They could give a shit.

  31. Warren says

    Please these sites that he’s on are as gay as it gets! What REAL body builder sites show men pulling their underwear off, and using phrases like sexy, hot, etc. Straight or not these guys are soft porning it for gay men and they know it.

  32. Gabe R L says

    He looks dumb as hell. Nick’s comment was one of most ridiculous I’ve seen posted here, only adding credence to idea that gay men are shallow. It could be said that the black guy from the long Island gay bashing is attractive, yet no one is saying they want to go to bed with him. Why is that? But even if this guy gay-bashed Nick he would probably still fantasise and masturbate because of him. That’s what’s really sad about his comment to me.

  33. says

    apparently he’s done this before ; he beat up a tow truck driver for trying to tow his illeagally park jag ( being a marine must pay well ) ….

  34. Garst says

    I find it hard to believe he hear the priest say, ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Why would he say that? He’s not from a country that speaks arabic and he’s not visiting a country that speak arabic. And it’s not like greek people have an overwhelming resembelance to middle eastern people. The only defense that a jury is likely to buy is PST.

  35. tim says

    I just love the little doe eye look of this young man. He’s quite cute, but I think he has deeper issues. First of all, the greek “priest” should not have been unescorted in a country he doesn’t have full command of the English language in? Did he rent a car from an all Greek car rental firm? As a gay man in the Tampa area, I’m always amused at “straight” men that pose in suggestive positions for consumption primarily to the gay market. I think many young men gay and straight are insecure about their masculinity, which prompts this “gym craze”. Be careful what you wish for. This young man has bitten off more than he can chew. So, 911 call says he captured a terrorist-LOL. A real braintrust boy Barbie doll! I would like to see his DVD let’s say, “jasen Priest-lay”? “Marine lay-er”, “Heavens to megaroids”? “Yassou Bak, lay vah”?

  36. Nunya says

    Clearly too much testosterone in his system. He should have *all* sources of testerone taken away from him…

  37. Pete says

    “It is possible the priest had found him through one of the websites, but that certainly does NOT justify Bruce’s actions. Still, if the ordained man does not press charges, it would be quite odd.”
    Posted by: Tom B | Nov 11, 2009 4:08:39 PM
    Tha tisn;t acutally possible for the Priest to have foudn him. Teh Preist barely spoke English.

    Also it woudl be surprising if the Preist pressed charges. He is bound by his vows to forgive.

    What you have is a Marine who takes steroids, poses for Gay sites and spent six years in the Corps with the Corps deciding not to deploy him for some reason: perhaps Bruce’s prior cases of assaulting people. He then assaulted a Priest who gave him zero reason to do so.