1. Doof says

    Hollywood Authenticism is in full force here… what exactly makes them think that people in ancient Persia would have British accents?

  2. stephen m clifton says

    I have a feeling this will be a stinker -probably will make $$. Quite fond of Jake but would rather watch him play with a puppy.

  3. Sushi says

    I’m a GIANT fan of Jake’s, but Christ that is one boring trailer. I couldn’t wait for it to end. This movie is really going to bomb.

  4. David in Houston says

    Jake is SO pretty to look at. But this movie looks like an over-the-top special effects mess. Can’t we just have a movie with him rubbing suntan lotion all over his body?

  5. Justin says

    Looks like another overblown Bruckheimer production…if they’d edit it down to only scenes where Jake is running around shirtless, I’d go see it. But otherwise, I’ll wait for screencaps.

  6. Griff says

    The fact that the producers felt the need to put a white A list star in the lead role to attract an audience speaks volumes to the quality of the script.

    Best to watch this one on mute in the background at a gay bar.

  7. clint says

    Wow…looks gorgeous, but man who gives a shit about research, huh. “The gods”? In Persia? Persia has been monotheistic for about 2500-3000 yrs now. I have a feeling it’s only gonna get worse from there…

  8. Jeff in NC says

    Hussain, your pick is a mighty fine looking man! I certainly wouldn’t mide seeing him writhing around naked in a shallow pool of honey. (wait, I gotta fan myself)

    At any rate…
    I guess since it’s an American made film and American companies wanting to use established American actors in order to recoup their, most likely, huge investments.

    Even though Jake does not look like what a Persian is expected to look like, I personally, find him to have this overall cuteness and sexiness combined that make him hot as hell. He’s also a very good actor. His draw would be one main reason why I would see this film to begin with. I am not a video game person, but I do like action films.

    Time and box office take will be the derterminant factors as to whether or not a mistake was made.

  9. John says

    Nothing new here.

    Just the latest example in Hollywood’s long running obsession with putting white people into “exotic” locations and making them the focus of attention in a movie that’s supposedly about Middle Easterners, Asians, Africans, Native Americans, etc.

  10. FernLaPlante says

    Looks dull. I quit watching the trailer at :58 seconds. Jake is hot but ZZZZZ summed it up perfectly. Been there, skipped that.

  11. atheist says

    Given Jake’s previous film choices, this is just baffling… Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings meets Troy meets blah blah blah…all the other ridiculous movies with people flying around in slow mo..

    Having said that – Jake’s arms are looking awesome :-)

  12. Dave says

    For those of you complaining about the historical and casting inaccuracies, remember that this movie is not about an actual prince from Persia…it is based completely on a fictitious storyline from the VIDEO GAME, not on history, nor on Persia.

  13. Doof says

    Actually Dave, you’d be surprised at how much research game developers put into some of these games. Also, it takes place in ancient Persia, hence the title… so, really comments complaining about at least giving the MOVIE marginal historical accuracy are valid.

  14. Michael of the Green says

    Of course it’s silly — it’s based on a video game FGS! But none of you who are dissing it have any idea what you’re talking about; it’s not based on history, and it seems to be a pretty faithful adaptation of a really fun game. Casting a persian as the prince would not be right, since the video character is also pretty anglo, and BTW, the game character also has a british accent, if I remember right.

    Lighten up.

  15. Greg says

    “Hmm… I’m appearing in a piece of tosh which could ruin my Oscar credentials… What to do? Ah, I could demonstrate my talent for accents and hopefully show those directors out there that I’m more than a cute guy who can put on muscle”

  16. hephaestion says

    Ridiculous movie. But I will endure anything to see Jake Gyllenhaal on screen for a while.

    I despise the silly special effects in American movies.

  17. says

    If Prince of Persia becomes a hit in the big screen that will be indeed a good news for aspiring producers to use games as themes for movies. It’s rare for games to still be good when it’s in the big screen. Raimi will be directing WoW soon so I guess other online games like Aion or EQ can hit the big screen too.

  18. Griff says

    Ok Michael of the Green, so because it’s based on a video game, blatant racism is ok?

    The only reason the Prince of Persia video game (and by extension, the movie) features a lily white protagonist with a British accent is because the producers believe (correctly, as I’m sad to admit) that middle America can’t accept a Middle Eastern hero- Middle Eastern actors are traditionally been regulated to the role of villain, whether as the savage in movies like 300, or the terrorist in too many movies to list. More importantly, when you’ve got a mindless action movie with no plot, the star is all you have to fill seats.

    Who would be my choice for the Prince? Naveen Andrews (Sayid on LOST). We know he could pull it off from his popularity on LOST, and it would be an excellent opportunity to break some leading man stereotypes. Sadly, Hollywood being the soul-less machine that it is, the opportunity has been lost.